Love, Tale
40 what is happening? oh la la
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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40 what is happening? oh la la

..."who is she?"

He knew this conversation too well sadly. Yang Mi made it her mission to make sure no female got close enough on any ground other than business. She would throw tantrums anytime she could once she suspected another girl was trying to get on his good side and he had hated it right from the vet beginning. When he had gone abroad, she had lost it. She knew she wasn't going to be monitoring him anymore even if he gave her his words, they were simply not enough.

She was dying to not been able to control his life when she was no better.

He stood up from his seat to overshadow her, it must have worked for she stepped back a bit.

"That woman is someone very special and she holds in her hand the power to either make business with me rough on you all or smooth. If I were you Miss Susan I would never ever dare to ask about her in that tone you just did. And just so you and I are clear, we are business partners and nothing more. Get it? got it? good. He ended it in a way to let her know the next time this happens he wouldn't be nice.

With her jaw on the ground and her ego shattered she walked away face down abandoning the work at hand as she walked to her car and made a run for it.

Work for that day was put to a stop.

Thankfully he had a dinner with the most beautiful woman in his life tonight.

She got home that evening to prepare for her dinner with him, she picked up the dress her sister had gotten her and thought of wearing it for the night. This wasn't really a date, just two persons who liked each other and enjoyed each other company. She folded the red dress back in its box and decided there was going to be another time for it. If this turned out to be a date, she would leave it for the second time.

Her phone rang and she remembered him again, Chris was serious about keeping in touch, she wasn't. There were people who had that weird connection with their ex, she wasn't going to be that person. That ship had sailed and its never coming back. She opened her wardrobe to search for a dress and settled on a white ruched mini dress from luxlabel. She should be an official ambassador she thought as she slipped it on.

She was done with her makeup which was by far the best she felt she had ever done when her doorbell rang.

Who could that be? It wasn't 7 yet was it?

She walked to the door after fixing her earrings. "who is it?"

"Are you going to open the door or not?

She rushed to the door then. "What are you doing here without calling me first"

"Since when are we so formal and proper' she replied stepping in

"When are we not"

"What is happening? Oh la la. Where are you two kids going tonight?"

"Aren't you going to ask who I'm going out with"

Precious gave her a look "common be serious"

"OK fine, how do I look?

"Like you two are going to be making babies tonight"

"Which means thirsty, I'm going to change"

"Don't you dare, you look amazing, now lets go pick out a shoe" she dragged her friend by her hands as she led her to her closet.

Surprisedly about 15 minutes later they both decided on a black chunky trainer for her to wear. Like all the things gathering dust in her closet this was part of it.

"When is he coming?"

"Should be here soon" It was almost 7pm. She turned to her friend now. "are you OK?"

"ugh what are you going to do next? apologise for cheating on me "

She smiled. "You are the one that came here and now I'm leaving you alone"

"I'm fine baby, I don't have any class tomorrow and thought I should start my weekend early enough. Enjoy your time with Su Yan, you have to"

"OK, are you sure I look good"

"Great! No wait" she pushed up her friends breasts as she turned her again to the mirror. "Now you are ready"

"You are a pig, that's for sure"

The door bell rang then.

"Here we go, stay here, I want to see the look in his face when you walk out"

"that's absurd Precious"

"Humor me, please. Stay and you can see it too"

Damn it, she was going to agree. What hurt could it do. "Hurry"

"Yeeeesss lover girl" she hyped her before leaving the room.

Tale heard the door open and the two exchanged pleasantries and a happy new year was thrown in too. They liked each other and that matter to her.

She took the time to loosen her curls she had spent an hour packing in a neat bun, why be boring.

She removed the dropping earrings that was now hidden beneath her hair, fluffed it a bit and that was when precious called her name.

"Tale! Your man is here!"

She sighed, precious was a jerk, a big one she decided.

She grabbed her purse filled it with her glasses before coming out.
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    《Love, Tale》