Love, Tale
39 i didn“t know you had any friends here
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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39 i didn“t know you had any friends here

All he felt for tale was real and he liked the changes it made in his life.

She gave one last look at herself before heading to work on the first day. She was back in her oversized clothes, her glasses sat well on her face, her shoes, plain and black, her skirt plain, black and long. She held it with a tiny belt just for the sake of wearing an accessory.

She remembered the day she had worn earring hoops to work and was criticized for it. "your earrings are too big" they said "you are an accountant, you don't have time for fashion" they also said. She had removed the earring before the close of work that day.

Today she wore a simple stud one. She had a few of that.

"Ire " her boss called her that morning. "we have so much to do today" was there ever a day they didn't. "we have to go the bank, actually banks" he continued.

She was use to it now, and she had her resignation time to look forward to, so she took it in good faith and smiled. She set to do her job for the day.

First day of work here we go.

Precious called her that day at close of work to complain about how much her students were slow to learn on purpose. She whined about how they never did what they were told to do. At the end of the conversation she was feeling better about her own job than she normally would be.

Su Yan had a busy work schedule, things had gone slow enough for him already and he wasn't having it anymore. He switched to his usual self, the one no one would want to mess with or annoy and it worked. They had almost completed the survey and clearing of the site. All hands were on deck. Even Miss Susan had gotten the memo and tried not to play on the job or seek his attention how she usually did.

It was that bank again.

It was 5 days now since he last saw Tale. It would seem she went to the bank more often which was understandable. On this particular day she didn't look tired and stressed but she still wore her usual work uniforms like he would say. He saw her rush into the bank in her usual manner, like the world was chasing her and 40mins later she was out. He missed her so he moved from the shade of trees that hid him from the sun without thinking.

She was trying to escape the last ruins set on the path of the bank when she noticed his shadow.


"Su Yan? What are you doing here?" He was wearing jean again and a short sleeve shirt that was free this time around. Guess with the heat of the sun he was justified. He could wear a trash bag and still look like, well a god

She looked around them and could guess. "wow, you work here? I mean here, you know the road?" What was she saying? she bit her lips to stop herself from further embarrassment.

"Slow down bunny I work here" he understood what she meant and saved her the trouble

"Wow, how did I not know that" they had many talks right? Many talks about her she reminded herself.

"It would have come up anyway"

"This is good" she still knew close to nothing about construction or civil engineering. She would change that, she promised herself. He was important to her now.

"so how is the road coming along? Think you can speed it up a little for common road users like myself" she joked

"I'm not alone" he moved to standing beside her to let her see. She then noticed the group of contractors on the road and everyone seemed to be as busy as a bee. Except him

"Why aren't you working? What will your boss say? You should go and I should go too, I have two other banks to get to and have to meet up with the opening hours"

He was the boss. Technically.

But he heeded to what she said. After he forced her to let him take her out to dinner that evening which she agreed to.

The more time she spent with him the more she could really decide what to do with her growing feelings for him.

They waved good bye and his eyes didn't leave her till she boarded a cab and it went out of sight.

Susan who couldn't help but notice how his face had lit up when he saw that ugly looking girl walked up to him. She was almost appalled at the scenario. She saw how the lady he was talking to was dressed, like a woman who was in mourning, why would he even be talking to a girl like that.

"I didn't know you had any friend here" she said once she got close to him under the shade he stayed.


"who is she?"
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    《Love, Tale》