Love, Tale
38 why did you even entertain his nonsense?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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38 why did you even entertain his nonsense?

..."Keep quiet"

She turned to see a kid staring at her like she was crazy and she really was.

She wasn't the bad guy here, she had done nothing wrong only trusted an idiot. So she stood up.

She was smoothing her hair when he saw her.

He immediately turned her direction.

"Tale? It is you. Wow you look so good."

This was Chris alright. He paid more compliments than necessary that it became annoying, it had been to cover up his cheating ways and lies.

"Hi Chris"

"Hey asshole" precious had never been one to spare him any good word.

"Precious, I see you haven't changed a bit" he turned to her now.

He looked better or maybe he was just working out more and it did him good, if he couldn't bring anything to the table at least he looked good. His voice still sounded same, his smile still held a little charm.

"How have you been?" she said in a small voice.

"Can't complain. I called and texted you a few, guess you were avoiding me."

"You bet she was" precious cut in

At this point she wasn't mad at Precious, Chris had done her wrong period.

"I have been busy and forgot" she did forget and was glad that she did.

"We should hang out sometime, catch up on things. I've missed you"

"Fortunately the feeling isn't mutual" Precious butted in again.

She still didn't mind. "Thank you for the invite but I'm really busy"

"I understand but anytime you can spare will be great. I just need to talk to you, its important. I missed out on the good thing we had, I know that but..."

"We really have to go now" Precious cut him as she had heard enough.

Guys like him never changed.

"Yes she's right, we have to get going." she didn't want to hear anymore of what he had to say. Especially not now.

"I'd call you again. Please pick up. I promise it would be worth it"

"We highly doubt it" Precious called out as she was ready to drag her friend away.

"It was nice seeing you again Chris, we have to go"

"Why did you even entertain his nonsense" precious mentioned the minute they got to the door.

"For the sake of the friendship we had, why were you mean to him?"

"He doesn't deserve nice. He doesn't."

"He cheated and lied. It could be worse."

"Where is your dignity?"

"I'm just saying, I left the relationship alive. I live to love someone else, someone better and real. Which i believe counts for something."

"So Su Yan?"

"I swear everything comes back to him doesn't it?"

Precious laughed as she hooked her hands to her friends as they hailed a cab.

She was dreading work resuming but not as much as before as now she knew she had limited time. She was going to work for January and hand in her letter just in time to stop working by the end of the month. She would do this right by giving a two weeks prior notice.

She readied her work wears for the week which was still uninteresting.


She got a WhatsApp message. She didn't tell anyone she was back on social media yet. She saw the foreign number and replied.


The profile had no picture so she couldn't tell who the person was.


"Look who now has time for online chat."

"Su Yan?" It had to be him. He was the only foreign person she knew.

He sent her a picture in response.

She decided that coming online was a bad idea.

He was sitting at bar in a simple plain black T-shirt and jean, he was barefooted. He held a paper she was sure wasn't about the recent news. The picture looked like it had been taking when he wasn't ready and that made it look even better. His lips were slightly parted and she didn't stop herself from thinking how she would love to have his lip on hers, his eyes held that softness it sometimes did but his face still looked cold, his scar was covered but his hair was ruffled in the sexiest way possible.

Well he was a walking temptation.

"Chicken" she replied with a smiley face.

He replied with a bunny smiley

And that was the beginning of a chat that went well into the evening.

Woo jin was now onboard with his friend and his new found love. So when he saw the man he thought he knew well smiling countless times at his phone, he had no comment.

"Why wasn't I into online chatting before now?" Su Yan asked innocently to his friend.

"Because you were been a jackass when everyone tried to convince you to be on it"

Su Yan remembered then how Angel had tried to force him online, how Yang Mi had suggested that was a medium for them to always keep in touch everyday.

He preferred the old fashion calling when he had the time and occasional emailing. He was old school.

Now he had the time for Tale, he guess the feeling wasn't right back then. When the time and the feeling was right things just fell into place.

All he felt for tale was real and he liked the changes it made in his life.
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    《Love, Tale》