Love, Tale
37 place else I“d rather be.
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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37 place else I“d rather be.

...The smell of Jasmine filled him as he took in the breath of her.

Damn it. she was going to have that talk sooner than she think with him. No denying she liked him too but she wasn't going to be invested in it if he wasn't all in.

She finally hugged him back as she remembered how much she loved been wrapped in his arms and his scent. It was comfort and safety that she couldn't and wouldn't find anywhere else and not that she wanted to.

"I think I missed you just a tiny bit" she replied as she patted his back.

He smiled as he released her. She looked relaxed, not the stressed up accountant he first met.

He drove at a reasonable speed up to her apartment. It looked smaller to her now that she had spent a fair amount of time at her parents house.

"Home sweet home" he said to her with a knowing smile.

She looked at him and realized there was so much of him she actually liked.

"Thank you for dropping me off. I have a ton load of cleaning and dusting to do if not i'd invite you in."

The words were barely out of her mouth before he got down and went round to opening her side of the door.

She should have known better by now, she pinched herself.

"I'd help you clean" he held out his hand to help her down. She was small but looked even smaller in his car, he liked it.

"No I can't allow you to do that"

"Why not? wasn't I of good help the first time" he looked disappointed.

Holy shit he had cleaned her pots! Damn they were close she thought "uh OK fine, I'd try to make dinner. I have some food from my moms, the least i can do."

"Good lets go in" what was it about him that made her feel like there wasn't any boundaries between them. It would seem premature to get him to talk about how he really feels about the two of them.

Two hours later in a well dusted apartment with her bags huddled in a corner unpacked and her mothers chicken and salad sitting between them. The two of them talked and laughed as they ate thinking to themselves.

There is no place I'd rather be.

Precious was back to the city. That means catching up with all the stories that had happened in their lives while away from each other. So they planned a brunch for that purpose.

They met up at the olive garden for their brunch and Precious was looking particularly good.

"What were you eating during the holidays" she asked as they made their order of an English breakfast and took their sit.

"Please don't tell me I look fat"

"Don't you dare, you look great. Any girl would be dying to have that curves"

"Says you that looks like a mannequin"

"I am skinny!"

"With a very nice soft curves"

"Gosh how did I miss you"

"I know right. So how was Christmas and by that I mean how was…"

"Oh I know what you mean." Their waiter served them their order.

"You had him at you house, with your family? And there was no war" precious continued once the waiter left their table.

"Nope" she sliced some bacon and chewed "If anything they liked him and even the second time he came around they practically gave me to him"

"The universe wants you two to be together"

"I knew you'd say that"

"And the gift you got from him?"

"Very thoughtful of him" she tore bread with her hands as she layered jam on it. "I have to admit its been my favorite thing to do these days. The pictures look so magical, I'm even considering marking out some spots to maybe visit"

"If you can. I'd dare you to start living but that is an old story I can't get on right now."

She agreed.

She didn't want to tell her friend what she was up to either. She would surprise them, all of them.

"What about your man. Where are you guys now on starting a family?"

"We aren't starting a family"

"But you didn't deny he was your man"

"Neither did I agree"

"Work resumes soon, I can wait"

"Me too hunny, me too" she was looking forward to when she'd resign.

They moved on to talking about how Precious planned on handling her students in the new semester which was about to start. And in one time she didn't let her friend be on how she hadn't done anything to get her close to Woo Jin.

They were on their way out when she sighted him.

"oh my god, Chris!" she ducked behind a huge vase holding some artificial flowers without thinking.

"What? Precious looked round and finally sighted him. "What are you doing? Hiding?"

"I don't want him to see me" She had avoided him for as long as possible.

They lived in same city but thanks to her job she knew bumping into him was something close to rare. But she wasn't working now.

"Why? because you had his baby and didn't tell him?" Precious looked at her best friend confused for her.

"Keep quiet"
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    《Love, Tale》