Love, Tale
36 act normal, your man is around.
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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36 act normal, your man is around.

..."We are never going to let you find out"

They helped her pack up the little she had brought. She had extra two bags to carry thanks to her mother.

The next day...

"Sis we got you go something for well, the new year and Christmas"

"it is 7am"

"Yes now wake up"

"What is it, this has to be illegal"

"Open it" they dropped two packages on her bed.

She opened the first one which was quite tiny to see a #40,000 gift card. She was wide awake now.

"What is this, how did you get this kind of money?

"We pitched in."

"That's a lot of pitching and why"

"well coz we really don't care about you and we just want you gone"

"Wow! I'm touched right now" she replied in same tone her brother had used.

They laughed in unison, "But what is it for?

"Spa day at 6th essentials. The full body treatment and a whole lot of pampering to treating your skin to make it glow."

"Yes, I have no much idea about all that but yes she is right" she laughed at her brothers wit.

"Now open the second"

She opened the second which was a little bigger to find a dinner gown

"A dinner gown?" she stood up from her bed now and stretched the gown against her length it was a red silk gown and flimsy as could be with a high slit that she was sure would reach up high to her waist and a deep plunging neckline with an open back.

"Are you sure this is for me or someone else"

"It's from lux label"

"oh really." They knew she loved the brand.

"Yes really"

"I didn't know they did evening gowns now, its beautiful thank you so much but I cant wear this anywhere"

"Well we thought it good and also we want you to wear this on your official first date with Su Yan"

"I'm sorry what"

"I wouldn't be there when you go but a little preparation isn't bad" her sister pushed.

"A little? Really? A little? Just a little? All of my legs and boobs will be out"

"Don't be silly you don't have boobs"

She dropped the cloth as she chased her sister around the room trying to give her a beating.

It was late in the evening when she finally decided to go home.

"Mum, Dad I'm ready to leave"

She had slept even more and taken one last feel of her room and parents house but now was time to leave. She brushed up her hair and put on a pair of matching white lounge wear.

"Be amazing out there, stay out of trouble and make good friends this year"

"Life is all about connecting and networking with people." Her dad pitched in

"Mum, I am fine I don't need the lecture and stuff."

And stuff?"

"mum I didn't mean—"

Honk Honk.

She recognized the car that pulled up into her parents house. She was shocked when the confirmation came clear. Su Yan? How did he...? What was going on now?

Her siblings who had been standing on the sideline smiled at her and she knew.


"Hello Mr and Mrs ire, nice to see you two again"

"Su Yan? Her father was the one talking now

"Why are you here? How have you been? Her mother chorused.

She dragged her sister to a side as she was about to ask her to explain what was happening.

"I sent him a text when you were sleeping. Figured you needed the extra help instead of taking a cab."

"Why do you all feel I can't do things on my own and think I need the help" it had been Precious and now her sister.

"What is wrong? I know you missed him, now act normal. Your man is around"

"I'm going to kill--"

"Send me photos of the first date"

"Tale, why are you being rude, can't you see you have a guest"

How did she ever think her parents meeting her parents was going to be a bad idea. They liked him, a little too much.

She could only smile

"Where are your things?" he asked rather politely but in a rush.

"Here!" Her brother held her two bags in his both hands.

"Thank you for your help Su Yan, tale call us when you get home"

"Yes mum, thank you dad."

He opened the car door for her as he circled to his side and drove out of her parents house.

They hadn't gotten to the major road yet when he stopped the car.

"Whats wrong ? Is something wrong with the car? Why are you staring at me like that?"

"This is why" he pulled her across the little dashboard separating them wrapping her a hug, he missed her and it showed.

"I missed you" he whispered against her curls. The smell of Jasmine filled him as he took in the breath of her.
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    《Love, Tale》