Love, Tale
35 excuse me, am i dead?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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35 excuse me, am i dead?

...Minutes later she slipped into a sleep dreaming of the man behind the smile plastered on her face that she didn't know she had.

The rest of the season passed almost too swiftly at least for her. The Ire family house was filled with holiday guests, lots of stories and a few of her mothers friends reminding her she was fit for marriage.

Food was cooked and sent to their neighbours which was her favorite part.

She filled precious in on the event with Su Yan and her parents and her best friend couldn't wait to get back to see what she had gotten for Christmas.

The holiday couldn't get any better.

Well it could if she saw Su Yan every time she wished she could. He had told her he would be tying up loose ends in business himself during the break. That way no one would affect his judgement.

She had even spoken to his best friend and remembered her promise to Precious concerning him. The man sounded sexy on the phone, she'd give him that. He was a good looking man, but not as good as Su Yan she concluded.

"Hey" a knock sounded on her room door before her sister peeked her head into her room.

"Hey, whats going on?"

"I want to talk"

"Sure, come on. Whats going on?"

" Well I am good. I want to talk about you"

"What about me?

"I'm just going to say it. I know we've gone over this more than twenty times but for the last time."

"If you think that is you just saying it, you missed the point."

Dupe laughed. "When are you going to come back to life?"

"Excuse me? Am I dead?"

"No I mean, mum and dad don't see it, maybe because of the festive season I've seen you smile so often and even make more jokes than you ever care for. A new year is coming, I wish that would be your mood for the whole year. It has to be"

She was touched and couldn't believe how grown her little sister was becoming and she wasn't about to cry so she hugged her small but tall frame. "I'm perfect, as long as I have you watching after me, I'd be fine I promise"

"OK, coz I don't want to worry about you"

"Who should be worried?"

"Exactly my point!"

"OK I get it, I am making big changes I promise."

"I believe you. You never go back on a promise."

"Glad I have a distinct trait"

Her sister stood up to the big book that sat on her bedside table.

"So where are you going to be visiting first?"

She was sure she had not enough money to travel the world but she could make it work with two countries. And she had that in her back pocket to make more research.

The two sisters bent over her book she named her window to the world as they discussed the different sites like they did the first five times, creating scenes that would never happen in the real world.

It was finally new years and the celebration was more of a thanksgiving for her family and the community, she and Su Yan talked more often now and on two occasions he had suggested she talking to his sister. She wasn't sure she was OK with the idea yet but this year was about staying alive and living so she had shyly agreed to the notion.

"Do you have to leave tomorrow" her mum queried her as she was packing to leave. She wanted to go back on time to write out her resignation letter along with the fact that she needed an alone time to consider all the decisions she had made over the holiday.

She had downloaded and activated her social media accounts which was a huge step, she never felt beautiful enough to even be on social media since her life revolved around her work, she never had moments she wished to share with the world but that was going to change.

She had decided the next time she saw that man she was going to ask him what he really wanted and a clear definition and clarification of where their friendship was going.

She was going to quit her job.

She was going to live her life.

She was going to disappoint her parents that's for sure. But she will shut out those voices and listen to the tiny voice inside of her that she had constantly tried to shut forever.

"Yes mum, I have a few work to do" she hated lying but now she had no choice.

"OK, I'm proud of you. You have achieved quite well for yourself and I love it. you are a born accountant"

"Thanks mum" she tried to force a smile as she noticed her siblings come into her room.

"let me go pack up some food for you to take back" her mum hurried down stairs to fulfill that.

"We are going to be proud" her brother said

"Yes we are when you take of your mask and get on with the real you"

"What will I do without you guys"

"We are never going to let you find out"
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    《Love, Tale》