Love, Tale
34 Stop playing around
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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34 Stop playing around

...To all of your dreams coming true someday soon, to courage and freedom and traveling the world.

XO, Chicken

"Oh my, that is beautiful" that had to be the most thoughtful gift ever.

"Is he an author?

"Stop playing around

She opened the next page then and finally understood what the gift was about. He had collected pictures for her from around the world by travelers and influencers and clasped them into a book.

Her sister got closer to have a look at what was making her sister teary eyes. The first page was a picture of a street in New Orleans lit up like the fourth of July. A woman with her hands in her coat pocket stood in the middle of the street if she was smiling she couldn't see as she was shadowed by the light but it was a beautiful sight.

"Wow! If all men could be this thoughtful, what are you going to do sis?"

"You know sometimes i think i know what to do and then i don't"

"Why are you holding out on an amazing guy that is clearly taken by you."

"Well I want to take it slow"

"Taking it fast never hurt anyone once it was and is for the right reasons"

"How are you 17yeras old?"

"Mum and dad likes him" her sister placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"I hope so, because I think I like him too. Yes i said it."

"Yes finally! An august wedding is coming up soon"

"Keep your voice down

"Tale! Her mum yelled her name from downstairs

"Guess is time, she knew her parents would ask her a ton of questions about Su Yan. She was already feeling her defense kicking in, she would give only good things about him, she found no fault in him yet.

Believe in the good and it would find its way to you. She said in her heart putting the book down as she followed her sister down the stairs to her parents. There was time enough to go through the book he got her and she couldn't wait to get started.

Su Yan was particularly happy on his way home. It really was a merry Christmas wasn't it.

The town was lit up and his estate was no different, It was all one could see. On a normal day, he would have called it too much, on this particular day he thrived on seeing them.

"Back so early" Woo Jin greeted him as he got in.

"Can say same for you, this is yours"

Woo jin looked at him like he was crazy "you got me a gift, wow you are now a complete stranger to me."

"actually, she did not me, I am not that nice."

"What!" he took the bag not knowing what to expect. He got out the bottle of wine and looked at his friend

Su Yan took the bottle as he tried to explain she didn't like to take alcohol and he was totally cool with it.

Shaking his head he dropped the bottle, and reached for the rest of the content of the bag. He was beyond please to find out he wasn't cut out completely. "I think I might start to like your girlfriend"

He had food in his mouth now "great food and the turkey is amazing"

"slow down or if you get chocked I'm leaving you to your fate" Su Yan warned him as he took the bottle of wine to the bar. He may never drink it, but he liked to see it where he would easily think of her.

He took the stairs to his room, remembering how she lost her breath when he kissed her cheek and smiled.

The right time will present itself soon. He got out the little man she got him and it seemed to glow more than it did the first time.

His phone rang

Your girlfriend is calling, Woo Jin who was close to the phone called him. He had finished the turkey and was on to the chocolate cake that was now in his hand. Su Yan had no words for him.

They lived like cave men since both of them weren't big on cooking. They ate out and though the food was good in his restaurant nothing beats a home cooked meal.

Her parents liked him and dint mind that he was a foreigner, she was only to be careful they told her. She promised she will be.

She had a nice cold shower and was happy about the gift she got from him. she had to say thank you.

He picked on the third ring.

"Hello, are you in bed yet"

"Not yet, Woo Jin is keeping me up"

She laughed then.

She thanked him again.

Cuddled up in bed she took her Christmas present and dived into it.

Minutes later she slipped into a sleep dreaming of the man behind the smile plastered on her face that she didn't know she had.
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    《Love, Tale》