Love, Tale
33 ...a real first kiss...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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33 ...a real first kiss...

...Their daughter was a simple accountant to them and nothing more.

The Christmas dinner went great, it went even better for him when he found out the day her family had people over was the day after. Christmas was all about their family and no one else.

"Thank you so much for coming." Two hours later she walked him to his car. Her parents had been the perfect host and for that she was grateful.

"I wouldn't have had it any other way." he replied rather content with how the night had gone.

There was love in her family and he understood how hard her decision to take a path less traveled would affect them. He respected her more.

She carried a tote bag her mum had gotten for her last birthday which was cool. But a 24 year old didn't need a tote bag as much as she wanted to live her life.

"This is for..."

"You got me something?"

"Well it is for Woo jin."

He wasn't expecting that. Why was woo jin getting something and not him. He didn't know his face was squeezed until she reached out a hand to smooth his chin.

"Look who is jealous. You just ate a full plate."

"What?" OK now he didn't get what she wanted to give his best friend

"Its just some fried turkey, and chocolate cake and a bottle of wine courtesy of my dad.."

"I know they like me"

"No surprise there. And this is for you" she brought out a tiny black box held by a red bow she had managed to hide under the tote bag she held.

He was dumbfounded for a minute. What could she have gotten him, did it matter? No, as long as it came from her and he was sure she had put in a considerate amount of thought into buying him a gift.

He took it from her small hands as he brushed hers ever lightly. Words failed him so he proceeded to opening the box

"Aren't you going to wait to get home?" she was late as the wrap was already out of the way revealing a tiny gold statue of a man holding a hammer with a tool bag ass moulded to his feet. A golden road marked with black road dividers was attached to his feet and stretched out a little, he was working on it.

He was still studying it and she was getting lost in how the gold gleamed on his face. Snap out of it she warned herself

"it's a man working on a road, or at least that's what I think it is or it looks like. I'm rambling, I'm sorry if you don't like it, I..."

He wanted so badly to kiss all the words out of her mouth, but her parents might be watching and he wouldn't dare to risk it but he would hold her so he pulled her in a hug as she struggled to explain the gift better.

She sank into his body, all muscled and tight skin and the scent of him would one day be her undoing. Holding him and been held by him was her favorite thing to do so she closed her eyes as a chill air wrapped them both.

He was touched and knew he would keep it forever. Tonight was a good night for him. he met her lovely family. She wasn't his yet but he knew one way or another she thought of him, she was taking her time with him and he could only understand and be patient, he needed the time too.

He's only dated once and though they had been together for 10 years he knew he lacked experience on doing relationship right. He was determined to do it right this time, he would do right by Tale no matter what.

Her voice cut through his thought "Su Yan, I think you can let me go now"

"And to think I got you a car"

Her brown eyes grew two times bigger "you got me what?"

"I'm just kidding" he released her as he opened the back seat of his car and handed her a pizza sized box.

She took it wondering what could be inside. It was a brown carton box and that made her smile for she understood the man in front of her knew close to nothing about giving presents or receiving them let alone wrapping them in beautiful wraps but it was totally the thought that count. So she took it happily.

"Thank you. I have to go back inside before my mum comes to look for me."

"Thank you so much for inviting me into your home"

He looked like he was going to kiss her and he did.

It was the lightest kiss, if she ever felt one but it left its warmth on her cheek. She was questioning why she chose to take this thing slowly but she knew the answer to that.

He had only brushed her cheeks with his lips, those beautiful lips but he managed to have her holding her breath for a min. It was a harmless gesture, she told herself as she managed a good night and turned on her heels back into her parents house.

He looked at her amused as she walked away, happy that he could sway her stubborn heart a little. He had completely taken her by surprise and he wasn't sorry.

He was looking forward to a real first kiss but that was a moment he wanted to cherish and remember, he didn't want it rushed. Not one bit.

She doubled her steps as she took the stairs two at a time to her room. She was going to open the box when her sister waltz into her room.

"What did he get you?"

"I'm not sure" she replied not looking away from the box

She managed to get the tape out of the way and a large book almost the size of the box it came in sat neatly in it.

She looked at her sister in confusion as she got the book out of the carton.

The first page of the book brought her to tears.

It wrote.

To all of your dreams coming true someday soon, to courage and freedom and traveling the world.

XO, Chicken
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    《Love, Tale》