Love, Tale
31 Merry Christmas!
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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31 Merry Christmas!

It was Christmas day!

She stood on the balcony of her parents house taking in the sight around her. It was 5am so the lights in the city were still beautiful as the dawn was starting to set in. She decorated the Christmas tree that her mum left in the storage and left the presents under it.

She walked quietly back into her room. Silently she couldn't wait to see how the day went by.

To see Su Yan again and hope that her parents don't try to kill something that have barely started.

"Merry Christmas!" Her sister bursted into her room

"What time is it?"


"Get out"

"Merry Christmas sis! Her brother was in her room now

"aaaaahhh!" she threw her pillow over her head

"Can't wait to see my brother in law to be"

That woke her up as she sat up looking at her sister

"I need the two of you to try not to put me in trouble today and please behave when Su Yan gets here, I wouldn't..."

"Sis we gat your back, we like him for you and besides we want to see him again"

"Thank you. Have you two walked downstairs?

They looked at each other excitedly before running out of her room.

She joined them shortly after to see the smiles on their faces. Her brother got out the shoe from the box as he proceeded to trying them on.

"No way" thank you sis"

"What are you all happy about" her mothers voice sounded from behind them

"Merry Christmas mom" they chorused

"What's all this? Why don't you save your money, do you have to get them things, they have enough"

"I got you something too"

Her mother gave up, she knew her daughters intention was good so she smiled as her gift was handed to her

"Thank you, What time does your friend get here?"

Maybe today was going to go well after all "I told him 5"

"What is going on here?

"Dad there's a gift for you here too" dupe replied him as he got closer to them

"my daughter got me a gift"

"yes she did, her mum replied

"what did u two get your father" he turned to his other two kids as he set to open his gift.

His eyes gleamed when he saw the set of pen she got him. "this is beautiful" he proceeded to writing on a paper to test it out and was happy with it. "thank you my child"

"I have to go make some calls" she excused herself.

She made a call to him first.

Things are changing alright.

She smiled as she hit send on the dial

GRA phase 1...

Today was a normal day for him or he liked to pretend it was. Since the country was on a holiday, construction had been put on pause to resume on the 7th of Jan


Woo jin had plans today for once, he wasn't going to be left on the side lines.

What the hell, he was going to get into the holiday spirit fully.

He decided to start closer to home.

Shanghai, China.

'Miss angel, Good Morning." Her maid came into her room in the wee hours of the morning.

Discipline the Zhang family way. They might have all the money in the world but that money was not made by sleeping in bed till 8am.

"Morning Rita" she stood up. This was a routine she was now so used to and grateful for. She could have been in the street or even dead. She loved her family, they are her safe house and her blessing for a lifetime. They had their short comings but she wouldn't change it for the world.

"Miss angel, what are your plans for today?

"Its Christmas Rita, what plans can I have?" she had done a little shopping for the family and while it wasn't a tradition to celebrate Christmas, this year she wanted something a little different from the norm.

She was the baby of the family and they treated her so. She checked her slim beautiful figure in her gigantic mirror as she let her thick glossy jet black hair loose.

She was out of her bed and walking to her massive bathroom with Rita following closely when her phone rang.

"hello little sister"

Angel looked at her phone screen to be sure she saw right

"I'm sorry, who is this? She spoke English now

"Stop kidding around"

"Su Yan! Big brother! She couldn't contain her excitement as she happily grabbed Rita gave her a quick hug and urged her to leave her for a few minutes.

"How long has it been big brother?

"I Know, I know.

"been so busy right?"

"you are definitely right on that guess"

"how are you? How is the weather? How is master Woo jin? Are you eating well? Hope you don't feel lonely over there?" her questions rolled out

Which was he going to answer? He had been silent for a long time, it was months before he called anyone not coz he didn't care but that was the way. They understood he was busy and wouldn't interfere, then he thought of how Tale had been with her siblings and was longing for a change.

No one will believe he had a twin he was so disconnected from. They were close now but they grew up to believe business mattered even in relationships.

"I am fine Angel and not lonely at all"

"Has my big brother met someone"

He ignored it. He wasn't going to tell her when his nerves were killing him. He had to meet her parents first and God help him he was going to get their approval on seeing their daughter.

"I'm perfect Angel, miss you"

"OK I'm now convinced you met someone you never say those words, who is she?"

"would tell you when it is time I promise"

"Nope problem big brother, I miss you so much too" do come visit sometime, everyone is cold over here and they all mean business and so do you but you are the warmest

"soon angel. I have to go now, merry Christmas angel"

"aw, now I miss you more. Merry Christmas big brother"

He dropped the call with a smile and was about to call his twin sister when her call came in.

Was she going to cancel today?

"Merry Christmas!" Her voice happily came through the speaker of the phone

"Someone is excited to see me soon"

"Don't kid yourself"

"Merry Christmas to you too bunny"

"You are still coming today right?"

"if I am still invited"

"Ready to meet my parents?"

"wouldn't miss it for the world"

"how nice to hear, see you soon chicken"

He spent the next hour calling the rest of his family and his mom was more than pleased to hear from her son and the progress he was making in a country he knew no one.

He was taking over she thought.

He definitely was.
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    《Love, Tale》