Love, Tale
28 Lets get you home...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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28 Lets get you home...

... She switched off the torch she held as she led him further.

"We are almost there."

His hands was twice hers, those fingers felt small and soft between his. He held on tighter.

"Don't worry, i can't leave you in the dark"

"I know you can't, i'd find you anyway"

"Ha Ha, Common." The hue of the light was already reflecting where they walked.

"We are here."

They now stood at the point where the water fell into the stream. At that point all kind of light shone, she saw colors she wasn't sure she had a name to.

"Isn't it beautiful?" She was getting teary eyes.

"She is, she really is." He looked at how the colors danced on her face.

"To think that something this beautiful just sitting here in the middle of a forest, surrounded by dirt and rocks that could cause harm to one if not careful. No one would want to go through all that at first. I see you that way Su Yan. Zhang Su Yan."

"I should make you say my name a lot."

She laughed "That scar. Whatever pain you went through. It doesn't matter. I know you are kind, a tad bit annoying." he smiled then. "You are an amazing person and only those who see that deserve the beauty within. Or the beast."

She made him want to be that beast for her.

She tipped to reach his hair as she pushed it back to view his scar. Lights shone around them cutting out their silhouette perfectly.

"If I'm being honest, you look so handsome with the scar. Talk about a mark of victory."

He inched his face closer to hers as she dropped to her normal height.

"You think I'm handsome"

"On a good day"

"You keep talking like that and i would loose it."

"There are a lot of things you can do but loosing control Mr Su isn't one of them."

Her hands dropped to his chest as she faced the waterfall. She nestled her head against chest taking comfort in his arms wrapped around her little waist.

"It's getting really late" she swayed the two of them as she still nestled up against him. Her eyes were fixed on the sight below them, the lights definitely came more alive as the night got darker.

"Do you want to stop by my place tonight" he felt her tense against him. "it's a joke Tale, calm down"

"Didn't sound like one to me"

"Well if you are considering it who am I to stop you"

"I'm not." as she slapped his back gently. She took in the breath of him. He smelled yummy, he always did or was it the cookie she had a while ago.

"I like it here, been here with you. Every time I spend with you is always one of my best. You make it feel like there's no one else but you and me" he feasted his hands in her hair that was still getting dried in the air.

"uh, what's happening?"

"I'm accepting"

"Accepting what?"

"That I care about you, that I want to be with you, spend as much time as I can with you"

She slowly loosened from his arms as she stepped back "I uh, you shouldn't , I mean we can't you and I" Was she ready to go down this path again? She had been careful with love in the past but had she really been in love. Chris had been a familiar second, they had just been friends that thought dating would be the answer to a better friendship. They had both been wrong.

"Whats on your mind?"

She looked up at him then, the planes of his face were more outlined against the colors of light that danced around them, those dark eyes peeled away her reasoning. Her mouth was getting dry. What would it feel like to belong to a man like Su Yan, to wake up to that face everyday, kiss those lips, trust him and never look back. She knew the answer. Danger!

Helpless , she fluttered her hands. Words always failed her when she needed it the most.

"I think we need to get going."

"And you should know I don't want an answer now, you don't even have to think about it" he touched his finger to her chin and smiled at her "it will happen eventually"

"How are you so sure?"

"Because, I think about you in a way I shouldn't that I cant control" he closed in on her, and I'm not a man that thinks, especially about any woman. You must be really special to be on my mind like that." He cupped the back of her neck forcing her eyes on his, those beautiful brown eyes "and I love every bit of it"

"Please stop" the voice that came out of her mouth wasn't hers "I wanna go home. Please" anymore words from his lips would have saying yes to anything and everything he says, so she could only plead to let them leave. She needed to think. But she wasn't going to deny the fact that knowing how he felt about her both pleased and worried her.

"lets get you home."

She didn't trust herself to say anymore so she turned back where they had come, looked down at the rainbow fall one last time as she walked away.

This was meant to be a quiet night by herself, a night for her to relive the dream in her head, maybe she would live out those dreams one day, but if she hoped to do so, She could start with the man in front of her, the one who was readily always by her side. Su Yan.

He dropped her off at home like a proper gentleman, not expecting her to talk about what he had told her. He lent her the strength she needed by not forcing words out of her. She had only managed to remind him of the Christmas dinner at her parents house and he had assured her he would be there.

He wouldn't pass up the opportunity to spend what felt like his first Christmas with her.

Zhang Su Yan drove out of he estate she lived in deciding that he was going to make her his and no one else's. He would win that beautiful heart of hers no matter what. He would try loving again, he would try trusting again and just maybe this time it would work out well for him and her.
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    《Love, Tale》