Love, Tale
27 loser is a monkey...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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27 loser is a monkey...

Yan..."Yes ma'am"

The imperial high school 2005...

Woo Jin and Su Yan walked the corridor of their school. The Imperial High was the most prestigious schools in China. Built on a foundation of excellence, discipline and unity.

Their learning infrastructure was the best and they developed new ways of teaching every year.

Woo Jin with his head thrown back "School today sucks"

"It always does for you."

"I have to go now, I'm meeting my father at the company today. Something he believe is important." as he walked down the stairs to the lot to meet up with his personal driver.

"Hey" Su Yan turned to see his twin sister who was about two inches taller than him. Her dark hair she kept in a Bob shone under the sun.

"Hey" they might have shared a womb but they weren't best of friends. They might look alike but their differences and interest were so far off they barely had anything to ever talk about. For one Su Yan never cared for Ziyi friends, they were as stuck up as they come.

Their driver walked up to the two of them ready to take their bags. "Hello young master, miss" he took a bow.

They had just left the car lot when he almost ran into her. "Where did she come from?"

A scared Chen He ran out of the car to the girl lying on the floor. He was sure he didn't hit her but no one will look at that. This was a school for the elites, any child going to school here is untouchable. No one will hear his side of the story.

"What is all the ruckus about?" Zhang Su Yan and his sister came out of their car to see Chen He bent over a girl. She must have seen them come down for she stood up like nothing had happened.

It was Yang Mi.

Yang Mi, the princess of the Yang family who was the owner the biggest and the best hospital in all of China.

He had noticed her a few times, He thought she was beautiful in a delicate way. Woo Jin had even suggested he talked to her a few times but he had declined.

"I'm sorry for my behavior, i ran into the road without looking." her voice flowed like honey.

Chen He was still in a state of panic.

"Are you okay miss? Do you feel any pain?"

"Hello, I'm fine. It was my mistake. I should have looked well before crossing."

The Zhang twins who had been quiet finally spoke up.

"Your hand is injured." Su Yan noticed. Her wrist had been scraped when she fell, she didn't notice as her focus was on Su Yan

"It could have been worse." Ziyi said as she walked back into the car.

"Cheng He, go drop my sister at home i would follow miss Yang Mi to the school clinic to have her hand treated"

"Young Master?"

"Come back for me once you drop my sister"

"Yes young Master"

Wow! Knight in a shining car. Tale cut in. "If i got hit by a car like that, I'd pass out of embarrassment especially if its you."

"What about me"

"You must have been an intimidating kid growing up"

"You have no idea how wrong you are"

"So you two started dating then?"

"No we became friends."

"Do you two still talk?"

"Not relatively"

Thank God. She didn't know why she just asked that.

"So what happened?"

"I traveled and things started to fall apart, at first we still got through any challenge. Distance was nothing to us but i guess time apart changed her or maybe she had always been that girl and i just never noticed."

"You can't take the blame for that, things happen sometimes that we can't control"

His hands went to his scar naturally as he remembered the night of the incident.

He thought he knew the woman he fell in love with, apparently not. Yang Mi heard through the vineyard Su Yan was trying to move on from her and he was. Her wild ways wasn't for him. She bullied anyone that crossed her part, using the Zhang family name to hurt people. Power and money at her disposal made her feel truly like a god. She had hurt him without holding back, an incident she had later claimed to be accident.

His family had feared he was going to be brain damaged. He spent months in the hospital and had been transfered to the states for surgeries.

His mom had opted for a plastic surgery to cover the scar. He refused it.

Yang Mi still found a way to blame him for it. She accused him of leaving his scar to mock her. To always remind her of what she did to him.

His face turned cold as he remembered all that had happened. His thoughts clouded with the night of the incident seeing his blood painting the floor, he had blacked out before the ambulance came for him.

Warm hands touched his and he was brought back to the presence of the woman sitting by him.

"Come on, i think its time to show you the best part of Rainbow."


"I named it, not official though. Get up"

He guessed what it was.

She handed him a bottle of water as she turned on her torch again.

"We'd go from here, she pointed to a small path that was disappearing under overgrown bushes and weed.

"Why not below?"

"Well, because something's look much more beautiful when you see them from a distance"

The sound of the waterfall became louder as they got closer causing her to break off into a run.


"Keep up Su, she called out over the sound of the water.

He wasn't going to run after her. He was in deep already, with every minute he spends with her, his feelings grew but he did anyway.

She stopped at the edge of the hill looking back to make sure he was behind her.

"Loser is a monkey"

"Winner is a bunny"

She laughed as she held out her free hand to him.


"Grab hold"

She switched off the torch she held as she led him further...
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    《Love, Tale》