Love, Tale
25 Next time, go for the head...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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25 Next time, go for the head...

...She couldn't wait, she had her plans already.

Precious had travelled the day before and her siblings were back at her parents. She was going to join them tomorrow but this evening was for her.

She took the warmest shower she had had in a long time, wrapped her hair in a tight big bun at the tope of her head. She pulled on a pair of washed black denim and a red tank top. Topped that off with a black washed denim jacket one size bigger than her.

She took down one of the box of shoes that had been collection dust for a while at the top of her closet. The black boots were still as they were when she bought it. Brand new.

Sometime soon Tale, sometime soon.

With a scarf around her neck, she stuffed her backpack with a blanket, water, a thermo filled with hot chocolate some cookies, face towel, and a torch light.

Took one look at the mirror, decided to leave her glasses behind and was out the door.

It was going to be dark soon which was perfect.


Freedom, how would it be nice to feel so everyday.

"Stan road please and its a drop (1)."

"Yes ma'am"

Twenty minutes later she was there. The rest of the trip had to be taken on foot. Which to her was the best part.

"Thank you sir, bye" as she paid and alighted the taxi.

"Where is she going to?"

He got down from his car and followed. This was an almost deserted area and he knew that because it was a place the government was thinking of building an overhead bridge linking to the major roads in the state, he thought it was just a beautiful urban area. The land had good roads but no house or building around.

She kept walking and when she took a turn into the forest he got more curious. He followed.

She kept walking and was sure of every turn she took. He tried to keep enough distance from her while keeping her in his sight.

She stopped when she reached a diversion like she was confused for a bit then took the left lane.

Where was she going looking so good. Anymore weird turn and he would have to let her know he was here.

Wasn't that stalking?

Then he heard a noise, like the sound of rain, and it was getting louder by the second. He looked around to be sure it wasn't rain which would be weird by this time if year in Nigeria. One minute he still had sights of her and the next she was gone.

"Tale?" There was no response, now he was scared.

She heard the sound of the waterfall and knew she was close. Its been almost 8 months since she came here and every time she had come here the excitement never got old. This time was no different, so she ran, as fast as she could.

She was at the edge of the hill. Down below was a little stream that always flowed. It sparkled in the lightest way possible.

She was sure her life was going to change that year, the year she found this place. She had looked for sights around her and was surprised no one had really found this one. She called it "Rainbow"

She stood letting the cold air hit her face, as she let down her hair, she would need a trim soon she thought. She let the excitement building inside of her out as she raised her hands in the air, her face turned towards the sky, smiling as she let out a scream.

What a day to be alive!

She dropped her backpack and searched for her torchlight. She got out her Lil torchlight, peeled away her jacket as she searched for the stairs she had spent over two weeks creating just to reach the stream below. Precious had tagged her officially crazy, and the blisters she had for weeks after that had also laughed at her. But it was worth it.

She started down the stairs when she heard a noise. No one came here. At least none that she knew off. Had a bad man seen her? Her phone was in her bag, she switched off her light as she picked up a stick beside her and climbed back up.

A man was standing holding her jacket, now he was going through her bag probably looking for money.

Good thing the economic was going cashless.

She approached with caution as she realised he was quite big and the stick wouldn't do much in her defense, she pulled her boot and forged on.


It was swift and came crashing on his shoulder. The pain settled in. He stood up and turned abruptly ready to retaliate when she screamed.

"Get away from me, you evil thief, aahhhh. She was running g towards the stairs not sure why since that wasn't a smart move.


In two steps he had her in his arms

Su Yan? Su Yan! Oh you are so going to be dead, how dare you scare me like that!

"Thank God you are ok"

"You wont be thanking him much longer after you let me go." She was still shaken but how close their bodies were registered in her head.

He pulled her back while holding her arms to examine her face, she looked flushed and angry. That he could work with.

"What are you doing here you goat!" she said through gritted teeth

"Its chicken"



"Argh do you have any idea how scared i was..."

He had been scared too.

"...and why in the world are you here, how did you find me? Did you follow me. This is stalking, stalking! And it is not acceptable. I'm going to beat you with my shoe.

He pulled her back into a hug, holding her in place.

"Next time go for the head"

"Let me go and I would try that immediately."

She was a little shaken, he wouldn't have sneeked up on her if he hadn't been afraid something had happen to her. What was she doing in the woods, when it was almost night.

"I'm sorry, I heard you scream. I'm sorry."

She softened and sank into his body.

"I can feel you smiling, I'm still mad at you but apology accepted."

"Now tell me what you are doing here."

"Do you plan to let me go"

Please say no, please say no, please say no.

He released her then.

She felt sad, she has never met a man whose hands promised safety just by being in them.

Chris had been her first boyfriend and only one yet. He always saw hugs as an unnecessary show of emotions. She didn't mind back then and the few times she did mind, he made her regret asking. She was sure now, she had never been in love nor was she loved.

She had a frown on her face when he looked at her.

"what's wrong?"

"I'm prefect" she smiled to assure him.
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    《Love, Tale》