Love, Tale
24 Jeez, what comes next? A room full of sunflowers?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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24 Jeez, what comes next? A room full of sunflowers?

..."You are a pain" as they walked to join them at the bar.

10 bad karaoke songs and a few drinks later. She tried to stick to a bottle as she recalled the pain that visited whenever it liked...

Her siblings were all over Su Yan, from throwing him more questions to forcing him to get on the karaoke with them. He seemed to like it. He had no idea what he was in for. They had a good heart for sure but they could be a worry sometimes.

"Dupe, Tayo get ready, we will be leaving soon."

"Sis its only 9pm"

"Yes that means it is late"

"I think I'm beat." Precious had joined the ride, and if tonight was any indication, singing would never be her calling. But she enjoyed it.

"OK, it's late you guys we need to go."

"Yes mum"

She thanked the bar tender who had been nothing but smiles the whole night as they left the lounge.

They got out of the building to see Woo Jin standing beside his car . Sure Yan had called him.


He held her hands as they got closer to Woo Jin. She hated to admit she liked it, it was the little simple things that counted and this was no exception.

"Hello woo Jin am i right?"

"Definitely, nice to see you again."

"Feeling is mutual. Uh this is my friend, Precious, my siblings, Tayo and Dupe."

He took turns to shaking their hands.

"So are you guys ready?

Precious: "Hell yes!"

"I'm sorry ready for what?"

Woo Jin gave Sure Yan who had been quiet a look

He's taking them home, you are coming with me.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry what!"

Tayo: "I agree to that plan."

Precious: "Me too"

Dupe: "Definitely me"

"Well i don't."

"Of course you don't but nobody cares"

Precious walked to the other side of Woo Jin car, he followed her opening the door for her. My my, he was definitely handsome and those shoulders.

"What are you doing?" she tried to free her hand from his but he didn't let go.

"So sis we would see you later or tomorrow, take your time, we love you."

"When was the last time you all gave me away."

They were already out of the lot.

"You are angry?"

"You damn right i am" he let go of her hand then.

"Look at me" her height against his wasn't bringing her command to life so she climbed on a small pillar to make better eye contact, she was nearly there.

"You're taking me home now! Now."




"what? why doesn't anyone listen to me"

"Oh we do, obeying it. That's a different story. Now get down, your dwarf side is starting to show"

She was smiling on the inside. He was now beginning to sound like someone she really could be friends with.

He opened the car door for her then, she got down from the pillar, keeping her head high as she climbed into the car.

"For the records, i am taking you home. I just needed some time with you. Alone.

"Jeez, what comes next? A room full of sunflowers?

"Is that your thing?"

She bursted out laughing looking at how serious his face had gotten. He was probably thinking of all the roses he had gotten.

"I should have a mirror on me all the time just to have you see the looks that play on your face all the time."

He smiled then.

"So Would we see you on Christmas day? We would be having dinner by 5 and you are definitely invited."

"Meet your parents?"

"Well it's their house and on a holiday, I'm quite sure they will be making an appearance"

"Ha ha"

"They don't mind as long as you are not holding a knife to their necks. Have you ever celebrated Christmas."

His family celebrated business wins and a few other things. Really few. But they were big on events and socialites functions.

"I'd be there, is there a dress code"

"Absolutely, Santa red hat along with the socks belonging to Mr Grinch and maybe throw in some sparkly trousers"

Sarcasm was a trait some found annoying especially him. No one tried it with him anyway but with Tale.

"I bet I would be the best dressed man your parents would ever meet."


"That was fast" They were parked in front of her apartment building.

"We could drive around for a little while longer if you want"

"I'm sure you don't mind"

"Not at all"

"Goodnight, Thank you for tonight"

"All i did was show up."

He had just gotten round to open her side of the door when her siblings rushed out of the house.

"Why are you back already, weren't you going to spend the night?"

One of them was going to get a beating. If only she was bigger.

"Go inside I'd be right there."

"Oh definitely" her sister gave her a wink before going back inside.

What was she going to do with those two.

"Are you sure you want to make it for our family Christmas dinner"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world"

"Don't say i didn't warn you"

"I wouldn't Bunny. Goodnight"

"Here she comes! Wall of silence!" Dupe ran from the door she hadn't really close.

"What is wrong with the two of you?"

"Not even a hug or a kiss. You should get schooled."

"Do you want to die by my hands"

"You two should go to bed, i have to set up my games."

"I'm tired anyway, good night sis!

"Where is Precious anyway"

"Busy been mad at you"


Few minutes later....

"Damn it precious i am trying to sleep! Can't we talk about your crazy crush in the morning"

"Sis remember the code"

I don't even remember my ATM code"

"Old age"


"The two of you need to leave me alone"

"So what, you got a man of your own and we single girls are left to suffer."

"Su Yan isn't mine"



Her sister and Precious were always there to drive her nuts.

"I hate you both"

This time they laid on her

"You two elephant get off!"

"Not unless you apologize for keeping that hot ass from me."

"Yes! seconded."

"I only Saw him for like a minute and he wasn't looking hot to me"

"Yes we know you only have eyes for Su Yan"

"I do not"

"Do so"

"Its late, i need sleep!"

"Not unless you agree to take me anytime you are going to see your boyfriend."

"He's not mine!"

"Deal or deal?"

"No deal."


"Okay fine, I give up! deal. Yeesh!"

It was two days to Christmas and the last day of work for the year, she was the happiest. Finally leaving the four walls that was so depressing. She couldn't wait, she had her plans already.
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    《Love, Tale》