Love, Tale
22 Wow! where is my nose...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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22 Wow! where is my nose...

She had a good morning catching up with her siblings and how the semester had been for them. They weren't having it easy but they were intelligent and she was proud.

Her brother was setting up the game he had brought despite her warning not to.

"Look we have to get ready, i wouldn't want my friend to be waiting on us coz of you two goof balls now hurry, shower, clothes, smiles and we are out the door"

Dupe was already in the shower because she had an ulterior motive.

"You are the assistant mom of the ire family" her brother called after her.

"I heard that! As she started on getting ready. She had spoken to Su Yan the night before and they had agreed on 4.30pm. It was only 1pm but she was nervous. Her siblings were good kids but they would jump on embarrassing her anytime anyday.

"Sis, this person we are meeting, how special is he to you? Dupe came out of the shower. The girl bathed like she was in the military, fast and efficient.

"Who said its a he or that he is special?" She walked to her closet to get something to wear.

"Whoa it's either a he or an alien, i vote a he and Tayo voted an alien"

"You betting on me?"

"Well yeah, with your luck and how much you work and how rarely you ever go out I'd say our brother will win!

"You do know you are 17 right and i am--"

"Blah blah.... So an alien?" her sister said cutting her off


"No way i got to get my face beat on and yours too."

"I'm not letting you anywhere near my face. Period." she replied as she went in to the bathroom and shut the door. Her sister was the makeup guru between the two of them, she would have sworn the reverse would have been the case.

It was 3pm and she wasn't sure she would recognize herself if she looked at a mirror. Her sister had forced her into letting her do her makeup.

Dupe had opened up all the new makeup she was saving till she was ready and for the right reasons since she couldn't wear any to work anyway. She worked on her hair too as the wild mass of hair had been pulled back away from her face and was held back by so many pins just to keep it in place.

"Who is she?" Her sister said finally handing her a mirror and smiling from ear to ear.

"Wow! where is my nose, and my skin looks airbrushed. What did you do?" Her eyes looked bigger, her lips were just the right shade of pink. She thought she knew her makeup clearly she didn't. Her cheekbones definitely could match to Su Yan own. She looked better, she had to admit.

"You know that bottle that has the word foundation on it, the one you haven't bothered using once. Yeah that's it."

"Shut up. Don't patronise me. This looks really good though."

"Yes, yes you are welcome big sis, now clothes."

"I'm wearing one!" She said pointing to the jean and T-shirt she had thrown on.

"Not a chance!"

"What do you mean? Its Saturday! People always look laid back on a Saturday!"

"Not when you are going to see the man of your dreams, my future brother in law"

"What!! Shut up before you get your mouth twisted"

"You are changing no buts, I'm the baby of the house. You have to do what i say."

"You are 17, old enough!"

"Oh now I'm old enough, well fine if I'm old enough, i should get to decide what you wear." As she held up a sparkly tube blush color bodycon playsuit by lux label. She knew her sister loved to shop clothes she hoped to wear someday but haven't had the chance. She had always helped her to wear some of it but her big sis needed to live a little.

"Your wardrobe has worn this for the longest of time. Now its your turn, time to change."

"What's the other dress for? Tale said pointing to a mustard gown her sister held up.

"For me!

"That's stealing"

"Another word for love when it comes to the both of us. Now lets get changed,

"This is not fair"

"Love you too big sis.

"Are the two of you done? Tayo came in dressed in a white shirt and black jeans.

"Almost, go wait for us"

"Now I'm the one waiting on you two"

"Go out, we will be there in a minute."

"Yes mum"

"Why are we here so early, he's not even here." Her brother chimed as they were served some appetizers.

"Be nice" her sister defended her.

Orange was one of the coolest hangout spot in the state, for the high class and middle class alike. Although they housed a VIP section, and only one VVIP lounge. One had to be a politician or know Jesus to afford it.

She had known about the place on a date that had gone bad, back when she thought she had the time for a life.

Precious was on her way too, she was invited last minute as she was traveling for the holidays as well.

"Wow!" Tale looked up to see her best friend staring at her.

"Its too much right" As she stood up to give her a hug. "Thanks to my sister"

"Good job D." Precious said giving her a hug too. "Hey you, keep getting taller and i'd just have to keep you to myself."

"Seriously, whose side are you on?"

"Any side that makes you come out of your shell and makes you look like a billion bucks"

"I don't have a shell!" tale said sitting as she called for the waiter to get a plate of spring rolls for her friend.

Su Yan was in a jolly mood and he couldn't let Woo Jin spoil his mood as he pleaded to come along.


"We are meant to be in this together, you know that right"


"Give me a reason why i would have your back when this goes wrong"

Su Yan features hardened after he heard what his Woo Jin said.

"It wouldn't"


"Because she's different, and whatever happens, you have to have my back." he got to the door and let himself out.

"So i would be by myself again tonight"

"I'm not responsible for you not having fun,go wild" with that his car was out of their lot.

He parked in front of Orange minutes later.

"Welcome sir." A surprised valet looked at him.

"Thank you."

He had sent word to the staff to refrain from addressing him that way for the night, but he let it slide as she wasn't here with him.

She felt like someone was staring at her and she was right. Su Yan was standing a few feet away from their booth and it seemed like he was staring at her.

She looked round to be sure it was her.

It was.

And in that minute it felt like it was just the two of them.
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    《Love, Tale》