Love, Tale
21 Roses? Does this mean you are not single anymore?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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21 Roses? Does this mean you are not single anymore?

... She stood outside her door until he disappeared out of her sight...

The week wasn't her best week. It seemed like there was extra work to do since the holiday was getting closer.

Precious had kept giving her reasons to quit and make a run for it.

Su Yan had made it his duty to stop by at her place three times already and she couldn't complain.

Her siblings were coming back the next day and that means she had less than 6 hours to Christmas shop for everyone without the hassle of rushing last minute shopping. She's has made enough bad decisions to last a life time, thank you very much!

It was 5pm and close work. She had been waiting for the clock to strike 5 for 10minutes and it was the longest 10 minutes of her life.

She was out the door and down the stairs of the church admin building when she was sure the earth started spinning. She held the rails for support when her legs gave way.

"Good lord" The pain in her chest felt like it spread over to her back and waist in less than 30 seconds.

"I've been eating a lot where is this coming from, unless this wasn't ulcer anymore" She finally took the floor of the stairs as she rummaged through her bag for her pills.

She popped five of it at once for the extra pain.. She was chewing on it when the lady who worked at the bookshop of the church, with a worried look on her face came to her.

"Are you alright Ire?" Sometimes people called her by her family name, she always minded it but not today. "I'm good, i just need a minute to rest" the pain was still same but she didn't feel her back was about to snap anymore.

"What's going on?"

"It's just a lil ulcer, I'd be fine"

"A little ulcer? Ire ulcer isn't to be joked with. I see how hard you work and the stress you saddle yourself with..." Judith was still talking but that was all she heard.

She had come to believe all she did here was not noticed and she never took it to heart as she understood it was a work environment. She wasn't the only hardworking person they had. Quite frankly she would take a vacation around the world any day if she could and that thought made her believe she wasn't that much of a hard worker, she just did what she had to do because she was meant to do jt.

... You should take care of yourself more, eat more." Judith finished.

"Yes. Thank you, I definitely will do that."

"You should try to eat a lot of cabbage as it helps"

"What! Since when" she kept thinking as Judith helped her to her feet.

"Sure, I will get some I promise. Thank you and sorry for taking your time."

"Nonsense, it's no trouble at all."

She got to the mall and had to take Judith's word for it as she picked up two large cabbage in her cart.

Three hours later...

She was home. She had rushed through the shelves for the gifts she had in mind, she had what she wanted to get in her head so it wasn't a big deal. She had found herself leaning over her trolley thrice whenever the pain hit her, but not as worse as before but it made its presence known.

The cashier was gracious enough to read the pain she was going through on her face and speedily made her purchase a breeze.

She was just going to climb into bed and sleep, sleep made everything better, well most things.

Her siblings were back in her parents house already but they'll be coming over the next day hoping that she would be better tomorrow, she slipped into a dreamless sleep.

The knocking was getting louder by the minute.

Whoever it was better have a good reason for being at her house at 7.30am

She struggled to open her eyes before walking to the door.


She looked like a huge mess and was sure of it.

"Why are you two here so early? What's happening?"

They replied her by wrapping her in a bear hug. She was the first child but the smallest, her younger brother Tayo (1) stood at a good 6'1 while her sister Dupe (2) stood at a 5'8. They all looked nothing alike at first glance, their similarities were in their character. Her sister was fair skinned and had the family beauty in her back pocket. She should have been the right one to bear the name Tale as it meant Light, she was equally skinny and a bit tall for her age, at 17, or maybe she was just short. Her brother at age 20 was dark skin as well but he simply looked different, the tallest in the family, had the perfect eye brow and nails that her sister had threatened on more than 10 occasion to shave and cut in his sleep. They both studied industrial Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering respectively.

She repeated her question as they released her from their embrace.

"Haven't the two of you heard of something called the telephone. You know that device that has made life easier for everyone around the world"

"We wanted to surprise you" her sister said brushing past her.

"Wow! Roses? Does this mean you're not single anymore?"

There was a rose in every corner and on any surface of her living room she saw fit.

She rolled her eyes closing the door.

Her younger brother opened the bag he had on his shoulders to unload video games on her table.

"What is that!"

"Video games" he said as he brought out brand new game pads as well. "And we are hungry, we ran out of mom and dads without eating"

"And the real reason you two came over is now clear for the world to see"

"Sis, can i borrow this?" Dupe came out of her room holding a lipstick she had forgotten she had.

"OK time out! I have a few things planned for today"

"You always have things planned" Tayo said cutting her off

"No video games" she continued like she hadn't just been interrupted "I am not a chef for the two of you, no talking about my roses and no stealing my makeup, i would have use of it someday."

"So can i take this one, it is a beautiful cherry red and it goes well with my skin color, we are made for each other."

Well today is going off to a good start she thought. She can't imagine her life as an only child so she was grateful for them.

"Nothing is free, any makeup item you collect is #100,000, using my TV is twice that and eating my food is another 400% increase on the first two charge"

"Well you are the accountant"

"You bet!" she said as she walked to the kitchen to make breakfast.

She had to eat more, eating more would make the pain go away! Right
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    《Love, Tale》