Love, Tale
19 ...His Tale
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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19 ...His Tale

... It seemed it had been arranged to welcome her home.

The flowers were held by customised ribbons that had the words "i care about you" on it. It had been arranged 10 roses in each box, and laid out in front of her door step in a heart shape.

She was sure her legs wouldn't be able to carry her so she knelt down as she let a tear slip out of the corner of her eye.

The night wind carried their scent so lightly and it filled the air around her.

She plucked out a card stuck in one box that only had a heart shape drawn on it.

She wasn't ready to get up so she stayed there, trying hard to fight back more tears even as she smiled at the flowers and thinking of the man that had sent it.

There was 20 boxes, which meant 200 roses.

God forbid she didn't see where this led to, whatever it was Su Yan was trying to do, she would enjoy every moment of it, good and bad.

She sniffed, sniffed again, sniffed again!

Wait Was that, was that pizza?

She turned to see the most beautiful looking man ever holding a large box of pizza and a white bag that held other baked foods.

She smiled at him through the tiredness that had been on her face as it took a backseat.

What a beautiful sight he thought.

"You know you didn't have to get me 200 roses."

"Like i would listen to that" he replied as they both carried boxes of flowers into her living room.

He wasn't wearing any jacket today, so she could see his muscle lines from the excuse of a shirt he wore. He wore jeans, black. Maybe it was just her tired senses playing tricks on her but she found him even more dashing.

"So why not sit down, I'd go wash up and ... Id be right back."

He could hear her locking the door as she entered her room, he smiled. Any girl would leave that door open as an invitation but not his Tale.

His Tale. He repeated.

His heart did a flip flop.

20mins later.

She came out smelling like Jasmine, he liked it. She was wearing a loose fitted sweat pants and matching hoodie. He had been hoping for an oversized shirt again. I guess not.

She left her hair in a wild mane, her dark skin shone.

"Okay let's eat" she said dropping plates and cups on the dinning table that had 20 roses on it now. He brought the pizza to the table.

They talked about their day.

"Oh before i forget, here you go" he said handing her a pain killer drug he had gotten once he saw her almost fall.

She blinked in surprise


"For your toe

"What happened to my toe?" she had almost forgotten she hit it against a stone earlier that day but whose fault was that.

"How'd you know?"

"An angel told me" he replied as he took the tablet from her opening it himself.

"I'm fine i don't need drugs nor do i like them"

He didn't listen as he popped two pills on her palm he had stretched out himself.

"Are you listening, I'm OK really"

He refilled her glass with water and pushed it in her free hand.

More points for him she thought.

When it looked like he was going to open her mouth himself she gave in.

"OK fine I'd take it! You are stubborn you know that!"

"So are you" when he was sure she had swallowed the drugs he ruffled her hair. Now she looked like a she just escaped a small storm as her hair fell covering her eyes.

His eyes glistened with admiration. And when it looked like he was going to kiss her, again. Oh god, again! in this moment she had almost forgotten the last moment they shared.

Give in, just go with it. I'm sure you would love it. She kept telling herself.

"Um so how would you feel meeting my siblings this weekend?"

.. And the award for the worst joy kill moment goes to... She pinched herself.

Still cupping her face "I'd be honored."

He had fallen alright, he had met powerful people and he was never impressed or moved, maybe because he came from power and money, he always thought he was wired that way. Until tale.

She hasn't been the easiest girl he's met but he loved it that way, and now he had said he'd be honoured to meet her siblings. Get it together.

He had no control and was in no mood to get the reins back.

He pulled back then to stare at that face in... He swept her hair back and heard her hold her breathe. Good.

Maybe on a day when she was ready, when he was sure she will take him all in and hold nothing back in return he would do it again, so he placed a kiss on her forehead and decided it was time to leave.

"I loved dinner, thank you!"

He loved dinner? "Are you kidding, i was planning on getting my jungle on by eating out of a can tonight so thank you.

"Very classic my lady, I'm sure i would have enjoyed a scene like that." as he opened the door and stepped out into the cold night.

"Su Yan."

He turned with a question look.

Small arms wrapped around his waist catching him off guard...Her head nestled in his chest, her wild hair brushing his face, he was still surprised when she looked up and whispered a thank you but didn't let go, so he hugged her back and felt her smile and her hand tightened around him. She was skinny, thankfully her butt didn't get the memo.

She wasn't trying to end the hug so he held on.

Was jasmine now becoming his favorite scent?

So under a bright half moon, Su Yan held a woman he felt sure he was falling for, maybe slowly but definitely and swayed.

"I should let you go"

"You shouldn't"

"But i have to, its late. And I'll be pissed if you don't get home safe."

I'm a lot tougher than i look"

"I know you are, but you are still my chicken

She used the word my, right!

"Okay time to go..." and the boss was back.

"Where is your car?"

"Parked out, wanted to really surprise you without blowing my cover

How sweet, now she was touched.

"Okay now go, and let me know when you get home."

"Good night bunny"

"Good night chicken, now go." She stood outside her door until he disappeared out of her sight...
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    《Love, Tale》