Love, Tale
16 The puzzle of you interest me.
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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16 The puzzle of you interest me.

... He did

"Are you ready?"

Oh now he was anxious and excited at the same time.

"Promise to not judge"

His stern look was her answer, those eyes promised safety and that was all she could ask for.

She opened the door to her room then. He tried not look away from that face but the beauty she created in her room was worthy of attention.

Her bed was queen size that stood at the left side of the room, covered in what he assumes is the softest grey sheets ever, she didn't have a walk in closet as you could see well organized wardrobe of white that was almost reaching the ceiling. The walls were painted in a light hue pink. Her chandelier was heart shaped and looked like they were dropping love. Her rug complimented the decor, she had a dark grey ottoman at the foot of her bed.

"Welcome to my humble abode" she smiled waving him in.

"This isn't a room for an accountant"he thought ... then he saw it. Just beside her closet was a mini library, she loved poetry and he could see that now. There were more than 50 books on her shelves arranged neatly and according to size. A map stood beside it.

"I know right, but it is my happy place literally. I don't know why I'm showing you this but i figure we are friends now so why not know the real me a little bit. Not that i bring anyone here i mean, the only person that's been in here is Precious but well she's part owner." She smiled absently as she touched a shoe.

She was nervous and he could tell. "I'm honored" he looked at her books.

She looked at him. He wasn't just tall he was big, his shoulders were wide, his chest and arms looked like they've seen their fair share of a gym. And those hands... He was a little-- no, a lot-- daunting

Stop thinking about him she had to tell herself. As she took a silent breath, he pretended not to notice.

She was more surprised at how quickly she had grown interest in this person and no matter how much she tried to deny it, she was at ease.. This wasn't her, she took things one step at a time and watched how it played out before it even got serious, that was how it had been with Chris. But this.

"Why not take a chance" the voice in her head replied. She ignored.

"Okay now that you've had a fill i think we are done here, its getting late anyways" if he stayed any longer she was sure she would be jump him and she wasn't about to go down that lane.

He walked towards her then, deliberate about his next move.

She caught her breath then and a scent of him, she loved it. Her 5'3 looked smaller against his 6'5.

He reached down to loosen a curl of her hair that have been begging for freedom. He found it softer than he expected and he wanted more. Tale was too shell shocked to move. Asides from when she had lost herself and tried to look at his scar, contact between them had been as minimal as possible. And she wanted so badly than to reach out one more time, remembering the silky feel of his hair, the feel of his face under her hands.

"What are you thinking of?" his eyes focused on her face.

"Um, nothing at all, we can't do this" but she didn't move.

Good, she was tempted he thought. But far be it from him to take advantage, "I like you," he smiled as he loosened more curls of her hair. "But i guess you've always known that"

"Doesn't make it true" she replied on a breath" she should move, a foot after another she told herself.

"You're an honest woman" more curls came loose. "But you are putting all your energy into denying that there's something between us. Since the first time we met, you interested me. The puzzle of you interests me."

She wasn't sure she heard all he said. The scent of him was absurdly sexy! And that voice was separating her sense from her senses.

"I cant-- I don't know-- i mean we shouldn't"

"I'm attracted to you & you drive me crazy" all of her hair came down "But even more so you have a beautiful mind worth exploring."

"We can't, we are so different"

'You mean we compliment each other?"

"No i meant..." His hand on her waist cut her short as she moved her head back a little to look at his face, his beautiful face.

"There we go" brown eyes stared up at him and he knew there wasn't going back, her lips were slightly parted and he can't remember the last time he wanted to kiss someone so badly.

Now she wanted to touch that face , to see that scar even better, but this wasn't right. They were just friends. Weren't they?

As he inched a little closer she found herself tiptoeing to meet him halfway. Its been almost four years since she had touched lips with anyone at all, she wasn't sure she remembered how but those lips looked so sure and she couldn't wait to see how he would guide hers.

Knock knock

He cursed deeply. Who could that be? Then he remembered this was her house.

Knock Knock

She loosened her self from his grip as she left the room to answer the door. She didn't have to ask who it was.

"You are back!" Tale wasn't sure if she was to be grateful or angry but one thing was sure. She wouldn't have been able to stop at a kiss.

Precious stepped in a little confused until she saw Su Yan step out. "You know what i think i left something somewhere, I'd go look for it"

Tale gave her a look that said "Don't you dare!"

"I'm only just leaving, thank you precious for being the best chef, we loved it."

"Speak for yourself" Tale blurted

"She liked it" Su Yan reassured precious. "OK ladies I'd be leaving now"

He gave precious a bow and turned to tale wrapping her up in a hug, she didn't have the time to fight as she melted against him. With a kiss on her forehead, he was gone.

Precious gave Tale a wink the second the door closed.

"i don't want to talk about it!" as she ran into her room to cover herself up in a blanket. She needed to not think for a minute.

He had wanted to kiss her and maybe even more.

She had wanted it even more and still did.
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    《Love, Tale》