Love, Tale
15 Starting with you...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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15 Starting with you...

...but she needed to learn to be more grateful

The table was well set, precious had found her way to her China set plates that she had intentionally bought as a decor. The medium sized plate held Chinese fried rice, the biggest held deep fried chicken breast and thighs, and the smallest held what she believed was pork.

She kept a bucket of ice and their favorite wine in it. Bravo Precious!

"So dig in, don't be worried about getting messy."

"I came prepared" he said lifting a spoon "cheers" as he touched his spoon to hers.

He remembered. Bonus points for him shot up in her head. Dammit

As they started with the rice, he got a fair amount on his plate. "OK you go first." she held her breath as he tried a spoon.

"Wow, that taste good"

"You are lying right" she said as she took a spoon herself. "Well i think its nice but you are in the best position to judge"

"Why would i do that, i barely know anything about cooking so i appreciate the effort a lot."

"How have you been living with that trait"

"Well, takeouts, and of course Woo Jin lousy cooking." His family had more maids and all than they really needed, learning to cook was almost forbidden.

"Id be sure to tell him you appreciate it" she replied spreading a napkin on her thighs. "Well then dig in!"

"Yes mum."

"Haha, don't do that. So tell me a little more about your family she said as she went for a chicken breast. "You said you have a twin"

"Yes i do, she's an amazing woman."

"Well, I'm sure she should be, i mean she has you."

"You're saying I'm amazing." he reached out to pour them a glass

"Keep talking" she said ignoring what she said "Is she married?"

"Soon I'm sure. She's been in a relationship that seem to be going the distance"

"I'm sure, cheers" she needed a drink, the light made Su Yan look even more desirable ,his points just keep shooting up. Glasses clinked.

"So just the two of you?"

"We have a younger sister, she was adopted from India, my dad had found her on a job , or she found him like he likes to say. She had been abandoned and left to starve, only 6 at the time"

"Omg, angels among us. Your dad would be her hero for life."

"She's ours actually. She keeps everyone grounded, a family peacemaker" he said with glint in his eyes.

"She will be 18 soon, and she says she can't wait to be an adult."

"Do you think we should warn her."

He smiled as he took a pork to his plate "I'm that she can handle it."

"Whats her name?

"Ji Min but we call her Angel"

"I'd love to meet her someday"

"Really? I'd hold you to your word."

"Well i didn't mean that---"

"Too late no backsies."

She laughed then, OK i could really get used to this.

"So tell me more about your mum"

"She is just someone who would do anything for family"

"Your family seem nice"

"Well there's a bunch of relatives too large to mention but you met Woo Jin the other day

"He's related?

"Feel likes it now, we brought our families close and there's no going back"

"Well my two little siblings are about as interesting i can get, there's just the three of us then our parents."

"I don't mind meeting them this Christmas"

"You want to meet my family?"

"Yes if you don't chicken out"

"Wouldn't you be traveling back"

"I figured I'd stay back this year, not bad to see how its done here"

"Till my mum is forcing really spicy foods down your troat. "Don't say i didn't warn you."

He raised his glass to hers then "To the holidays"


Two hours later...

The conversation continued well into the night, there wasn't a moment of awkward silence, they had talked from family to culture to work and how some colleagues could be annoying. The music was low in the background but sometimes it faded against their laughter and voice. Their plates were almost cleared.

Beep. Beep.

"There's chocolate cake in the fridge. I forgot to tell you. Have fun"

"Seems we have desert, I'd be right back" she said as she stood up to the kitchen.

That body! He got a better view of the dress from the back. The woman could walk into a room backwards and get whatever she wants.

Was he attracted to her, yes. Did his fingers ache to touch her? Yes. Was he ever going to get the chance?...

"I hope you like chocolate cake" she announced as she busted into the room with a tray holding the cake, two saucers and forks a knife and another bottle of wine that seemed to be cold enough.

"I like a lot of things, starting with you"

"Chicken got an extra pair of wings" she all but joked dropping the tray in their middle. As she set a saucer in front of him

"Serve yourself"

"Gladly"he said taking the knife from her, he decided to serve her first then cut a piece for himself. "So don't think i didn't notice you ignoring what i said earlier"

"I know you did" perfectly pink tongue stuck out mocking him.

She could drive a man crazy by saying no. "You win this time"

"Anytime pal"

They moved to the couch after they were done with desert. The night had settled in slowly and beautifully and with it came warmth filling every corner of the house.

"Thanks to Precious, I think i just gained the least 10 pounds."

"You would still look beautiful" when he turned to look at her she saw pure admiration and it scared her. Tale was trying to ignore the rush of something hot and tempting inside her. He had her nervous and she wasn't about to let him know, so she blurted the first thing that came to her mind.

"Let's go to my bedroom, I want to do something I've never done before"

She stood and walked towards her room leaving him to follow.

He did...
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    《Love, Tale》