Love, Tale
14 Pick a struggle!
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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14 Pick a struggle!

..."You can kill me later, for now you have a date.

"Like hell i do, you called him?

"Technically i sent a text, with your phone."

"You did what! Why! Did you ask if i had plans, i didn't plan for this.

Precious opened her well organized wardrobe to search for a dress. "Are you even listening to yourself."

"No are you listening to me! I planned something different tonight. I was going to see him soon, why did you have to meddle."

"Everything has to be in a line for you to understand, everything has to add up neatly for you to like it. Life is a mystery Tale, learn to enjoy it."

Riding on that temper, Precious continued. "And look at you, what are you so afraid of? You say you want to travel the world, fall in love right and maybe get hurt but all you really do is sit behind a desk all week that bleeds to months and now two years. Pick a struggle!"

"How dare you!"

"Hate me all you want, but there is a really gorgeous, handsome hunk of a man out there in your living room, from a different world literally. Aren't you a bit curious about what it's like where he comes from? Ask about his culture, ask about the food they eat, how they live. You are killing the best part of your life, and I'd be dammed if i sit and let you do that to yourself. Now put this on!" she shoved a red satin dress to her. "Hurry up we have to fix your hair and add a little makeup, you look like a reindeer."

"I hate you!

"Hate me all you want but something tells me, years later you will look back to now and be able to tell probably a friend or your kid about now with smiles dancing on your face."

Precious said rooted in front of her.

"Fine get out i need to change!"

Precious "..."

"I said go!"

Precious smiled as she closed the door behind her. She decided to keep Su Yan company

"So sorry for the wait, but you know beauty takes time"

"I don't mind, Su Yan said getting up. Such a gentleman.

"How did you two become friends?

"She disliked my guts" they both sat down

"OK that is really believable"

"I know right, she thought i was this snub of a girl who made life hard for her fellow girls and one day she made this super sarcastic joke about a fan and i laughed and i knew she was someone worthy of been friends with. Its been 7 years of friendship and still growing.

"I'm sure its been a ride"

"You have no idea, she's a handful"

"Let me guess, that's a subtle warning right.

"And that tip is free Mr Su.

He rewarded her with a smile.

"Not talking about me are you?

They both rose up when she entered the room. The satin dress had a rope as an excuse for a sleeve, it stopped mid thigh, still leaving much to the imagination as her legs were fairly long. It didn't hug her tight but it framed her curves perfectly. She had bothered to wear earrings and a little makeup.

"Well we were" precious said happy with herself "she made the best Chinese fried rice you would ever have, well that can be argued"

"She's kidding, she is our chef tonight good or bad i can't take credit"

"Well I'm going to be out of here you kids have fun but not too much.

"Yes mum"

"This is for you, he said handing her a bottle of wine"

"I don't take..."

"Thank you so much, for the days when she drives me crazy" precious cut in taking the bottle from her and giving her the eyes telling her not to be rude.

"It's not alcoholic" he said looking at Tale

"Of course it's not" Precious took the bottle to the kitchen and went to the room to change and leave.

"So sit down, we aren't going to get anywhere if we stand through the night"

"Something tells me you aren't as happy to see me, as i am to see you"

"Oh i am, I'm just a bit nervous" You are happy to see me?"

"I missed you, i said it before"

"Doesn't make it true"

"I meant it."

The man had no restrain.

"I'm sure you did" it was getting hot wasn't it.

"You look beautiful" she had completed her look with a white fluffy flip flop but that didn't take any attention from the dress

It was definitely getting hot in here "Flattery?"


"How is it that you have two different sides to your wardrobe?" Pointing to her outfit.

"These are all dresses that i love but can't wear because my life is spent at work. But i buy them anyway.

"Noted, coz one day right"

"You bet"

Precious came out dressed in a lounge wear and a scarf about her neck.

"You know the food isn't going to eat itself, while its hot."

"We are waiting for you to leave coz you around kinda dampens the word romantic dinner. The word was out of her mouth before she realized. He noticed.

"Oh right, I'd be leaving now, Mr Su, if you ever have a brother that might be single and looking for love, i'm your girl."

He liked their company. he smiled "well i have a twin sister and something tells me you don't swing that way."

"A twin, well you are in luck because Tale happens to...

"Okay bye now, food is getting cold. Leave now" she cut her friend off.

"Bye Su, it was nice to see you again and with that she was out the door.

"I love what you did to the flowers"

"Are you kidding, thank you again for it. Who knew my first will be a four dozen roses, i always thought my first flowers will be my wedding flowers." she smiled absently looking at it.

"Glad i cleared that thought, the vase is beautiful"

The door opened.

"Sorry, sorry! I forgot my purse" an out of breath precious came through the door. Picking up purse she left on the stool "You should lock the door after me. I heard you talking of the vase, i know right. Its beautiful"

Hypocrite Tale thought, wasn't it just yesterday she told her it was an odd one.


Precious "..."


"Sure, bye. No wait." she turned the CD player on and ran out

"Friends right" tale said feeling set up.

He led her to the table then, "Why don't we start, I'm dying to try the food"

"Don't hold your breath"

"Oh i am!"

He drew out her chair and once she was seated he sat opposite her.

Precious had outdid herself, how she had missed her friend setting her up was a puzzle but she needed to learn to be more grateful.
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    《Love, Tale》