Love, Tale
13 The Wow effect!
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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13 The Wow effect!

..."Honey! I was born ready, leggo!

Tale chose to tell precious about Chris texting her on their way to the mall.

"Is he lost?

"Who cares, for all i know he might be dying soon and that's not my problem."

Chris had hurt her, he had had a brilliant smile and voice that felt like melted honey, the man had charm and made use of it, sadly he was making too much use of it while they were together through her first two year in the university. Now she only realized that she wasn't in love with but if they had been together a bit longer, she would have been. But she had trusted him, cared for him and that served as a strong foundation for love. Or so she thought. Now all she felt for him was disgust.

"So which color would you like" Tale took her time looking for the perfect one, she was sure she didn't like any of the vase displayed when one caught her eyes, hiding at the back of the shelf, covered in a thin layer of dust. It was an old French vase, the floral details were minimal and neatly drawn on a white background with gold trimmings. It had handles like a tea kettle covered in gold color. "I found one!" she said still studying it.

"Of course you did! You always go for the odd ones, why? these are all beautiful" Precious said as she pointed to a white and blue colored one.

"It has no wow effect"

"Wow effect? I'm done with you"

"Next stop, food!"

"Yaaasss!" "Can i have your phone?" Precious asked.


They got two plates of Egusi (1) soup with snails and assorted meat with two wraps of Eba(2) for each them.


"How can i get a woman to want me"?

Woo Jin who have been reading a latest tech magazine looked up to see a very disoriented Su Yan. With the difficult part of the job they came for mostly done he had little or no work to do as long as they were safe. And they were safe. No one knew their status, they were ordinary foreigners and as long as they felt no threat, everyone was happy.

He felt like he was on vacation except this vacation had his best friends annoying face in it.

"A woman doesn't want to see your ugly face, that's new" Woo Jin replied with a smug look as he took a more comfortable position on the sofa.

"Thanks!" Su Yan paced thinking of what to do next.

"You can always do what you do, disappear and reappear at her place while poor on lookers like me are left to worry about your safety"

"She has told me not to unless she says otherwise."

"I like her already" Woo Jin smiled as he went back to his magazine.

Ah he was going crazy. Why did he care so much, he was yet to figure that out.

Beep. Beep.

"You want to come over for an homemade dinner tomorrow by 7, actually that's not a question. See you tomorrow by 7."

Yes! It worked!

"Definitely" he started to type but thought that would be too thirsty. "I would be there, see you soon Bunny."

He smiled as he walked over to Woo Jin and slapped the magazine out of his hands then turned away to the kitchen to get a drink. He needed to calm his nerves.

A baffled Woo Jin cursed after him.

Back at the A mall...

"Should we get some food stock up to cook tomorrow, actually let's do it" Precious said dragging Tale along

"What are you doing, tomorrow is my grocery shopping day, we can come then."

"Do you hear how old you sound, we are doing it now and i mean it."

"No way"

Precious tried a more direct approach "Think of the cost of transportation, going back and forth twice, why not just save it since you are here."

"OK fine you got me."

Accountants! Precious smiled following her.

* * * *

Tale was arranging the flowers neatly in the vase, she had filled it with water after cleaning it the day before, cutting the stems to fit the vase. Thanks to her nosy friend, she had no errands to run.

"You should get that done quickly" Precious who had been busy cooking all evening came out looking like the perfect housewife.

"Why? Don't tell me you planned an outing for us because I'm not going and you can't make me."

"Most definitely not, but dinner is almost ready."

"Dinner? What are we on a date, are we going to watch the recap of our lives and plan on how to start a family soon?" Tale loved sarcasm, Precious knew

"Technically yes, i wouldn't want you to go falling for someone else now do i." trailing of as she try to finish what she was doing. It was only 30 minutes before that person got here.

Tale didn't know it yet but she needed a little spark in her life, and she was going to help her find it, and fan!

"I'm done! OMG it's beautiful" tale exclaimed clapping her hands as she stood back to watch her creation.

Precious smiled from the kitchen...

Tale had cleaned an old wooden stool that stood only about 10 inches tall, she wanted the flowers to receive as much sunlight and air as possible and a corner of her living room by the window was perfect.

She hadn't changed out of her work clothes for the day yet as she wanted to sweat it all out. She just got out of the shower when she heard a knock.

Who could that be? Maybe another flower delivery, she should really invite Su Yan over. Soon.

"Do come in, she's in the shower" Precious smiled cunningly as she opened the door for Su Yan to come in.

He came in and saw a neatly set table for two. The roses he had got her gleaming at a corner. The red stood out but the vase made it even more unique.

"Thank you, Precious am i right"

"Yes, definitely, I'd go get her, we don't want her spending 72days in her towel" Precious said gesturing for him to sit down as she walked the corridor to the room!

"What the hell did you do!!!" struggling for calm, Tale kept pacing in her room with her towel tied around her body as she waited for her friend to explain!

"You can kill me later, but for now you have a date."
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    《Love, Tale》