Love, Tale
10 No ifs, No Buts, No coconuts
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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10 No ifs, No Buts, No coconuts

Okay, what just happened?

She was going to get back to this she thought as she set to clear her living room off the blankets and mat laid on the floor.

He joined her...

He helped her pick up the plates and spoons because he needed to concentrate on something other than her legs.

Other than her.

Curls danced around her face which made him ache to let her whole hair loose, he loved it that way. She looked so different from the girl in ill fitted work clothes that he first met.

"So what exactly are you doing in my house? She asked as soon as she was done dumping the mat and blanket on her room floor.

"Do i need an excuse to come see you"

"Oh, definitely you do, you can't just come over whenever you feel like, you aren't a part owner of my apartment. We can't be that close"

"Whatever the lady wants!" he wasn't used to stubborn women, he's never met a woman who didn't want him more than he wanted her.

"Thank you!" She felt like just won this round but not really as she felt contradicted, wasn't it earlier today she wished he would show up out of the blue. Hypocrite!

"So should i leave you be"

"Since you are here why not take something to drink, I'd say coke because that's what i have and the only thing i take" which she shouldn't be taking as she remembered the pain below her breastbone.

"I don't really..."

"Good sit down, stop being a chicken, I'd be right back" she cut him off as she walked back to her kitchen to get him a bottle.

Su Yan couldn't help but smile. She was really something worth sticking around for.

"I'd just like us to get to know each other better, on your terms of course, Su Yan said taking the bottle from her hands as she passed it to him.

Her voice was mild when she spoke as she took a seat on same couch as him but with enough space between them.

"On my terms? No ifs, no buts, no coconuts?"

"Yes that!" He wasn't about to repeat after her.

"I think I'd take that deal, on one condition."

"That you would not be showing up at my house at anytime you please, it will give a lot of wrong impression especially since i work at a church"

"I agree to it." He replied smoothly.

"If we are going to be friends you should know, no small talks. No lies and no messing around!

He took a sip of the soft drink in his hand as he replied.

"Well you are in luck, i like all manner of talks. Large, small, business, meaningless. Why don't i start this session with telling you how I finally sealed a deal I've been working on".

"Good for you, what exactly is it that you do again?" she was sure she will keep forgetting.

"I build roads" he replied so casually.

The Zhang family was known all through out China, they had built roads through our most of the country at a time when the country was yet at the brink of development. They were called Gods, as people say they made ways in desserts. His great great grand father, Great elder Zhang Chan had started the business. He wasn't an educated man but he had a brain for business that everyone believed the four walls of a classroom would never do justice to. He was the definition of a self made man, and everyone of his children had expanded the business into other countries in the continent wasting no time as they took over. His family was made of wealth and have built it to sustain to his generation, it was his job as the sole heir to inherit everything to make sure that doesn't go down a drain. They could sit around doing nothing for the next 50 years and wouldn't lack a thing. He never dreamed of leaving China to a place in west Africa but he had been pushed. He had been buried under the money, glitz and glamour of his world all his life. He had fallen for a woman who he thought was going to complete his world and make everything right at a young age. But when that came crashing down, he left, returned and left again.

He needed to breath but he was a Zhang, so he came to a country with barely good roads, a slowly developing country to make a mark. A decision he made barely days before he left his home.

A decision that has led him to the woman who looked like a girl sitting in front of him.

Tale didn't know much about engineering so there wasn't much she could say on that.

"Good for you, I'm sure that civil engineering is an interesting field of work" she replied frowning at her lack of knowledge in that area.

"Its a family business but i have come to like it a lot"

"That's all that matters Su, as long as you are satisfied with what you got going on and pushing to be better, nothing else matters."

She said a lot but all he heard was his name rolling smoothly from those lips.

"I think I'm beginning to like you, Tale. You are an acquired taste although you do need to learn to dress though!

"That's quite a statement Mr Su, i feel like I'm falling in love with you already!

He laughed it was a masculine sound that appealed, however much she tried to convince herself otherwise.

"Yeah, i definitely like you. Why don't we expand this over a dinner sometime. Say, whenever you are free?"

For the simple reason that his company was easy to enjoy and didn't make her think of her lonely life she said "Yes, why not"

"OK good, I'd be leaving now. You look like you need a good night sleep" as he got to his feet. She rose.

"Thank you for the drink"

"You're welcome, friend! She didn't know why she laid that on.

He smile as he walked to the door. "I'll be in touch.

"You should, we are friends now!" OK calm down, she had to tell herself.

"Definitely ma'am"

"Good night Chicken"

"Good night. Bunny"

As he turned to his car, she noticed. The man looked good from all angles. Even the hidden scar on his face did him justice. A perfect beast he was.

God why me!
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    《Love, Tale》