Love, Tale
9 I whistled and you came running...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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9 I whistled and you came running...

That was going to change... Soon.

She got through the day as she always did. Disconnected to the people around her but focused on the job, she issued cheques, gave out cash, drew up the salary account for the month of November. By 5pm she was exhausted and hungry, she always forgot to eat and was beginning to develop ulcer. But she didn't want to tell anyone, for what good will it be to have anyone worry over her?

She checked her phone while putting away documents and leaving the office that there was no text. She was waiting on his message and she hated it. But what to do?

She go to the bus stop to take a cab when she heard a very familiar voice.

"In the mood for a friend, and food. While its still hot?" Precious said coming from behind her holding a familiar white bag that contained food.

The two friends stood at same height. Precious was the typical African woman, a lighter shade of brown skin color than Tale, she had quite the curvy gene. Her waist ran thin, she had a little tommy that she had been too lazy to work out on but her big butt took all the attention, it was well rounded and firm and she hid it as much as she can for she disliked the attention it drew her way. Like her best friend, her boobs were still in 8th grade but thank God for push up bra!

The A mall had the best and cheapest food in their area, and they were a regular, with pride!

"Definitely, always!" Tale replied smiling as she gave her friend a hug.

"You look a hot mess, when are you going to quit?" Tale gave her a side eye. Precious was the friend who would never let little things go. "I will when i do"

"I don't have to be pregnant to smell that load of lie, when is soon?"

"Next year perhaps, no one quits in December, its a season to be Merry and definitely not broke don't you think"

"So you're saying January"

"Maybe, but you know how January's can be, so long and lonely and expenses seem to double...."

"Yes and st Valentine's was killed in February so thou must love thy neighbor as thou loveth thyself" Precious replied rolling her eyes.

"Well yeah!"

"Girl, you are killing yourself" Precious said as a cab pulled in front of them. They got in.

"Where to Madam?" He said looking at Tale.

She wasn't going to think about it. "Forces avenue, and we are dropping(1) the ride" She couldn't handle other passengers.

36 minutes later...

They got home and she changed out of her regular work clothes into an oversized sweatshirt and a short, her curls were in a loose bun and she couldn't be bothered about her glasses. She laid out a mat in front of the TV as she put it on and set it on mute, who watched TV these days anyway, with two blankets for the both of them. Precious took time to set the food on a tray and brought it over. She had gotten her favorite, Jollof (2)rice and Fried Chicken with some coleslaw and a huge bottle of water and a bowl of mixed fresh fruits.

As they sat down to devour everything.

"You got water today? wow, times are changing!"

"Don't think i don't know you aren't eating well and right, you need more water and food than coke and junk snacks"

"Well call me when you and i are officially proclaimed lost twins who found their way to each other!" tale replied as she took her position on the mat and started down the food.

"So! spill the tea!"

"Can we at least eat a bit before you shoot at me with questions?"

"We can"

"Thank you..."

"But i won't, so spill"

"Price i pay for free dinner, okay where do i start"

"From how you met, to how hot he is, to how many kids you plan to have and then the wedding and how you plan on taking me along the honeymoon..."

"Ha! We..." she wasn't sure what they were yet, it was like a game of hide and seek.

"We met at the City mall, he was going to take my chicken..."

"Your chicken? Are you giving it out at the mall now?" precious asked laughing.

"You know what i meant" as she laughed as well. No matter what precious did or said, she couldn't ever get pissed at her. And so she related everything that had happen to her friend. By the time the big question dropped they had almost cleared their plates.

"So where is he from, you say he's ruggedly handsome so I'm guessing the East or definitely the West"


"The north?" Precious asked with eyes wide open. "Girl, you going for the big guns" she said as she slapped her friends hand

"Actually, I don't know what guns you are talking about but its um, China. You know like Asia. One of the other 6 continents in the world" Tale replied as she slowly stopped feeling the effect of the AC.

"What!" precious blinked surprised "You having it hot for a Kung Fu master, i knew letting you watch Kung Fu Panda was going to have an effect on you" She joked.

Tale had not processed what her friend just said

"Why do i feel attacked"

"You are dating an Asian guy?"

"Well, technically no, we only just met and we are barely even friends"

"Do you like him?" Tale responded by trying to stuff a chicken wing in her mouth.

"Omg, you like him"

"I don't know what i like, he's been nice and he makes me smile and angry at the same time."

"uh uh, so you like him"





"Yes. I mean no! Gosh, will you stop. I don't know what i like"

"Well i do. I know what you love. You love country music and some other weird kind of music and rice, chicken, and hope that someday you would find a love that feels like summer and just recently a dangerously, ruggedly handsome Asian guy who I'm sure you like joined the list but as usual you are in denial"

"I'm not in denial."

"Honey, that wasn't a question." she drew close to her best friend then. "You know love always breaks boundaries, always!"

"I know. But I'm not in love yet!"

"Now we are getting somewhere"


"You said, not in love yet', that means you want to be in love and the universe has heard that, so get ready!

"So you think I'm going to fall for Su Yan?"

"That's his name? Well it sure sounds good for a wedding hashtag" precious replied gesturing with her hands. Tale laughed loud.

"Someone else deserves to know the real you too, not just me! coz girl let me tell you now, i am straight as a ruler and forever will be!"

"Gosh, how did we become friends again?" tale asked

"You came crawling"

"Don't kid yourself, i whistled and you came running" and they both laughed.

Knock knock.

It was 7.48pm. Who could that be?

"Aren't you going to go answer?"

"I know nobody"

"Fine, I'd answer it"

"shut up" Tale said as she rose up to go answer it.

Su Yan had heard enough to make him smile, and from a secret place in his heart he felt happiness. He was going to turn but he missed that face and he had good news that he had been wanting to share with her.

So he knocked.

"Su Yan!" he came as he pleased didn't he! she blinked then turned back to look at her best friend then back at the devil at the door.

"Hello, i was around the neighborhood and felt like i should stop over"

"That's a lie" she stated.

He nodded in agreement.

"Should i leave?"

"No!" Precious yelled from behind! "Tale don't be rude, let the man in." she continued as she walked to the door and held it open for him to walk in.

Where were true friends when you need em? Tale thought.

"Oh thank you." Su Yan replied as he stepped in, filling her house, again.

"I'm Precious, Tales best friend and only friend because she's too lazy to go out and meet another"

He smiled as he extended his hands to her for a shake "I'm Su Yan, probably the new friend that's going to give you the break you deserve."

"Thank you!" Precious replied placing a hand on her chest as a sign of relief.

What was happening! Tale was confused at how fast things were moving.

"So I'm leaving because its super late"

"its only 7.49pm" tale queried

"its my word against yours, see you in court! it was nice to meet you again Su."

Precious found her cross shoulder bag and her phone and gave her friend a hug while she whispered into her ear. "He's so hot! Ask him if he has a brother, love you and have fun!" Without given Tale a moment to reply, she said good night and was out the door!

Okay what just happened!
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    《Love, Tale》