Love, Tale
8 I love you. Get a man. Quit your job. Live your best life...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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8 I love you. Get a man. Quit your job. Live your best life...

It was 5.30am on Monday morning and the 1st day of December. Work has never been Tale happy place but bills had to be paid so she dragged herself out of bed to get ready for work. She walked to the living room and laid on her couch, she was deadass trying to get a 10 minute nap.

He crossed her mind, she would have liked to talk to him but she recalled he had forced his way into her life and she had forgotten the simple act of exchanging numbers. A little part of her wished he'd show up at her front door again, ah, what a dreamer i am.

Beep. Beep.

It was a norm that her contacts remembered her every 1st of a new month so she would get to it later. The nap wasn't ready to take her so she set to prepare for work.

G.R.A phase 2... Same Time

He was fighting tooth and nail to not call her and he had gone only one day, it was a difficulty that only made him upset. Yet he thought of her. Odder still, he had dreamt of her. He couldn't remember all of it but that feel of soft skin, slim body with soft curves under his hands, big brown eyes staring into his.

It left him uncomfortable and helpless and he never did helpless.

He struggled to think of something else, the contract he was finally going to close that day. He was the first of his family in generations to leave China and to try to work with an African government and he was determined to make it the right move.

He decided lying awake trying to make sense of what was wrong with him was not going to get him anything good. He entered his bathroom, as he lathered up to give himself a shave, he thought of Tale again.

He nicked his chin with the razor and decided there and then it was Tales' fault he wasn't paying attention. He didn't have time for a stubborn number cruncher, he had work to do.

But sending a text wouldn't hurt, so he did.

It was 7.30am before Su Yan was ready, dressed in a dark blue suit. He came down stairs to find Woo Jin reading the morning newspaper and having tea. They had gotten used to Nigerian tea which was an easy transition.

"What's my schedule for today?" Su Yan asked as he set to make himself a cup of tea. It took him a while to learn how to do that.

"What am i now, your personal assistant" Woo Jin replied closing the paper.

"Well, technically you gave yourself that job" Woo Jin was his bodyguard but first his best friend and that was the only reason he had agreed to have him travel across a continent with him.

"Are you going to talk about her? you owe me!" Woo Jin was dying to know

"Like i said she's a friend, and i like her" he replied taking the newspaper

"Of course you do, you saw her two days in a row, that never happens and worse! You smiled at her" he wasn't about to let that go.

"I do smile" Su Yan replied in defense.

"Not in years bro, not in years" Woo Jin answered. Su Yan shrugged.

"So what now?"

"Now, we get to work"

"Don't play dumb, you are fine as long as it doesn't get serious but if you are thinking or even considering being serious for a second with this girl. For one your mum will kill me, two you will be facing Hades as I'm sure your mum will have him summoned."

"She's not mine. he replied with no expression on his face. "Yet." he completed in his mind

Beep. Beep. His phone rang out.

*"Happy new month to you too, thank you. Not to be rude but who is this? Have a lovely day ahead."*

It was so her, the corner of his mouth curved a little as he read the text.

"Oh she's got you." Woo Jin smiled shaking his head as he stood up to go wait for his friend as he felt he needed a minute.

*"Su Yan"*

He felt like if he typed more, she would see how he felt. Phone tucked in his suit pocket he took his last sip of tea and walked out.

He got behind the wheels with his friend as they headed to the Government house.

Beep. Beep.

"What are you pulling over for?" a startled Woo Jin asked.

"You drive" Su Yan replied as he got down to the other side.

"Man, you are getting crazy" he got himself dragged out when he wasn't fast enough.

When did he become the third wheel all of a sudden. Life wasn't fair after all.

*"You chicken! i didn't give you my number, how did you get my number?"*

Chicken? she was different alright. Most girls he met dare not call him anything other than his name, he always thought they behaved like a trained dog bred only for his approval and what they felt his taste was. Only one had come close to his heart and she had saw him as a prize, a trophy. He was afterall one of Chinas eligible bachelors, a title that he hated and didn't care for.

Woo Jin who was driving now was trying to get a glimpse of the text to no avail.

"What is going on?"

"I don't know but my dearest friend, i'm sure I'm going to find out soon."

*"I stole it. Sue me..." what was he going to call her... "bunny"* he typed in reply as satisfaction washed over him.

"You are lost man" his best friend replied more anxious to see how this play out.

"I know, i can't wait to be found"

Beep. Beep.

*"Oh It's on! I'm at work now so have a wonderful day ahead"*

He wasn't going to let this end, not without finding out what is was. He decided as kept his phone back in his pocket.

Her ride to the office was boring as hell. So she always had her headphones on even when no music played, but today was different. She liked the cute text, she liked that he had taken her number without her notice. She was at the gate of the church when she sent the last text.

Beep. Beep.

She opened the text fast without looking

*"Bit*h happy new month. I love you. Get a man. Quit your job. Live your best life."*

Precious, how she was allowed to the educational sector, she would never know but she deserved all the good things in her life.

She smiled as she saw the truth in that text, so she replied.

*"I'm on it...Bit*h. Happy new month!"*

An accountant in a church wasn't for her. She knew so from the first day she got the job...but it made her parents happy and paid her bills. The only person that knew how she truly felt was her best friend. What had she done about it? Settled, she hates to hurt those she cared about and for them she would settle.

That was going to change... Soon
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    《Love, Tale》