Love, Tale
5 oh gee mama!!!
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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5 oh gee mama!!!

...oh he's got nerves, she'd give him that

He walked in to see her house in a mess, he never did chores as he grew up with lots of help around the house. Even his time in America he had two help assigned to him. This was truly his first time being independent of that and he had a hard time doing anything at all.

His mind went back to the woman/girl who was probably killing him in her head right about now so he turned. She looked flushed and outright beautiful and small, her glasses were out of the way again. He could see the color of her skin more clearly now, it was like dark chocolate, and the pink lounge wear she wore complimented that, her hair was out of the way and he could see her neck were slender, his eyes traveled downwards and the soft rise of her chest was enough to think of how he wanted her bundled up back to his apartment, her waist was smaller than he thought it would be and...

"You know It's rude to stare, you pervert! What are you even doing here" she said in one breath

"It's too early for a visit on a Saturday, I need you to leave as I have a lot to do, Go now!" her hands swinging.

"No" he replied. she was exhausted already "What do you mean no, hey this is my house and I have work to do Mister"

"I came to help" he said setting the bag filled with food down.

"How did you even get here?"

"I drove" he replied as he picked up the broom she had dropped to answer the door.

"Well where do i start" he asked as he smiled at her. Damn him! Who did he think he was!

"You are starting nowhere" she insisted. "I have a lot to do and I am sure you can't handle it as you would be bored out of your mind sitting by yourself" she was talking a lot again. she has said so many words to this man in less than 24 hours than she has to her boss for that whole week.

"I'm not going anywhere, I came to help" he said finally removing the jacket he wore to prove his honesty.

"Wow!!! Tale exclaimed in her mind as she could see his arms up close, the thin fabric clinging to his chest clearly calved out his body and muscle and it led to a lean waist! Her mouth was dry!

This can't end well for her now can it. What was she saying before now? She couldn't recall.

"Where do i start?" he asked again.

"Since you want to do this you have to start in the kitchen." the less she saw him the better for her sanity.

"Follow me" she said as she turned her back to him, he knew his life wasn't going to remain the same ever again! How was she this curvy but slim, He really was a pervert.

"I'm sure you are smart, prove it, look around, figure out what needs to be done and get it done" she said as she turned to face him. He seemed distracted, "Are you listening to me?" she asked snapping her thin fingers at him.

"So get to work Su and please take your time"

she said as she clapped and walked back to the living room. It was filled with the smell of freshly baked foods. She could not remember the time anyone got her anything so she smiled in her heart as she carefully dropped the bag on the dining as she was done cleaning that area.

25 minutes later...

She had her head buried under her center table as she wiped clean the second layer of it.

"Okay you got me, what do i do with..." Su Yan stopped in his tracks. She on her knees and bent forward, screw a city full of lights, this was the view right here. He felt stirred to his bones.

"What?" she replied coming out from under the table, after this, she was done with chores for the week to come. He held up what was giving him concern, it was a pot that was covered in two layers of charcoal. He looked amazing as her gaze wasn't on the pot.

She stood and followed him to the kitchen to find out he had done quite well cleaning the kitchen so it was only the pot that was left.

"I used a local stove to cook that's why its all black, I'd scrub it myself" she said as she tried to reach for it.

"No, let me" Su Yan replied as he walked to the sink.

"Oh okay, well let me get you something that would help it get clean faster" she climbed the stool she kept in a corner to reach for the soap her mom had made for her for situations like this. She wasn't sure where luck failed her as she tripped and was prepared to fall for the second time that morning.

The next second she was however in the strongest arms she had ever felt in her life as she clung the soap to her chest trying to steady her breath.

She let her gaze meet his and she drank him in, the clean harsh lines of his face, his firm lips and the scent of him filling her senses to the brim, she wasn't sure she wanted to come down from those arms too and it seemed like he heard her thoughts as he held on to her.

By sheer force of will Tale finally said

"Put me down" Su Yan hesitated a little before he did

"As you wish madam".

"Thank you. That would have been my second fall this morning."

"Sorry i wasn't there for the first" he replied. She smiled in return as she handed the soap to him.

"I'd finish up and take a quick shower so we can have breakfast" she said as she excused herself.

We are definitely getting somewhere as he reeled in her smile while he got to work.

In her room...

She had just gotten out of the shower and looking for an appropriate outfit to wear, all her clothes hugged her body at least the ones she wasn't allowed to wear out of her house She lived alone and had little to no visitors so she had the freedom to wear what she pleased within the walls of her home. Not anymore.

She reached for a black oversized boyfriend T-shirt she had gotten herself.

If you can't get a man, get a mans T-shirt and snuggle with. Since she only stood at 5'2inches the shirt covered her to her mid thigh and this would just have to do...

When she stepped out, he was already trying to set the table, how much he looked like he belonged here, he had no idea.

"You don't have to do that, let me" He ignored her as he finally laid out everything from the bag on the table. From sausages to sugar coated bread sticks and bacon, with some slices of white bread and some omelette with butter and then tea. She could only watch and when he was done, he drew out a chair for her trying not to notice how good she looked in what she wore and grateful she wasn't wearing her glasses, the girl could wear a trash bag and would still turn him...

She smiled as she sat down

"Thank you"

"Not a problem, let's eat" he said as he picked up his spoon to layer butter on his bread.

"Cheers" she said holding her spoon to him, he was confused. "Raise your spoon, go on" she urged him.

He did and she clinked her spoon to his. He got it now, and he liked it.

His phone rang, and he slowly picked it up

"Where the hell are you? Woo Jin asked almost furious

"Having breakfast" Su Yan replied.

"Last night you had dinner and now breakfast, what's next lunch?" Woo Bin was giving himself a nervous breakdown.

"I'd see you when i see you, bye" Su Yan said cutting the call.

"Your girlfriend?" Tale asked while pretending to be focused on trying to cut out a piece of sugar coated bread stick.

"Not at all. Single." He replied leaving no room for argument or doubt and that was something she was starting to feel happy about!

"Oh gee mama! What is happening to me" she said stuffing her mouth with food.
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    《Love, Tale》