Love, Tale
4 And temptation came knocking...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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4 And temptation came knocking...

He looked like sin...

"Well I'd be leaving, I'm sure we will do this some other time"

"Absolutely not, but thank you for joining me for dinner" she said as she walked to the door trying to get him to leave.

"Oh, we will see about that" he replied as he finally followed her to the door.

Nigeria was more than a diverse country with over 100 different dialects and culture, the people were even more different to one another in their own way but none had spiked his interest, until her. He needed to find out why.

"I'd see you off but no, I'm sure you know the way to your car" she said looking up at his face, maybe for one last time. Yep, it was still perfect.

"I sure do, sleep well tonight Tale" he said as he flashed white perfect teeth at her again. "Damn! He is doing this on purpose, he has to be" she thought.

"Yes good night" she replied looking away. She was dark skin but she was sure at this point some redness would be making their way to her cheeks right about now.

He made his way out and to his car, hopefully out of her life... She wasn't sure she could handle anything more than the stressful life she was leading. She didn't even have the time for all the nervous break down she deserved.

She cleaned out the table and her kitchen before she went to have another shower as she felt her soul needed it.

She thought she was going to sleep perfectly tonight as she had felt tired. She was wrong.

New Government Residential Area Phase 2...

Su Yan pulled into the estate as the security greeted him and opened the gate for him. The estate housed 90% foreigners that came into the country for a jobs and for that it was built in a very standard form, it was so beautiful, perfect lawns, perfect little streets connecting all houses, the street lights could blind someone but it was a good place to stay and it was safe.

The security had never seen him come back this late so their surprise was well registered. As far as they knew, Sir Su Yan was not human, the man never smiled, he never talked. The most they had ever heard him say was "thank you" and that was when a delivery company had a package for him. To them he was unapproachable.

He pulled in front of his building just as a man walked out of the front door with a worried look on his face.

He spoke Chinese.

"Where have you been?" He questioned

"Out to dinner" Su Yan replied coming out of his car

"You went to get grocery" Woo Jin replied even more upset.

Su Yan finally recalled, he completely forgot about that, damn! He walked back to the car and looked at his best friend in the whole world.

"Are you going to help or not?" he said raising perfectly winged brows at him.

"You have some explaining to do!"

"I had dinner with a friend" he replied again like it was nothing as he carried the bags inside the house with Woo Bin tailing him with his jaw on the ground.

"I'm sorry, what? Are there aliens walking around the country now?" he was still in a surprise state.

Woo Jin knew his friend, he never gives anyone a chance to get close to him.

Su Yan had been a weak child growing up and got bullied in school, Woo Jin had been the opposite and had always been the one to save Su Yan and protect him from anyone trying to hurt him, their friendship just sort of happened but it was built on trust. 25 years later, he's here in a country far away from theirs still protecting him.

Woo Jin was the only son and child of the Woo family, they owned the biggest and best security agency in all of China. No one dared cross his family's path as they had a very strong influence. They were trusted to protect ministers, socialites and people in the high ups but they were not slow to protect their own from the world.

Woo Jin stood at 5'8, he had shaved his hair before leaving China because he was crazy as Su Yan liked to remind him. He didn't look as scary as Su Yan did but his icy blue eyes always made people flinch. He worked out a lot and liked to show it off.

"Maybe" Su Yan replied as he took to stocking the fridge. He had refused any servant when he was coming here.

No matter how many times his twin sister and his mom insisted, it was pointless as he was never easily convinced. Woo Jin was finding it hard to comprehend.

"It's a new friend I met tonight, she offered to treat me to dinner and i couldn't refuse since you suck at cooking"

Su Yan replied leaving Woo Jin worse off. He wasn't going to tell him he instigated the dinner because he was sure Woo Jin will place a call to China the minute he hears that. "You met a woman, a human woman and in one night you went out to dinner with her?"

Su Yan nodded, the truth would probably give him a heart attack so he best leave it at this.

"Are you sick?" woo Jin finally asked. "Tell me, who is she?" Is she from China, what family does she belong to? When do i meet this mysterious woman" he continued.

He kept prying.

"You talk a lot, i'm going to bed" Su Yan said as he started walking up the stairs.

"Are you really not going to tell me anything, I need to know!" Woo Jin kept yelling but the sound of his friends door shutting made him silent.

He was going to have a heart attack at 30 and not from a woman! He finally gave up as he walked to his room.

The next morning... 8.00am.

Tale didn't remember what she dreamed of but she woke up smiling and this wasn't her, she usually woke up sad and pissed at the world.

No time to ponder as she rolled off from the bed and found herself on the floor. She winced in pain, she had no idea she was on the edge of the bed. She finally stood up after what felt like forever, she had chores to do.

She took a cold shower and changed into a perfect long sleeved lounge wear, it hugged her soft curves well and was soft against her skin. She didn't need her glasses today as she wrapped her full brown curls into a bun.

"OK, let's do this" she said to herself in the mirror of her bathroom as she set about her day.

She had just finished her laundry and was to start off dusting and cleaning the entire apartment, everything was out of place as she usually did before she could arrange it in a way that suite her the day.

She was sweeping off the dust under the couch when he crossed her mind... Those eyes, that perfect lips, those hands, it would be nice to...

knock knock, the sound on her door brought her back.

"Who is it?" she called, She had sent a 'we need to talk' text to her best friend Precious, but she knew she wasn't going to bug her about what needed to be discussed as Precious knew her schedule even better than her.

The knock came again and this time a bit more loud. she looked at the clock hanging on her wall and realized it was only 10.35am, who didn't have chores to do this morning that could... knock knock

"I'm coming" it better not be my neighbour she murmured as she walked to the door. She opened the door and there he was, the devil himself.

She wasn't expecting him or anyone at all so she shut the door as quickly as she opened it to be sure she wasn't seeing things then she opened it again and he was still there but this time with confusion dancing on his face.

"Well, well, well, temptation came knocking" she said in her mind as she stood at the door waiting on him to explain himself.

"I brought breakfast" he said revealing what he was holding in his hand as he very gently pushed her aside and walked in.

oh he's got nerves, she'll give him that.
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    《Love, Tale》