Love, Tale
3 He looked like sin...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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3 He looked like sin...

Install she set up to cook a simple meal of rice and tomato sauce with fried chicken.

She was as fast as possible, she liked to cook and quite frankly eat a lot but nature was on her side as she had never gotten as fat as she should be with how much she ate and she has come to love it.

He couldn't help stealing a glance at her as she came out to set the table, her dining area was only differentiated from her living room by the way she arranged the furniture so he could see clearly what she looked like, the oversized T shirt only made her look more appealing. It couldn't hide the fact that her hips ran a little wider than expected since she was more on the skinny side. Her butt looked bigger than expected but it fit her body perfectly, and he could see her legs were quite straight and he liked it.

"Food is ready." Tale called out after she was done. She avoided coming to check on him while cooking and with good reason as he just had the guts to check her out without any shame!

Before he sat down she said "Before you eat, you should have in mind that the key to happiness is lower expectations."

"You seem to cook well" Su Yan said as he sat down at her dining chair that seemed to disappear under his size. She had liked the idea of her feet hanging off a chair when she sit and had designed her dining chairs to suit that, now she regretted it as she looked even smaller than her usual size compared to him.

"You haven't even tasted it yet, get ready to have your heart broken" she replied as she also sat down.

"I've had quite a bit of Nigerian food and I can say yours might be good" he replied ending the topic as he finally dug in.

Tale had been avoiding his face since the moment they met but now she could see clearly under her mini chandelier.

His face was well sculpted and all clear with a jawline to die for and It embodied the very essence of masculine beauty, he had a perfect forehead and his eyebrows were perfectly winged that they made her fingertips throb and made her a little jealous. The only place that held a little softness were his eyes, there were as dark as night but beautiful. His hair was midnight black and fell to one side of his face covering a scar she couldn't see yet.

Such a face did not belong to a man who was sweet but of one who commanded, demanded and took action. His lips were so fine and firm, it sent a seductive shiver down her spine. Men like this-- who looked like he did led women to sin... And into loosing their peace of mind.

"You know its rude to stare" he said when he felt he had allowed her have her fill.

"And you know you're weird." She replied.

God forbid i do this with anyone at all she thought.

"You don't like making new friends? he asked chewing and looking like he belonged in her house, in her life!

"I do, but not ones that follow me home and demand I make them dinner, on the first day of meeting them i mean who does that!"

"Well you just did" he said reminding her as he went for the bowl that held the fried chicken, he was so comfortable it scared her.

"Yes, because i was just waiting around the mall looking for a stranger to take home with me tonight, you made me do it!" she hadn't taken a spoon of food yet and she wasn't sure she even felt hunger.

The dream of coming home and having a quiet dinner by herself and snuggling up on the couch to her favorite movie was so far off as at this moment.

Sarcasm, he liked her already "I would stay a little longer but i have to go back home as I have a friend who would be terribly worried if I don't return in record time" he mentioned completely ignoring her last outburst.

He didn't know what he was doing either, but he sure as hell was going to find out.

Lips tightening, Tale nodded, the sooner he leaves the better.

"Good" she murmured as she took the first spoon of the food she wasn't too interested in anymore.

"So what would you like to know about me?" he asked going for the bowl of chicken again! She didn't mind since she wasn't eating at all.

"Where are you from and what do you do?

"China, and i..."

"You are Chinese?" she said with surprise sitting on her tongue as she removed her glasses for the first time that day. There were a bit heavy for her but she was used to them now.

He saw her face now and it was simply beautiful, her eyes were a warm brown color, her lips were really full and held a promise of a really good kiss, her nose was a little wide and had a scar that was small one could easily miss it but it all made her more adorable.

Snap out of it he told himself "Why so surprised? Su Yan finally said

She wasn't about to tell him how strikingly handsome she found him so she said

"Well that's a long way from home. You must have something really important to do here."

She wasn't scared to talk, he liked her even more.

"Well, we all leave home one way or another" he said taking a drink of water. He was looked comfortable, the nerves on him.

Shaking herself out of the daze he was putting her in without even trying.

"So what do you do?"

"I'm an engineer" he replied as casual as possible, he wasn't going to tell her what he really did but he was truly an engineer.

"How old are you? she asked adjusting her glasses.

"Twenty nine, and i studied and lived in America for 8 years mostly to study hence why i can speak English" he said in a breath "Coz i figure that might be your next question" he completed.

"You are wrong, i was going to ask something different" she wasn't.

"Why are you in Nigeria then?"

"Work, Just work"

"How long have you been here?"

"Today makes it a year, happy 1 year anniversary to me" he said smiling and lifting his glass. She smiled.

Now we are getting somewhere he thought as his phone ringing pierced any thought he was about to start having.

"Hello, I'm safe and on my way" he answered not giving the person on the other end of the line a chance to speak. She wondered who it was, a girlfriend or wife perhaps!

"Well it's been eventful and really wonderful meeting you, i really have enjoyed myself tonight" he said as he prepared to stand. Enjoyment wasn't something one used to describe spending time with her as she usually was a boring goof ball but OK.

He stood up as she did too "boy was he tall, she thought, and those hands...

"Thank you"

"What?" she was trying hard to not be lost.

"I said thank you"

"Mmh oh yeah, sure why not, you're welcome, anytime" was it hot in here and she was rambling.

He looked like Sin!
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    《Love, Tale》