Love, Tale
2 A crazy stranger in the dark of night.
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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2 A crazy stranger in the dark of night.

...He smiled. She lost it...

Damn, i have to start going out more she thought in her head as she finally said looking at the chicken in his hand.

"It's mine, i had it first, I'm sorry for dropping it down again but i need it" she sounded calm now.

"What makes you think i don't need it more" he replied even more casual than she expected.

She frowned as she brain stormed and analyzed the situation unfolding.

"Well, too bad I'm not thinking of that nor do i need to think of why you need it more, its mine and if you would kindly drop it in my shopping cart, I'd be out of your face or hair or whatever expression works better for you" she had said so much and she knew it. This was how she was, especially when she meets someone new.

"Who said you are meeting someone new?" her mind replied. "Traitor" she thought back.

"I'd give it back on one condition"

"Why should I have to bargain, I owned it first, its mine"

Definitely stubborn he thought

"I'd join you for dinner" he finished, ignoring what she had just said.

"I'm sorry what, what!!! she scuffed.

"Aren't you cooking dinner? he asked with a little smile on his face.

Tale was still surprised as to what was really happening, was she dreaming?

No, no way all the stress she felt today was a dream.

"Live a little" her mind told her and she said "Okay, fine. I'd let you join me for dinner even if this might be the biggest mistake of both of our lives but since you think it is a good idea to have dinner with a stranger who could so easily poison you, lets do it" she was talking too much again.

"I can't wait" he said as he dropped the chicken he held into her cart and waited.

He was more shocked at his actions than she would ever be.

"What are you doing?"

"Waiting on you to lead the way miss" he replied holding his trolley filled with a lot of groceries.

She turned on her heels, forgetting the ice cream she had wanted to pick and walked to the cashier. Since he had a lot of groceries to pay for, she was sure he would spend at least 5 minutes to pay for it all and that would be her moment to escape.

So she walked out the mall as fast as her skinny legs could carry her to find out it was dark out. It was about to rain. She ran to the bus stop to wait on a taxi and her luck was nowhere on her side today as she stood under the shelter of the bus stop asking herself why did she have to argue with a stranger about chicken!

A black Rolls Royce pulled over and a man got out from the drivers seat with an umbrella and walked right to where she was standing, as he got close and closed the umbrella, she noticed he was the chicken man again.

"Where are we headed? he asked.

"Did you follow me?"

"No, following you will mean a lot of things I'm sure won't be good for us" he replied in same tone she had asked him

"What do you want?" she asked more seriously this time

"Dinner" he said and smiled a little.

That's the third smile in less than an hour, he was beginning to think something was definitely wrong with him.

He took the bag of groceries she was holding like a shield from her and took it to the car then came back for her.

"I'm sure your kitchen isn't here so unless you want to catch a really bad cold, we need to get going" Su Yan said as he opened the umbrella for her to get in.

Without another word she stubbornly came close and walked to the car with him as he opened the door to the front seat for her.

"I think I'm going crazy, Tale what if you get kidnapped or worse! But this car is a beauty though" she thought as he rounded the car and came in.

"So where do you stay?" he asked without looking at her

"Just drive, I'd direct you" she said fully sure he knew nowhere around, after all he was a foreigner and wouldn't know places. Especially if he was here on business. She was yet to find out how wrong she was.

This car was so nice she thought as she rested well into the car seat, she hadn't been in a car this nice in so long. She always ever used taxi and they were never comfortable but it was her life. She didn't even know how to drive even if she wanted to get a car, but this, this she loved.

"So I never got your name" Su Yan said pretending not to notice her relax so peaceful

"Coz I never gave it Sue Ying" she replied.

He was amused at how wrong and confident she was calling his name.

"its Su Yan"

"My name is Tale, pronounced Tah-leh, but you can simply call me Tale."

White teeth flashed at her before focusing on the road again as she finally noticed they were close to where she would give directions and she did.

"So you stay at Forces Avenue?" he said as he packed in front of her apartment building.

"you know this place?" she asked shocked. He wasn't entirely sure how her eyes looked but he wanted to see it badly, he would love to know why on earth he was in this position with a woman who looked like she had no regard for beauty.

"Yes and a few other places" he said helping her get her bag from the back seat.

They walked into her apartment and he was wowed!

"Did you hire an interior designer?" he asked impressed.

"Yes. Myself!" she said smiling.

"Sit down while i do what i have to do."

"This is yours" he said as he handed her a bag with ice cream in it. She looked at it and then at his chest as she really tried her best to avoid his face.

"Why?" she asked not believing someone can be that nice and thoughtful to her.

"Because you wanted it, but I'm sure you didn't remember dropping it." he guided her hands to take the bag from him and took a seat.

She turned on her heels and ran to the kitchen, she smiled as she opened up her fridge to put the ice cream in it.

She changed into an oversized red T-shirt and a leggings for the sake of the crazy stranger of a man in her living room in the dark of night as she set up to cook a simple meal of boiled rice and tomato sauce with fried chicken.
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    《Love, Tale》