Lightning Dragon God Douluo: - A Douluo Dalu Fanfic
105 Informing the truth to Rongrong
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Lightning Dragon God Douluo: - A Douluo Dalu Fanfic
Author :Evil_Dragon
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105 Informing the truth to Rongrong

As the dark lord was cooking up his own plan, Ryusei was returning back to the Shar Luo Inn, he had left Rongrong and Feng Cai'er alone for quite some time. He knew that he had to warn them for the organization's counter attack.

The Star Luo Inn seemed quite decorated due to some unknown reason, he didn't know the reason and was a little curious. He didn't hear about any festival in short term, so why the decoration.

He didn't think much for it and reached his room and saw Rongrong laying on the bed next to Feng Cai'er, both of them still in their casual clothes as Rongrong seemed to have a pen and paper in her hand.

From their position, Ryusei could faintly guess that Rongrong was teaching Feng Cai'er about how to write the language on Douluo Continent. It was natural that Feng Cai'er couldn't read or write the language as she was a Beast in human form.

Well, he still interrupted them as they tilted their heads and saw Ryusei standing out of the room. His smile caused the girls to feel a bit delighted as Rongrong threw away the pen and paper stood up on the floor.

She was quite happy to see Ryusei coming back, not only her but even Feng Cai'er was also happy. She missed him very much, Feng Cai'er wouldn't feel good if she wasn't near Ryusei. She had discussed this with Rongrong right now and didn't know what to do, Rongrong reasoned it out that Feng Cai'er loved Ryusei and wanted to spend more time with him.

Rongrong had noticed that the Inn was being decorated today, she knew that something special was going to happen today and thought that this was the perfect day for Feng Cai'er to have a date with Ryusei.

But she stopped herself as she noticed the worried expression on Ryusei's face, it seems as if he had some bad news and the date would have to wait. Well, she couldn't stop the excited Feng Cai'er to hug Ryusei.

Ryusei also hugged her back as he caressed her back with a slight smile on his face, he opened his eyes and stared into Rongrong's eyes. His eyes seemed to talk to Rongrong as she understood that he had something important to tell her, something that he didn't want Feng Cai'er to hear.

She was curious as to what can that be but controlled her curiosity, Ryusei also stopped talking to her through his eyes and let her hug. Feng Cai'er had a large smile on her face as she brought her face closer to him and kissed him on his lips.

He pulled her closer to him by pulling her from her back and kissed back, their tongue battled out as a faint aura seemed to surround them. Rongrong smiled a little as they had their intimate moment, she felt a bit happy that they were finally close or she would have felt guilty and pitiful for Feng Cai'er.

She didn't know why she wouldn't get jealous from Feng Cai'er, she was just so innocent, pure and kind, it was like she would never be able to do a bad thing. Ryusei looked at her with a loving expression as he asked her, "Go and take a bath. I can see that you haven't had a bath yet."

Feng Cai'er let out her tongue mischievously as she let out a giggling sound, "Big Brother Tian knows me the best. Alright, I will go and wash myself." She left Ryusei's room and went in Rongrong's room as her clothes were in that room.

Ryusei smiled a little as he was finally alone with Rongrong, he opened up his arms, and Rongrong jumped into his arms as they remained like that for a couple of minutes. The silence let them enjoy each other's embrace as Ryusei simply continued to stare at Rongrong.

Rongrong spoke up first, "Alright tell me, what did you want to talk about?" She was curious about the talk so she wanted to know about it as soon as possible, Ryusei simply smiled a little as he let her embrace and carried her in Princess Style, he put her down on the bed and sat next to her.

"This is gonna be a long talk so listen carefully." He informed her before he stared into her eyes so as to know her answer. Rongrong nodded as she moved on the bed and sat just next to Ryusei.

She kissed him on his cheek as she said in her soft voice, "Alright, I will listen carefully. Tell me, what is it about?" Ryusei touched the place where Rongrong kissed and remained blank for a couple of seconds.

He finally came back in real world as he started to speak, "Alright, the first thing is about Feng Cai'er. Her real form is that of a Phoenix…" He started to explain her of Feng Cai'er's past.

He didn't hold anything back and told her everything he knew, after some time, he started to reach the part of the Dark Lord and his organization, "… And the organization that nearly killed Feng Cai'er is the Phantom Brotherhood. I don't know much about the Organization or the leader but I know that the person is incredibly strong."

"And if the Phoenix was right then he must have a Nether Phoenix as his spirit, a very strong dark natured Spirit. That spirit is the result of mutation of his Nether Bird spirit when he took the Phoenix Blood in his body."

Rongrong remained silent for this whole time as she didn't imagine that Feng Cai'er had such a story behind her. But it didn't seem like Ryusei was done speaking, "And the thing is, I am gathering the information about this organization and I am going to hunt it down."

Rongrong's eyes widened as she heard him say that, she knew that was just the same as courting death as they still didn't have enough power. A full powered phoenix was suppressed by the organization, their power could be imagined.

This wasn't the power against which they could compete right now, they weren't so strong. Ryusei noticed the worry in her eyes as he continued to speak, "Today, I have destroyed their base, don't ask me how please."

Rongrong nodded but she was still curious, she did want to know about how he could destroy the base of the organization about whom he didn't even know much. Ryusei bitterly smiled as he couldn't just say that he implanted his Thunderfire Dragon in a persons' body and then exploded it.

Ryusei continued with his words, "So, I went to observe the destroyed base inn search of the clue against them that they might have left. There I found a spy observing the location and confused him with my Mirage Eyes. He thinks that it was Spirit Hall who had destroyed the base."

Rongrong remained silent as she heard his words, she knew the hatred that Ryusei had for the Spirit Hall, it didn't seem like it had lowered but had only increased. She could still see those flames of vengeance burning in his eyes, she did wonder what he would do when he sees a Spirit Hall member in front of his eyes.


Feng Cai'er finally washed up her body as she wore those new clothes that she had bought with her sister Rongrong. She re-entered the room and saw Ryusei and Rongrong sitting together in each other's embrace.

She puffed her mouth with air as she tried to be mad, "Hmph… So, Brother Tian wanted to be alone with Sister Rongrong." She made a pitiful face as she sat on the ground with a depressed expression, "I am so pitiful, nobody loves me."


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