Legend of Swordsman
2081 A Big Coincidence
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Legend of Swordsman
Author :Mr. Money
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2081 A Big Coincidence

Hua La La~~

The boundless Ancient God Power was bursting within Jian Wushuang, and with that came unprecedented pain.

Jian Wushuang's face darkened.

It was fortunate that he could resist the power of the three drops of blood essence bursting within him. If it were another person, he would have long exploded.

"Absorb as much as you want kiddo."

The Ancient God Emperor was laughing, his eyes sparkling. "Besides these three drops, I'll teach you one Secret Skill. This is my favourite one, one I learned years ago at the ruins of the Ancient Era. Took me ages to understand it. Lucky you."

With that, the Ancient God Emperor extended his palm, and smacked Jian Wushuang's forehead.


Information billowed towards Jian Wushuang. It contained many memories of how to use that skill.

Jian Wushuang himself recognised it immediately.

"Moon Picking Skill! It's the Moon Picking Skill!"

Jian Wushuang flinched.

The Moon Picking Skill was known as the strongest secret skill amongst the three big skills in the Ancient God Clan.

This skill, although formidable, had its limitations compared to the other two skills in Jian Wushuang's opinion. It felt controversial to call it "the top skill", because the Star Destruction Skill felt more useful.

But now, with this trove of information, Jian Wushuang finally understood why the Moon Picking Skill was the top skill in the Clan.

The Moon Picking Skill he had practiced in the past, was incomplete!

Yes, incomplete!

He had only grasped a bit of the Moon Picking Skill, what he could use was naturally only a small portion of the skills' true power.      

The true power of the Moon Picking Skill, was how the Ancient God Emperor emerged from the crowd as the best during the First Era.

Although the Ancient God Emperor was one of the strongest during the First Era, it was nothing to the experts and demons of the Ancient Era. He only thought of the Moon Picking Skill while amongst the ruins of the Ancient era, a pure coincidence.

Still, proudly, perfecting the Skill was the Ancient God Emperor's proudest moment.

The Skill may not have come from the Ancient Era, but it was certainly much more powerful than many that did!

The Skill was the real deal, and now the Ancient God Emperor was giving it to him.


The boundless information was streaming through Jian Wushuang's mind, along with that specific scene.

That scene showed usage of the Skill, and the key was the usage of the Power of Spacetime.

Jian Wushuang was completely stunned.

Specifically speaking, he was completely fascinated.

The Moon Plucking Skill, is a spacetime related skill, what it involved was deep and profound. When Jian Wushuang first arrived at the Ancient God Sanctuary and learned the Skill, as the ship went down he gained much understanding of spacetime.

Now, as he received the entire Skill, he felt the same.

His understanding of spacetime was always stuck at the pinnacle of the eighth level of Doctrine Palace, stuck at a plateau.

But now, he felt as though a brand new door had gradually opened in front of him.

If he took the time to understand more, the door would open completely, and he will be able to cross it.


What an opportunity of a lifetime!

Jian Wushuang immediately understood that, and naturally started to focus.

As he was absorbing the entire Moon Plucking Skill, he was also understanding the unique ways of spacetime powers, all while his body was cultivating the three drops of Ancient God Power.

All three actions were happening concurrently!

Weaker cultivators would find this impossible to accomplish, but not Almighty-level experts, they could do four if they wanted to.

As time passed, Jian Wushuang's Bloodline Power of the Ancient Clan was increasing, his aura now increasingly stronger.

His understanding of spacetime was also improving exponentially.

This happened for three days.

After three days, the Ancient Emperor's Residence finally went quiet.

At the residence's core, Jian Wushuang stood quietly, his Divine Power and aura finally calming down. His eyes were opened, and within it existed a concentrated, powerful light.

Those two streaks of light in his eyes were like lightning, sparkling.

Previously, there were only eight Ancient God Stars between his eyes. But now, there were nine!

The nine stars meant he had finally reached Nine-star Ancient God levels!!

A nine-star Ancient God, specifically a nine-star of the Ancient Clan!

This level meant he had reached Great Emperor levels amongst human Cultivators.

Reading these levels, it meant that Jian Wushuang's Ancient Clan Bloodline Power would undergo unprecedented changes, its explosive power would definitely be an improvement. This also meant that when Jian Wushuang performed the Ancient God Clan's Secret Skills and Unique Skills, he'd be more powerful than ever before.

His divine body had now also improved - not as ridiculously as when he jumped from the first stage of the Seventh step of Inverse Cultivation to the second stage, but equally significant.

This was all thanks to the complete absorption of the three drops of Ancient God blood essence. 

Along with learning the complete Moon Picking Skill!

During the skill imparting process, Jian Wushuang had also interacted with greater knowledge of spacetime. Now that the Moon Picking Skill had truly been imparted to him, he had also made improvements regarding his spacetime understanding, and reached ninth-level Doctrine Palace standards!!

The ninth level seemed close to the pinnacle of the eighth level, but were in fact miles apart.

Previously, Jian Wushuang had only had an advantage against other Great Emperors in terms of pure power, but not his understanding.

Every Great Emperor had a minimal ninth-level Doctrine Palace understanding, and now Jian Wushuang had finally caught up.

This step had caused a qualitative change in his overall power.

"Before I stepped into the Ancient Emperor's Grave, I was one of the top few Second Stage Great Emperors with the help of my Inverse Cultivation, Immemorial Celestial Body and more, but now…."

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    《Legend of Swordsman》