85 Mo Ren 1
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Author :neha_
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85 Mo Ren 1

While Jun Lan recovered rapidly, the color on Jun Ling's face drained, his face now pale and white like a ghost. He could feel his energy being sucked away at an alarming rate.

Currently, Jun Ling was using the first technique of the FengYu music steps to heal Jun Lan. This was a skill he learned in his past life, one which greatly helped him in times of danger. He had not mastered the skill back then and in both lives he was just a novice. He began to practice the technique of musical healing from the moment he regained the memories of his melancholic past life. The notes on the various techniques have been deeply ingrained into his brain so as long as he works diligently it would only be a matter of time before he becomes a heavenly musician, the highest level a FengYu musician can hope for. Only a few weeks had passed since he started working on them and he was not the genius who could advance to many levels after a single session of practice, he was just a normal musician. It was a given that he cannot perform even a simple technique over an extended period of time.

He had dared to use this technique under the assumption that his sister would recover in an instant. He dared to be confident only because she had no cultivation, thinking that she would require only a part of his qi, he unknowingly took an herculean task upon himself.

He underestimated his sister and overestimated himself.

Jun Lan's body was like a bottomless trench, hungry for energy and thirsty for power. She absorbed all the energy enveloping her, not leaving even a wisp behind.

Soon, beads of sweat formed on Jun Ling's forehead.

His body started to feel weak and his mind turned dizzy, but he could not afford to stop in middle.

There was no stop after one started the FengYu music healing process.

Music can both kill and heal, a single fluctuation in the note is enough to cause a massive destruction in the meridians. His sister had suffered great damage and he would not be the cause of suffering.

Just when he was inwardly panicking on how to maintain the pace, he heard an annoying voice in his mind.

'You can't even master the First technique? Tsk, Tsk...'

'Are you sure that you can cure her with your snail pace?'

'You act so mighty and arrogant before me, now you can't save your sister. What a joke!'

'Brat, I never thought that you are so weak.'

In the face of the taunts, Jun Ling did not bat an eye and the provoking voice in his mind did not bring even the tiniest of frown on his face.

Failing to extract any reaction from Jun Ling, the voice re-doubled his efforts 'If you continue like this, are you sure that you can save your precious little sister?'

'Shut up, you old ghost!' Jun Ling was displeased, anyone who curses his sister is an enemy.

'You mean a handsome old ghost, right?' An amused smug voice floated in Jun Ling's mind, he could almost imagine the narcissism in the old ghost's voice, one which he was used to.

'I need to concentrate, I don't have time to bicker with you...'

'You cannot save her, neither can your tailed fox. Only I can save her, let me take over your body.'

'Mo Ren! Are you planning to kill her?' Jun Ling almost lost control of his actions at the sudden declaration. No matter in which way he thought, the suggestion was outrageous in according to him.

'You cannot keep up much longer, don't harm her if you can't save her!'

Jun Ling knew the condition of his body the most, he was aware that he cannot go on for even an incense stick of time. Even so, he was not about to hand over the life of his sister to someone else. So, with a stubborn expression Jun Ling continued to play the zither.

'Being stubborn is not always good, especially in the matters of life and death. There is no medicine for regret!'

A frown appeared between Jun Ling's brows but his lips remained clipped.

'I dare not play with the life of your sister.' Mo Ren finally relented making Jun Ling's determination waver.

Mo Ren knew the saying 'Strike the Iron when it's hot.' So, without any hesitation he said 'If I cure her, you owe me one favor. If I fail, then you can harness my energy.'

Jun Ling's eyebrows rose at the statement, knowing Mo Ren's shrewd personality he would never propose to harness his energy unless he was sure about the results. Jun Ling's anxious heart calmed down, he how voice out his conditions.

'I will fulfill any of your condition only after...'

'I know, I know! I'm not that inconsiderate.' Mo Ren interjected in a annoyed tone.

Satisfied, Jun Ling closed his eyes, 'You can take over me now.', he said to Mo Ren. Very soon he felt his consciousness being sucked into darkness, he could no longer feel anything.

"Ah! It feels so good to feel again..." Mo Ren spoke as he took control of Jun Ling's body. Narrowing his blood red eyes, he observed Jun Lan who was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. The music had long stopped but what Jun Ling worried about the most did not happen. There were no fluctuations much less abnormalities in Jun Lan, she was peacefully sleeping without any traces of pain on her face.

"Tsk, the brat clearly underestimated his sister." Saying so, he lifted his hand towards her, his fingers poking her forehead. Black wisps of energy which closely resembled smoke spread out from his fingers which soon enveloped Jun Lan's petite body.

As soon as Jun Ling stopped playing music, Jun Lan felt the energy vortex around her disappear. She felt a loss of warmth but it did not cause her any discomfort. Just when she was about to succumb into a void of darkness, she felt something cold entering her energy. She could not recognize what it was but it was extremely cold yet soothing at the same time.

The surprising thing was that her body extremely loved that cold thing!

On the other side, Mo Ren glared at Jun Lan who was currently absorbing his demonic qi like an animal quenching it's thirst.

'It seems that I've underestimated her!' Mo Ren thought, his face sullen.

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