84 Blood Moon Tower 4
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Author :neha_
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84 Blood Moon Tower 4

Tian Wu almost wanted to laugh out loud on seeing the pure bafflement on Xiaye's face.

"I cast a corrosive spell on you all, by now your magic qi must have been sucked by it. Whatever those runes are for, it's now a total waste." Tian Wu enlightened the foolish fella.

Xiaye was still in a daze, he was wondering on how could a sorcerer be this strong?

No! A sorcerer cannot possibly flick away the blood mist ball with a single finger...

There was no doubt that the seemingly harmless old man is on a higher level than a sorcerer.

He never went wrong in reading the powers of others...

The old man masked his true aura.

But, how could that be?


Xiaye's eyes widened at the possibility which he thought of, as his heart pounded in fear he took a few steps back as if the distance could keep him safe from the old man before him.

"J-just who are you?" Xiaye was both curious and scared. Instead of answering his question, Tian Wu shook his head in disappointment.

"Tsk, tsk..., I thought that at least you will put up a decent fight. It seems that I expected a lot from you fellas..."

When Tian Wu tilted his head, he saw the men in the circular formations still chanting, completely unaware of their surroundings.

These dumb fellas, how did they manage to live all this time?

Taking pity for them, Tian Wu decided to kill them in one sweep.

With a single wave of his wand, blue flames consumed the men, their shrill cries reaching the zenith of the sky. Xiaye watched the destruction with utter terror, what scared him was their inability to harm even a strand of hair of Tian Wu.

"Y-ou, who exactly are you?" Xiaye stuttered.

Rubbing his long grey beard, Tian Wu smiled "I am someone everyone heard of, yet unknown. I am what they call as legends in the scrolls. Does that ring any bell?"

Xiaye almost shook his head but then he remembered something.

"How could that be?!"

As if answering his question, Tian Wu released his aura, unadulterated and unhindered.

Unable to face the strong aura, Xiaye collapsed on to the ground.

How could this be?

Aren't they supposed to be dead?

But, there's no mistaking this aura...

Numerous thoughts flashed in Xiaye's mind, but he had no strength to phrase them. All his questions were reflected in his eyes, the answers to which were hidden in Tian Wu's smile.

Raising his hand, Tian Wu pressed his thumb on to the space between Xiaye's brows.

"Soul purge..."

Black flames spread from Tian Wu enveloping Xiaye's form, not even his cries were heard as the flames melted down his flesh and bones into oblivion, all of this happened in the blink of an eye. All that remained was a white floating substance enveloped in flames— the white mist being the soul of the deceased Xiaye. Soon, the flames enveloped the soul forming a ball. As the flames continued to burn the soul, shrill ghastly sounds resounded the area, the cries closely resembling that of a ghost.

Soul Purge is the most deadliest curse that one can subject to a soul. The souls cursed by this spell will lose their ability to reincarnate and they are doomed to undergo various stages of torture, it was a never ending cycle.

With another wave of his hand, Tian Wu sent the flame ball to float high up in the air, stopping right before the gates of the Blood Moon Tower.

After appraising his work, Tian Wu left the Blood Moon Tower. He had wasted a lot of time and he was worried about the condition of his disciple.

As he thought of the uproar the flame ball is about to bring, a smile lit up his face.

It was high time all the pests realized that the protectors are not dead.

It was a warning for all of them to keep their actions in check.

He did not know why they attacked his disciple, but, this will be an enough warning for everyone to stay away from Jun Lan.

If someone dared to mess with those who were related to the protectors then it is akin to inviting their own death.


Jun Lan felt her body ache, it felt as if she was being crushed by a huge boulder. She tried to open her eyes but gave up after a serious of numerous struggles. Her body had stopped listening to her and a discomfort soon spread throughout her body.

Jun Ling narrowed his eyes at the sight of the frown which appeared on his sister's face. He wanted to erase that thing off her pale face.

Straightening himself on the couch, he took out a zither from his inter spatial ring.

The soft sound of the zither accompanied by the gentle breeze and the melodic chirping of the birds soon eased the frown of her face.

Though the girl seemed as if she was at peace, Jun Ling did not stop playing the instrument. His long, slender fingers glided across the strings, the melody strangely soothing to one's heart and soul.

Jun Lan who was dead asleep felt a stream of energy rushing towards her dantian, a warm feeling soon spread across her body, the pain no longer bothered her.

It's the spiritual qi!

In both of her lifetimes, this was the first time she was able to sense the qi!

Inwardly, Jun Lan screamed from excitement.

A surge of happiness burst out in her heart, controlling the excitement that threatened to bubble out Jun Lan concentrated on gathering as much as qi from the unknown source which was replenishing her. She could feel the warm energy rushing into her dantians, coursing through her meridians, quenching the long starved body.

It was not only her who benefited from this sudden intake of the energy. On her side was the unconscious fluffy who was now in the animal form. Being unable to bear the pain of separation, Fluffy had fainted. The energy which traveled through her provided strength to the unconscious fox and the fur on the Fluffy's body soon turned lush and soft, making him seem more fluffier than before.

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