83 Blood Moon Tower 3
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83 Blood Moon Tower 3

As soon as the men received the orders of their master, they split into numerous groups of five— four forming a protective circle around one person in the middle. After positioning themselves, the group of men in the circle formation started to chant while those who were within the formation stood still.

As the sounds of the chanting filled the air, faint red light began to envelop them, the intensity of the light gradually increasing with the pitch of their eerie incantation.

A protection shield, Tian Wu's eyelids twitched.

Did these fellas forget that they were still under the influence of his curse?

He began to wonder if these men were truly the members of the Blood Moon Tower.

Before he could sneer at their folly, Tian Wu realized that something was off.

The red light shielding the bodies of the men was no longer undergoing corrosion subjected by his curse. If only, the intensity of the light was increasing.

Did my magic lose it's touch?

Looking at his slightly wrinkled hands Tian Wu wondered. Though Tian Wu was shocked, it only lasted for a moment. He was inwardly excited that at least there was one single person who was worth his time. If there was someone who could block his curse, then today's fight was not going to end up in a complete slaughter. Well, it will eventually be a complete slaughter, but not in short amount of time.

After ascertaining that his previous curse spell was not effective, he used another. This time the fellas were not so lucky as a faint yellow light started to overtake the red light, albeit a bit slowly.

Xiaye who was observing his men from the shadows immediately instructed them.

"Protect yourselves with the blood armour!"

Following the orders of their master, the men changed their chants following which a red mist started to accumulate around their bodies, forming an impenetrable armor.

It was the blood armour!

Tian Wu's eyes shone with interest as he recognized the red mist.

The blood armor is truly impenetrable and even Tian Wu couldn't help but praise the original creator of this spell. As a sorcerer, he knew how difficult it was to create a new spell and so he respected the talented people, be they the practitioners of light magic or the dark arts.

Tian Wu had long been prepared for this blood armor, even so a tiny frown etched on his face.

What dissatisfied him is the low level of the dark magic and the weak armor. The armor barely covered their bodies and to see such a grand spell being put to such a shame truly infuriated him.

If the armor had been cast by a demon sorcerer, not even the greatest spell of his could break it.

But, now a simple mid level curse of his can break the low level blood armour.

He had wanted a challenge, but what greeted him is the exact opposite of that.

Tian Wu who had an unique respect towards the creator of the spell was truly pissed off this time. Though he wanted to smash them into a meat patty, he didn't do so as he formed a new plan in his twisted mind.

As such thoughts ran in his mind, Tian Wu cast another curse, one which drains away their magic qi. This was his signature spell, one which very few could detect. And one which he was sure that the man in the shadows could not counter.

He wanted to know what tricks would these men would resort to after feeling the depletion in their magic. A sly smile spread on his face as he imagined the fellas reactions later.

Why not play with them and see what other tricks they have up their sleeves?

In a laid back and relaxed posture, Tian Wu waited for the other party to go on with their plans.

The men who had no idea about the slyness of the old man before them were under the illusion that there were in the winning position. They mistook the silence of Tian Wu as the expression of defeat when it was actually the calm before a storm.

Not knowing that Tian Wu had already spun an inescapable trap, Xiaye proceeded with his plan.

"Start the Blood Magic Summon." He said, his words transmitted through the mind link.

While the persons standing in the circular formation slit their wrists open without any hesitation, those in the middle started to wave their wands as a series of runes started to appear on the ground. The same actions were performed by the other groups in tandem.

It's just a magic circle.

Tian Wu fought to stifle a yawn as he took in the other party's actions. The sight of the complex runes did not fluster him, truth be told even he was amazed by his level of patience today.

Maybe it is the sight of his heavily injured student, Tian Wu didn't want to finish these fellas in a jiffy. He wanted to take his sweet time and crack their skulls open.

But, these fellas were taking their sweet time in casting a simple spell...

Wanting to dispel the sleep which is making his eyes heavy, Tian Wu began to hum a song.

Xiaye who is secretly keeping an eye on Tian Wu felt his eye twitch at the sight. They were the most feared organization in the middle realm and no one dared to look down upon by anyone, the only exception being the old man before him. They looked as if they were the puppets controlled by a puppet master, Xiaye shook his head to dispel the ominous notion in his head.

The old man must be ignorant of the spell, he thought.

As the last rune appeared, Xiaye concluded the spell by saying "Blood Summon!"

Even after waiting for a few moments, nothing happened.

Before Xiaye could wonder what went wrong, a lazy sounding voice reached his ears.

"Little fella, did you think that you are hiding well?"

Stunned, Xiaye shot out a blood mist ball towards Tian Wu who was now standing behind him.

Tian Wu simply flicked away the blood mist ball, sporting a poker face he said "Little fella, did you think that I will be waiting for you to attack me?"

"And, what exactly are you chanting all this while? I almost passed out from sleep..."

This time, Xiaye almost fainted from anger.

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