81 Blood Moon Tower 2
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Author :neha_
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81 Blood Moon Tower 2

Middle Realm.

The murky grey of the sky casted on the atmosphere a look so gloomy that made the residents of the lands of the middle realm dispirited. The weather was far from rainy season, yet, the sun had abandoned them. In the times where people tended to believe in superstitions over reason, the sky of today can be considered as an evil omen.

For the people of Blood Moon Tower, who relied on blood magic, this applied even more. For them, the untimely change of the sky without their interference was truly a matter worth pondering over. It was their appearance which people considered as bad luck, but, today seemed different- It was as if they are cursed. They had not done anything like Demon rituals or Human sacrilege recently, so, the reason behind the sudden change in the skies baffled them greatly.

Xieye, the leader of the Blood Moon Tower stared through the circular window, the thoughts on his mind unknown. Covered in a hood which masked his features the expression on his ghastly face remained unraveled.

A deep sigh escaped from his lips as he turned his head away from the window and walked towards the carved mahogany table, where a red glass crystal ball lay undisturbed- It's semblance being close to dripping blood as it was illuminated under the faint light seeping through the muslin curtains around it.

Xieye flicked his fingers, a black mist, so thin like wisps of smoke spread from his fingers and enclosed the red crystal ball.

Moments later, the image of a man aged with time and wisdom appeared on the glass globe; the strange thing being, the man was moving in the direction of the Blood Moon Tower.

Today blood will be shed, that was all Xieye thought as he appraised the old man who was approaching them slowly but surely, a man who had secluded himself from the affairs of the mundane world.

So, why is he here today?

A deep frown appeared on the face hiding behind the hood as his mind inadvertently wandered towards the recent happenings. They had not provoked anyone, except trying to harm the person who almost disabled the Third prince, Wang Xiu- their main pawn.

Is the person related to this old sorcerer?

If so, then their Blood Moon Tower is going to face some severe damage.

"Prepare the men to be stationed outside the gates. Kill anyone other than the members of the Blood Moon Tower!" Xieye issued decisive orders through his mind link making the caped men to stand in their formations in the blink of an eye.

Even after issuing the orders, Xieye felt unsettled, his heart constantly reminding him that he had overlooked something important.

The answer soon knocked the doors of his rusted brain as he abruptly turned around to gaze at the same grey sky, only this time his gaze was terrifying.

The stinky old man had cursed them!

No wonder his mind worked slower than ever.

And, No wonder the sky draped a gloomy veil on them.

With narrowed eyes and clipped mouth, Xiaye stared at the image of Tian Wu who was currently standing before the gates of the Blood Moon Tower with a nonchalant look on his aged face, the look he hated the most.

Taking in a deep breath, Xiaye grabbed the wand resting on the stand as he prepared to go out all.

If he is going to die today, then he is going to take down the opponent with him.


Standing outside the lofty gates of the Blood Moon Tower was Tian Wu, who was observing the men who resembled the statues with disdain. The men were not able to see him as he used an invisibility spell on himself.

Imagining the chaos his surprise attacks would induce in the stoic men, a crazed smile appeared on Tian Wu's thin lips. He was called an eccentric man or to be precise, the eccentric sorcerer- The latter form of the address only known to a few.

Putting his thoughts into motion, Tian Wu waved his plain and bland wooden wand, his movements sending waves of Blue flames which instantly engulfed the troop who were stationed to block his arrival.

Painful cries soon reverberated throughout the vicinity of the Blood Moon Tower, the high pitched mournful cries sending waves of panic and terror in the hearts of the men inside the tower.

The men stationed on the other side of the gates of the Blood Moon Tower were long accustomed to stand for long periods of time with their ramrod backs and with their sharp senses which could even detect ants from miles away, were terrified as they found the bodies of their brothers being burnt away. They found it impossible to believe that they failed to detect an intruder who was currently attacking them from the shadows.

What's worse is that the flames are not the normal red spiritual flames, but blue flames which burns away the body to ashes and places a wandering curse on the souls- leaving no room for reincarnation or rebirth.

Those who were burnt by the blue flames are doomed to wander around aimlessly for all eternity.

There are not many who can produce and control such Blue flames, the flames which were known to be the most difficult to tame. They heard the tales of the men who could control such flames and dismissed of such baseless talks as legends.

Now, after the appearance of such flames right before their eyes devouring their brethren, they couldn't say the same and dismiss off the flames as an illusion. The flames were real, so were the cries of the burning men.

To say that they are scared would be an understatement. But, where was the room for retreat in a war of life and death?

The only option was to face death and welcome their doom with open arms.

Just when they steeled their hearts, they heard the ghastly voice of their master in their heads "Cast a blood shield on yourselves. The man is a sorcerer who you thought of as a legend, so leave your hopes of getting out alive."

The expressions on everyone's faces turned grave as the irrefutable truth slapped their faces hard.

In a grave yet sinister tone, Xiaye passed on his final instructions which were about to bring a series of changes in all the realms in the times to come.

"Use all the restricted spells without any restraint. We have to bring him down with us, else, the plans of our higher up's can be considered to be a failure sooner or later!"

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