80 Blood Moon Tower 1
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80 Blood Moon Tower 1

Now with Xu Zian in the fray, can they be called as a brand new team of reborn cannon-fodders?

As much as he is biased towards Xu Zian, Jun Ling couldn't forget the fact that the current Xu Zian was neither strong enough to protect Jun Lan nor romantically attached to her. Relying on such man to protect his little sister was totally out of options.

So, should he now take care of these two death seekers?

For the first time after his rebirth, Jun Ling felt completely hopeless.

Tian Wu noticed the lifeless expression on Jun Ling's face, not being able to dissect the reason behind such a sympathy evoking face, he simply stated his concerns "Since you've taken one of them, I will handle this guy."

Waking up from his dejected daze, Jun Ling scoffed "What? Will you now escort him back to his place safely?"

Faced with such blatant criticism, Tian Wu's visage displayed an awkward stifled smile for the first time.

'Such a poisonous mouth!' Sighing internally, Tian Wu continued speaking as if he was not affected by the young lad's words "I take it that you don't have any problem with me taking him away. I'm leaving my disciple in your precious care."

He was a dignified elder who was respected by all and he was not the one to bicker with some hot blooded youngster and placate him. Tian Wu knew that his methods are eccentric and the world called him eccentric for a solid reason, Ok?!

He had immediate concerns and he did not have the time to entertain the snarky lad who seemed to retort every word of his.

Dropping his generous remarks, Tian Wu disappeared from the place taking away the silhouette of Yujin with him in the process.

Jun Lan who was forgotten long ago was staring at her brother with a complicated expression, the exchange between Master Tian Wu and her brother made her review her three views of the world.

Was the old man truly a dignified master?

And, when did her brother turn so fearless ah!

Cool, totally cool!

Unaware of the tumult of thoughts and mad worship in her little brain, Jun Ling turned around with a dark face. "How come you accepted such a mad man as your master?"

Her master is a mad man?

Isn't her brother exaggerating? At most, her master can be considered a bit eccentric...

Wait~ Aren't they the same?

Shaking her head to get rid of such ridiculous thoughts, Jun Lan stated loudly "A master for once, is a father for a lifetime!"

"Fine! Convince yourself like that, I will care no more about you!"

"Brother, he is my master. Spare some respect ah!" Gritting her teeth, she accused him "How could you even think about not caring about me?"

Blinking her eyes rapidly, Jun Lan widened her eyes which seemed to accumulate tears spontaneously "It turns out that I am of no value in your heart..."

With a dangerous squint of his eyes, Jun Ling locked his gaze on the little pig who is faking her tears. Using a honey trap on her own brother, well, he had to admit that the girl had definitely improved as he found his anger dissipate in the blink of an eye.

In spite of knowing that it was all an act, Jun Ling's heart couldn't help but soften. He did not have the heart to chastise her any further. Then again, he scoffed at her shameless tactics.

If only he covered her face and her eyes completely, he wouldn't have been in this predicament.

A sly smile danced on his lazy lips, a smile so evil that sent shivers down Jun Lan's spine; the longer she stared at him, the creepier she felt.


Jun Lan felt as if a vortex of air enveloped her body and soon she found herself wrapped in a cloth which painted her view dark.

Sweeping his eyes up and down the figure of his mummified sister, Jun Ling felt a sense of achievement and accomplishment.


He had wrapped many layers of cloth around Jun Lan, making her cries indecipherable.

Inside the tight bandage, Jun Lan spewed a series of complaints to which she found no response of any sort.

Using his qi so as to make his words audible to the trapped pig, Jun Ling spoke humorously "Little Zhu-Zhu, it's been many years since I paraded you like this on the street ah! Let's recreate our childhood."

Oh no!

Recalling the time, when her brother wrapped the three year old her and displayed her on the streets as if she's an exotic object, Jun Lan's heart was instantly petrified.

She didn't have much pride left, why is her brother dead set on dissolving the last traces of her honor ah?

'Wuwuwu~ I'm not a three year old...' Jun Lan felt real tears brimming along the rims of her eyes.

Just when she was grieving over her actions, she heard a sentence which made Jun Lan almost wanting to slap herself for her earlier actions.

"If you had not used your honey trap, then you not have to suffer like this. I'm a reasonable person, Zhu-Zhu."

Reasonable, your head!

Just like that, ignoring the protesting cries of the 'mummy', Jun Ling carried her in his arms while humming a happy and pleasant tone.


In a desolate land, a man lay crouched on the ground with hands on his neck, his actions indicating that he is trying to spit out something.

"It's useless. I used the Red Scorpion pill on you." Tian Wu spoke nonchalantly as he played with the wooden staff in his hands.

Yujin who was trying his hard to purge the pill felt his courage and strength slip away, as soon as he heard the name 'Red Scorpion Pill.'

It was a pill which makes the taker follow the instructions of the master, to be precise the person who instilled the drug using their qi, without fail. There was no scope for disobedience!

"Tell me whom you work for?" Tian Wu asked, his uncaring attitude making it seem as if he's asking about some casual topics.

"Blood Moon Tower..." As the name escaped his lips involuntarily, an intense regret and guilt of betraying his master flashed in Yujin's eyes.

Blood Moon Tower?

The name was not unfamiliar to Tian Wu as it was one of the well feared organizations in the higher realms.

A cold glint passed in Tian Wu's eyes as he heard the name. He had not spared the men who had harmed Xu Zian, back then he personally obliterated their existence leaving only their ashes behind.

Initially, he had not thought of interfering in the matters of those power hungry people. But, since they had dared to hurt his little disciple, it's time he repaid the favor by a million times.

Blood Moon Tower, eh?

You should not have touched my disciple!

Flicking his sleeves, Tian Wu entered in his personal portal, leaving only a trail of wind behind.

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