79 Big Brother 2
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79 Big Brother 2

"Little Zhu-Zhu, come again. I didn't get what you are complaining about?"

Hearing the bare threat in her brother's breezy tone, Jun Lan felt an ominous rock settling on her heart. Popping her head out of the large coat, she cautiously observed her brother's handsome countenance, now painted with a deep frown.

She had touched a sore spot, hadn't she?, Rubbing her nose sheepishly, Jun Lan wondered.

When a person is speaking truth, there's no need to be afraid!

Encouraging herself as such, Jun Lan lifted her head, with a bright teasing smile, she taunted "It's once said that the ice beauty freezes all the blooming flowers around, his heart so cold that even the warm wisps of light cannot melt..."

Is she calling me an ice beauty? An ice beauty who disregards the affections of female population?

How could the word beauty be used to describe a man like him?

Why did he feel his sister turned dumber than her previous life?

Raising his brows at such thoughts, Jun Ling rolled his eyes as he mouthed a single word "Stupid!"

Did I sound that dumb?, The smile on Jun Lan's lips froze, making her entire being look funny and foolish.

Not able to take in her current 'stupid' appearance, Jun Ling shook his head helplessly before speaking "He is so cold, ice cold that he could protect the wilted flower hidden in his heart. In the presence of such an ethereal love, how could the passing by fragrance of the blooming flowers attract him? He freezes such fickle breezes, lest they contaminate his wilted flower. "

"If that's poetry, then I have to say that it sounded really bad..."

"Still, It's much better than yours..."

'And here he is calling me dumb, when in truth we both are the dumbest of all!' Jun Lan rolled her eyes in her heart as she began to counter his words with a renewed vigour.

As the pair of 'dumb' siblings continued to bicker with their poker faces, Tian Wu who was listening to their meaningless chatter in the shadows felt a headache descending on his temples. Why did he suddenly feel that his new disciple is going to bring him more troubles than Xu Zian?

As much as he had no idea about the identity of the man who rescued his disciple at the final moment, Tian Wu was not curious about his true identity. The unguarded expression of Jun Lan and the atmosphere of harmony between them was enough to tell him that they both are indeed familiar. The heavy murderous aura around the man was enough to tell him that he cared for his disciple a lot. Since the man took care of one pest, it's up to him to care of the other one who was staring at the duo in a bewildered daze.

He could easily kill the man, but, he would not do so.

A sly light passed through Tian Wu's sharp but aged eyes and a bright light shot out from his fingers as he stepped out of his hiding.

With his back faced towards Tian Wu, Jun Ling didn't notice anything. After all, he was immersed in teasing his little sister, so he did not pay any attention to the surroundings. He had long sensed another presence, but after deeming it as a friendly one he didn't spare any extra thought. As long as the person remains neutral, he could care less.

Jun Lan who was about to counter her brother's snide remarks, halted in the middle as she took notice of the old man who stepped out suddenly. She didn't know what the light could do, but, Yujin remained motionless as if frozen with time. Recognizing the old but regal man, a pleasant surprise flashed over Jun Lan's pretty face as she called out "Master!"

While the address made Tian Wu smile, it made Jun Ling face go dark with anger. Before the so called master could open his mouth, Jun Ling stood up abruptly, turning around he found himself accusing the other party regardless of age and hierarchy "You are her master, right? Isn't it your responsibility to protect her? Yet, you remained in the shadows watching her getting beaten up. Is the show to your liking?"

Jun Ling's words were not respectful in the least and one could clearly sense a clear but deep sarcasm in them. Tian Wu was not at all dissatisfied with the lad's words, in the contrary he was impressed by the fellow's courage to go against him.

Didn't the lad know who he was?, as the question surfaced in his mind, Tian Wu didn't hesitate to phrase it.

"You are Master Tian Wu." Jun Ling folded his hands across his chest, his whole demeanor giving off the vibe 'I don't care who you are!'

A ghost of smile spread across Tian Wu's lips as he asked, "What are you to my disciple?"

"I'm called Jun Ling, her elder brother by blood." Jun Ling cleared the old man's doubts, with a determined flash in his eyes, he declared "I don't accept you as her master!"

"Hahaha!" Tian Wu unexpectedly found himself laughing hard. Even after knowing who he was, the lad showed no trace of backing down.

Interesting, the lad was truly interesting!

Unknown to him, Tian Wu spoke in a lighter tone than before "It's not that I enjoy getting my disciples hurt, but, your sister had to learn a lesson. She has to realize the truth, that things don't go as we planned and that one miscalculated move can cost not only her life but those of her loved ones. I'm the same towards my other disciple, truth be told, I'm more ruthless towards him."

His other disciple?

A tall, imposing and less handsome than him image flashed in Jun Ling's mind.

It was only now that he suddenly remembered the image of the man who he felt indebted to.

Isn't the man surnamed Xu and called Zian?

The man cared for his sister from the shadows in the past life and for that Jun Ling will be eternally grateful to him.

Since, it was an unrequited love from the man's side, Jun Ling need not fear about his sister falling in love.

Even, if perchance she did, he could rest at ease, as long as the man was Xu Zian.

Alas! But, there are two sides of a coin.

If his sister was cannon-fodder numbered one and he was cannon-fodder numbered two, then Xu Zian can be called as cannon-fodder numbered three without a doubt!

And, now fate has placed two of the death attracting species under a master who was eccentric beyond repair!

Is this going to end up good or bad?

Just, what the heck is this game of fate!

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