77 Xu Zian“s Remorse
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77 Xu Zian“s Remorse

"Master, I need your help. My friend is in danger."

"Then why don't you rescue your so called friend?"

"My strength is not enough..." Gritting his teeth, Xu Zian continued "Else, I would never ask you for help!"

"Heh!" Tian Wu snorted, his eyes staring at Xu Zian with discontent.

"Brat! Aren't you ashamed of saying that you are not strong enough?" Tian Wu chided, "Nothing is more shameful than admitting that you are not strong enough to keep your family safe." the old man preached in a wise tone.

"I know." Xu Zian sighed. In a monotone voice, he continued "Master, you can lecture me to your heart's content later. Stop being difficult, she's in danger."

She?, Catching onto the main point, Tian Wu hurriedly started to dig in for the details.

"Who is the 'She' in question?"

Xu Zian who had left the fuming fox behind, was now standing with folded arms, glaring at the old man whose gossipy nature was now completely ignited. Scared that something might happen to the little thief, he had rushed for help all the way to his old master, the very man who he hated with a passion, the reason behind it was something which even he himself couldn't define.

It was not that he truly hated his master, but, he really could not bear the old man's shamelessness. His master's train of thoughts were always on a crooked track, similar to as of now.

How could the old man be fixated on a person's gender when their life is in danger?

"She is Jun Lan, a dear friend of mine."

Jun Lan?, On hearing the familiar name, a gentle yet tired smile blossomed on Tian Wu's wrinkled face.

"Hmm, she is a stubborn girl."

Listening to his master's judgement, Xu Zian nodded his head in response;the action totally being a subconscious reaction.

Yes, the girl was as stubborn as a mule!

But then, his actions halted in the middle and the expression on his face froze.

"How do you know her?" Xu Zian's voice trembled as waves of astonishment washed over his heart.

"Of course I know her, she is my disciple..."



When did this happen, and, how come I am not informed?!

Xu Zian did not realize that he let the last thought in his mind slip from his tongue, not until he heard his master's retort.

"Do I need your permission to accept a disciple?" Tian Wu rolled his eyes at his disciple who suddenly seemed to turn into a stupid fool.

Then, the little thief is my 'Junior Sister'?!


Why is this conversation turning side-tracked?

This old man!, Xu Zian glared at the nonchalant Tian Wu with clipped lips.

Not caring in the slightest at the blaming gaze that seemed to drill holes into him, Tian Wu spoke, his voice so calm that it made Xu Zian lose all his previous rebellious attitude "She had the chain I gifted with her, but, she did not call for my help."

It was only a simple statement, but, that had triggered the required emotions. All color drained from Xu Zian's handsome visage and it seemed as if he had aged by a thousand years, his slumped shoulders acting as a sign of his defeat.

"She suffered a single but serious injury. She is willing to endure the pain on her own, rather than seek my help."

After a momentary pause, Tian Wu sighed "She is the same as you..."

How could Xu Zian not understand his master's words...

When he was involved in a fight with those from the upper realms, he was beaten up and his body was battered and bruised beyond recognition. Even at the brink of exhaustion, he didn't contact his master for help. It was his fight and he wanted to fight on his own, and his master had obliged to his wishes.

His master Tian Wu would not interfere in any worldly affairs unless he was asked of, the rules being the same to even his personal disciples. He would only make an exception if they were near the death's door.

Lifting his head, he stared at his master who had no trace of worry on his face.

That nonchalance only meant one thing─ Jun Lan was safe, at least she was not near death.

He should feel happy and relaxed at this revelation, but why was he feeling the exact opposite?

Why is his heart in a pain which he never felt before?

And, why exactly is he ashamed of himself?

It must be because of his meager skills. If only was strong enough, he would not have been in this position─ Wanting to save her, but not having the capabilities to do so!

Not knowing where she was being held captive was the worst form of torture he had ever experienced.

Personally, Xu Zian dislike attention. He was tired of all the scheming and jealousy he attracted by his strength and prowess. He had thought that by staying weak and low key,no one would deliberately come to harm him. That was the reason why he stayed at a mere magician level, given his excellent grasping abilities. He felt that he was strong enough.

No, he was wrong!

His master had been advising him one thing from many years─ "True strength does not lie in staying weak, instead it is one's ability to mask their true potential, misleading everyone to believe that they are indeed weak."

He had been adamant about not following his master's advise before. And now, he did not have the ability to protect those close to him.

Xu Zian! What a fool you are!

Tian Wu observed the myriad of expressions flash on Xu Zian's face before a look of self-blame settled on him. His disciple had been truly enlightened this time, so, should he feel happy that his little disciple was kidnapped?

"She will not die, you can go now." Waving his hands, Tian Wu dismissed the dazed Xu Zian, then he closed his eyes and drifted his consciousness to the realm where Jun Lan was currently held captive.

"You..." Kai who had originally planned on intimidating her, was not able to say anything now.

Yujin, who was watching the entire drama on the sidelines was covered in cold sweat. He always thought that Kai was the most unfeeling of all in their troop. Everyone maintained a polite distance from the kid, who had a special penchant and thirst for blood and murder. No one dared to look straight into those dead eyes; the girl before him was the first to do so.

The girl who he had labelled as weak and frail was able to drive Kai speechless and blank.

Lowering his eyes to her wound, Yujin frowned. The wound was clearly a disturbing sight, if it was left out like that then she would surely faint from excessive blood loss.

They could not afford to let her die!

"Kai, come back!"

"We need her alive!"

Kai totally ignored Yujin's shouts of panic and the hidden urgency in them. He was still dazed by Jun Lan's tenacity and resoluteness. Though he quickly cleared the fog in his heart, his opinions were different from Yujin.

The girl before him did not fear pain. So, it would be a fool's errand to expect her to reveal her hidden cards in a way other than torture.

He was observing her for quite a long while─her lips were bloody and cracked, her pale jade like arms were trembling; all indicating her currently deteriorating strength.

She could not hold on for long and he was sure of that.

Maybe, if he hurt her further and make her pain unbearable, he would finally get her to spill the secrets.

With this lingering thoughts, he raised his hands to slap her hard.

In the shadows, Tian Wu who was in the soul form, moved forward to attack at the same time. He was the epitome of patience, but, he found his control snap the moment the ghoul like kid raised his hand at his disciple. He could sit back and watch them fight to death, but, he clearly loathed three actions─ slapping one's face, Grabbing someone by their hair and kicking someone's head. They were the most disrespectful actions towards anyone, be it a stranger or a foe.

"Kai!" Noticing Kai's merciless actions, Yujin moved forward to stop the crazy fellow.

Clearly, Kai's attack was faster and when Yujin cursed himself for being tardy, he witnessed something incredible.

Crack! Crack!

The sounds of breaking of bones sounded, making the bland atmosphere turn ghastly in an instant.

Halting in his tracks, Kai stared at the intruder with apprehension.

A few feet away from the place where Jun Lan was lying, Tian Wu paused his steps while staring at the young man who was currently crushing the ghoul like kid's bones with his bare hands.

With eyes as red as the scorching flames of the hell, the man stared down at Kai as he enunciated each and every syllable with a voice which screamed of murder and bloodshed "Is this the hand that hurt her?"


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