72 The New Lord of Phoenix Trading House 1
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72 The New Lord of Phoenix Trading House 1

When Xu Zian and Jun Lan were immersed in their own thoughts, a young man with a gloomy face made his way towards them. Irrespective of his dark aura, people stared at him in a daze. He was like a magnet attracting everyone's attention. The man was dressed in white robes and what appeared striking was his long silver which glimmered even under the faint sunlight. He seemed too beautiful to be real.

Hearing the audible gasps around her, Jun Lan turned around with a curious eyes. However, she felt her lips twitch as her eyes landed on a certain eye-catching specimen. For the first time in her life, she felt regret.

Yes, regret for sending this shining fox to steal!

Which thief would dress so beautifully?

Damn fox! He didn't even take care to disguise the silver hairs on his head.

Jun Lan's brows twisted exquisitely and she was contemplating if she should shave the fox's head or not. By this time, Fluffy reached her side and interrupted her thoughts with his ever complaining voice.

" You Devil! Mission accomplished!" dropping the basic courtesy, Fluffy addressed her as Devil. Initially, he wanted to respect her but after she forced him to commit robbery he felt resentment in his heart. The only way to sooth his grieving heart is to call her as Devil.

" Don't tell me you went into the palace like this?"

" I am not that stupid! It's only after coming out of palace did I resume my appearance. I have a sense of style and I like people appreciating my beauty, OK? Be happy that I didn't expose my tails and ears!"

This time it was not only Jun Lan, even Xu Zian was rendered speechless by Fluffy's words. It was his first time he saw someone as narcissist as this fox. In a way, Xu Zian felt consoled because this proved that he was not the only unlucky person to possess a weird beast. He realized that he had company.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the girls narrowed eyes. It was evident that she was controlling herself from punching the fox. He secretly glanced at Fluffy who turned silent after sensing the gloomy aura around Jun Lan.

Somehow, Xu Zian felt that this fox was much more tolerable than his Qilin.

And it was on the spot he made a decision, I.e; to rescue Fluffy from Jun Lan's wrath.

" Ahem! Little thief, let me take Fluffy with me. I will send him back after taking the books which I need."

" Fine. You can take him." Jun Lan nodded and turned to leave " I have some things to take care of. I will be leaving now."

To Fluffy, Xu Zian rescuing him was like an amnesty granted by the god of mercy. Finally, when Jun Lan's back disappeared from his view, he shot a grateful glance at Xu Zian. The latter simply nodded in understanding.

It was as if a comradeship was ignited between the two souls, even their steps matched in harmony as they left the place.


' Fluffy is one lucky brat! Good that he escaped from me, or else... Humph!' Jun Lan snorted in her mind and halted her tracks at the sight of the familiar trading house.

Though she managed to get hold of this place, it didn't mean that her problems are solved. It was only because of Fluffy's power that the trading house fell into her hands. It had nothing to do with her efforts and she was truly weak now.

And in the last match, Wang Xiu was no where near his full strength.What she faced was not equivalent to even one tenth of his power. He was only at the starting stage of his monstrous cultivation. After all, when she was locked inside the palace the man enrolled in a renowned cultivation academy and his name was known far and wide.

Even now she had no idea what was the name of that academy.

' I am pathetic, aren't I?'

' Even after rebirth, I only know the internal affairs of the palace. I am like a frog in the well who has no idea of how magnificent the outside world is.'

' Well, I don't care if I am ignorant of outside world. My main priority is to save my family.'

After stabilizing the stance of Jun family in Yan empire, she can go anywhere and do what she wanted. First and most important is to eliminate all the threats and take necessary measures for the Jun family to remain unaffected even in the face of future dangers.

Truth be told, she was really scared after rebirth.

She had many things on her mind and she was thinking hard to avoid mistakes, no matter how minute they may seem.

If not for Fluffy, she would never have the strength to confront Wang Xiu at present.

And Xu Zian...

He is powerful, his magical powers can be a testament to this fact. He was only seventeen and an user of magic!

Though he acted in a funny and carefree manner, she knew that there was more to him than what meets the eye. She knew that he is hiding many secrets but never thought of questioning him. Which person doesn't have secrets? She, herself was a mystery. So, the idea of him hiding things never bothered her.

Not only is he strong but he is also a good friend. He did not have any need to be around a weak person like her but he stayed with her all this time. She had no idea why he befriended her, but she was thankful. After all the pain she went through, she never thought that she would be able to believe in a person other than her family.

Surprisingly she made an exception and this time she hoped she did the right thing by trusting him.

Till now, he never showed any signs of distrust and Jun Lan decided to follow her heart; i.e; to believe in him.

Fluffy and Xu Zian are the ones she trusted the most now. But, there are things that cannot be shared even with them, things like her rebirth.

There was only person to whom she can share even the deepest fears of her soul- Jun Ling, her brother.

And now she was going to surprise this brother of hers by taking reins of this trading house completely.

With a determination in her eyes, she straightened her back and walked towards the entrance of trading house without any signs of faltering.

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