71 Their own worries
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71 Their own worries

Inside the tea house, Fu Han remained seated in the same position even after a long while. He was a flirtatious person by default and the people who are familiar to him shot worried glances at him once a while, his sombre look being somewhat unsettling. The questioning gazes of the shopkeeper and the waiters did not affect him in the slightest as his mind was nowhere near sane.

His present thoughts were like the waves of an ocean, never coming to a rest.

The prosperity of the Empire of Yan Country is due to it's four pillars, i.e; the clans of Ye, Nan, Cao and Jun. The Wang clan was at the top of the hierarchy due to the royal blood in their veins with the other clans having equal footing with no one greater than the other.

With the Wang's having an iron hold on the royal throne, the craftsman of the Ye family, the Strong business of the Nan family, the scholars of Cao family and the brave generals of the Jun family, the Yan country managed to maintain it's freedom without suffering the fate of becoming a vassal state to neighboring nations.

Thus, the Ye, Nan, Cao and Jun clans are given the status of primary clans, the other clans being secondary clans.

Nan Feng, Fu Han's father was a shrewd business man. His primary interest and long term goal is money. With many secondary clans aiming to take over the business, he had to maintain his vigil at all times and it is only by employing ruthless methods that the Nan clan was able to maintain it's position.

Who would expect that such a cold blooded man would fall in love with a common peasant girl. It was not an ill-fated romance for his father for the man could obtain anything he want. But, it was a cursed love for his mother as she was scorned by the society who knew nothing but to break others lives.

He was born out of a wed lock resulting in the world call his mother as a witch who seduced his father and whatnot. What was sad is that his father is the only man in her heart and life and she was one of his many women.

His early years of childhood passed without much difficulties. Everything changed when his father's entire place was burnt. That was the day he lost his parents, siblings and a home. It was his uncle who sheltered him and he was only a lost ten year old kid at that time. He blindly believed his uncle all this time, giving him the benefit of doubt.

Now the word 'What if?' was eating him away.

What if there is a hidden conspiracy behind his family's death?

What if his uncle was the one behind everything?

What if everything he believed till date turns out to be an illusion?

His thoughts were gnawing at him and his fears were tearing away the last thread of rationality in his mind. Call him insane for believing in a girl who never showed her face, but there was something in her that made him want to trust her unconditionally.

Fu Han closed his eyes and tapped the table with his fingers as he formulated a plan in his mind.

When he opened his eyes, there was a clarity in his eyes.

' I am going to find the truth, whatever it may be.'

And the person who lied to him is going to face his wrath, only time will tell if it's his uncle or Jun Lan.


On the other hand, Xu Zian's expression darkened as he heard the Qilin's squeals in his mind. He could never understand this fellow's excitement and his weird fetish for nick names. He wondered why he was so unlucky to get such a comedic divine beast.

When he learnt that his beast was a Qilin, Xu Zian was ecstatic. Qilin's are the legendary creatures known for their power, rage and savageness. Qilin's are the epitomes of grace and valor. But, why was his Qilin full of comedic traits?

His Qilin was powerful and all. But his penchant for teasing others outshines his merits. This Qilin managed to drive every friend of his mad with his venomous tongue. What if he behaves the same with this girl. He was truly afraid to introduce this fellow to the girl before him.

He had a few friends and given his status as orphan not many liked him. This girl was someone who never cared for such superficial things. He liked this trait of hers and did not find her annoying as the other girls who knew only how to giggle and act coyly.

And what was rare that she believed him so easily and he would work hard to keep up her trust.

Now he would be a fool if he let his Qilin out and spoil this budding friendship. Feeling proud of himself, Xu Zian decided to not let Qilin out for the time being.

Worrying excessively, Xu Zian completely forgot that the girl in question had a bigger fetish for nicknames than his Qilin.

Inside the mind space, the Qilin's face twisted into a beautiful scowl as he snorted in disdain at his master's attitude. Of course, he heard each and every thought of his master.

How dare his master think that an adorable specimen like him is annoying?

No wonder, his master was still lingering at the 'just friends' phase!

With this maturity level it would be no surprise if his lady master finds someone else!

It was only after a long did he find someone with the same penchant for nicknames! And he had an inkling that he would hit off well with his lady master!

If only his soul link was not cut off by his traitorous master, he would have leaped out and socialized with the lady master by now.

It's only his master's bad luck, he would see how long it will take to woo lady master without this love guru!

' Humph! It would have been a lot better if the lady master is my boss!'

Qilin was truly jealous of fox kin- no Fluffy; King Fluffy had such an amazing master not someone boring like his hormone deficient master.

If only Fluffy could hear the Qilin's thoughts, he would have willingly traded his devil master to Qilin free of cost plus added benefits!

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