70 Startled Fu Han 3
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Author :neha_
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70 Startled Fu Han 3

" What are you implying?" the look on Fu Han's face turned solemn as he secretly thought what was wrong with the girl.

" Spread the news that various pill recipes are stored in the Imperial palace library. I want the entire country to know about this. Can you do it?"

" W-Why..."

" Just a yes or no!" Jun Lan snapped, she had no need to explain herself. She did not want to go into elaborate details. Basically, she was lazy to speak.

" Sigh!" Fu Han let out a frustrated breath " You can see the results for yourself."

" Thank you!" the words came out from Jun Lan's heart and they really eased the other person's heart. Those words seemed to have no affect on Fu Han as he remained silent with his eyes fixed on her, as if searching for something.

If the word gets out that the pill recipes are secretly hidden in the palace, it will surely result in a chaos. Many powerful organizations are vying for these treasures, so they will not hesitate in launching a full scale attack. They will go to any extent just to get their hands on them. With all those forces attacking at once, there will be only chaos in the palace in the coming days.

' Why leave such treasures for them to loot?' Fu Han sighed inwardly but he did not care. Each book can earn you a lot,OK! They will be highly beneficial for paupers like him. But, now that he had a chance to regain his cultivation, he was not interested in riches. Anyways, alchemy was never his forte.

" Where can I meet this Mad Alchemist?" Fu Han inquired with an embarrassed face. He really didn't have any idea where he could find that person. The Mad alchemist always maintained his whereabouts a secret from the mundane world.

" You can just lurk into the third prince's quarters. That mad man will be coming soon to treat the Third prince. How you manage to meet him alone is your problem. I did my best, rest is up to you." Jun Lan paused for a bit before continuing " The mad alchemist most probably may enter the palace in two days."

Fu Han nodded as he understood his situation. She provided him with the weapon and it's in his hands how he plans to use it.

" I will remember this favor. I will take my leave now." Fu Han bowed his head respectfully and was about to leave when Jun Lan's words made him halt in his tracks.

" Second young master Fu Han of the mighty Nan clan. "

Maybe because he was thoroughly shocked by this girl before, Fu Han did not feel overly stunned now.

" You know that I am a bastard." he was unusually calm as he slumped into the chair.

Jun Lan simply nodded before continuing " It's your uncle who poisoned you, with the help of Mad Alchemist Fan. I don't know any more than this. You can seek clarification from the mad alchemist."

" It's not possible! " For the first time, Fu Han lost his composure and raised his voice attracting the attention of many. As if noticing his outburst, Fu Han apologetically smiled towards everyone before he focused on Jun Lan, the words from his mouth barely a whisper.

" My uncle would never poison me..."

Though his voice was low, there was a certainty in his voice. He was sure that his uncle would never do something despicable.

" I won't try to convince you. You can ask the Mad Alchemist for yourself." Jun Lan knew that he wouldn't believe her words. She was not the one to waste her time on things which she can't possibly achieve. She warned him and it was up to him whether he heeds to her or not.

" Young master of Nan family, I will be taking my leave now." Without wasting anymore words, Jun Lan beckoned Xu Zian and followed him quietly leaving Fu Han to his thoughts.


Jun Lan and Xu Zian are now browsing through the streets. When Jun Lan was greedily taking in her bustling surroundings, Xu Zian parted his lips voicing out in amusement.

" Little thief, I never thought you to be capable of creating such chaos in the palace."

" A wise man makes use of his opportunities. Have you heard of the phrase ' Fishing in troubled waters'?"

" So, how did that fox of yours manage to steal?"

" Fluffy has his own space and he can store any amount of things. It was only due to his mouth slip that I came to know about this. Poor fellow, he never expected that I will make him steal." Though the words from her mouth seemed apologetic, there was no trace of sadness or guilt in her voice.

" He has his own space?" Xu Zian stopped in his tracks making Jun Lan look at him with puzzled eyes.

" Can you ask your fox to steal all the books from there? My Qilin has no space abilities, else I would have done this long back."

' Fluffy...'

' Just a minute! I swiped away all the alchemy books. Me, the fox king fell to such low level! Hah! If my fellow beasts know about this, I would never able to show my face. All of this, my agony and depression is because of you. You should compensate me for my hard work.'

' I will, if you swipe away all the books from library.'

' All books! Ok!'

' He accepted just like that?' Jun Lan wondered. Her Fluffy is not an easy one to convince...

Just as she was inwardly celebrating she heard a whimper of agony.

' Y-you Devil! You cannot fool me! You want me to steal ALL the books?'

' Steal everything from there and I will compensate with whatever you want.' Jun Lan proposed. She still had conscience, OK?

Her words made Fluffy's rage to disappear in an instant. Instead his smug teasing voice traveled to Jun Lan's mind. ' You will compensate me anything?'

' If it is anything ambiguous, I will burn your soul.'

Her threat made Fluffy sigh in a helpless voice ' I was joking. I will steal everything but you have to compensate me. You don't have the ability now but when you become strong I hope you keep your word.'

' Of course I will. Just do your job well now.' Jun Lan snorted before Fluffy turned off their link.

' Damn fox!' Jun Lan cursed before she faced Xu Zian " Fluffy will steal everything and you can take anything you want later. "

" Thank you! I will remember this favor."

" No need of thanks between friends." Jun Lan simply waved her hands.

At this time, the Qilin had been too stunned to notice this mini exchange between the humans. His brain had been short circuited the moment he heard their fox king committing burglary.

And he burst out in laughter when he heard Jun Lan call the mighty fox king as ' Fluffy'.

" Hahaha... Fluffy!" The Qilin rolled on the ground as he secretly believed that Fluffy is a rather fitting name for the fox king, for he had nine furry beautiful tails.

' Ah! Flower boy and Fluffy! Lady master had a good naming sense. Wonder what will I be named?' A certain Qilin lost himself in his secret fancies.

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