68 Startled Fu Han 2
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Author :neha_
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68 Startled Fu Han 2

" Mad.Doctor.Fan." Fu Han squeezed out the words with great difficulty. " You want me to sacrifice myself?"

" If you are interested why not? " There was amusement in Jun Lan's voice, it seemed as if she was playing with Fu Han.

" Y-you!" Fu Han was truly stumped now. It had not been easy for him to make a decision and his concrete decision is only on the spur of a moment. His mind had almost burst in pain because of the internal debate in his heart. In one way or other, he was not a person destined for greatness. So, why not place the bets on the girl before him. It was only out of a whim, but he seriously decided to place his belief in her words.

Fate was always cruel to him, enticing him and then dumping into the deepest pits of nothingness. The tiny spark of hope in his heart was mercilessly extinguished by her.

The smile in Jun Lan's eyes became more profound as she observed the earth shattering changes on his face. She didn't feel that she did anything wrong, after all the man had neglected her on the arena grounds- an act representing disrespect towards the opponent. She would be a fool if she did not use this marvelous opportunity to torment the man.

Having had her fill of enjoyment, Jun Lan finally decided to grant the man amnesty " I have something in my hands that will make the mad doctor accept your request. You will not be at any disadvantage."

" What is it?" Controlling the raging emotions in his heart, Fu Han questioned. He wanted to flip out the table and he had the urge to teach the brat a lesson. He can't act hastily and regret later. He was the one who is in disadvantage, beggars can't be choosers right?

" What do I get if you are cured?"

" Anything you ask of, I will be at your disposal."

" Even at the cost of your life?"

" You have my words, and I mean it when I promise something. If I go back on my words later, may the lightning strike me and purge my soul for eternity."

Under the mask Jun Lan's lips curved up as she nodded her head. She was only testing him and she had to credit him for passing with flying colors. But no emotions were leaked from her eyes as they remained emotionless.

' Fluffy...' Jun Lan called softly using her soul link.

A certain fox was inside the archives section of the imperial palace stealing all the books related to alchemy. Never in his mind did he think that he would be reduced to being a thief. This would be a permanent blemish on him for all the ages to come. All the divine beasts were worshiped and respected by their masters, but why is his master making him run errands? No, even errands would be fine, but why did he have to steal? Why is that he is reduced to the state of humans?

No, the girl is not his master. She is the reincarnation of the devil. A devil that is specially bestowed by the gods to torture for his previous lives sins.

'Fluffy... '

His fox pride is reduced to ashes and here she was calling him sweetly.

Did she think that he would shamelessly answer her back even after all this ordeal. There was no way he was going to answer her. Humph!

' Fluffy...'



Fluffy could hear her voice which is tinged with sadness and helplessness. He could even sense the gloomy and depressing aura around her. Slowly, the area between his brows wrinkled and his heart started to feel stuffy.

'Fine! I give up! Tell me now, what do you want?' Fluffy snarled, he realized that he could not win against her pitiful voice. He knew that she is putting up an act, but because of his soul link he could not ignore her aura even if he wanted to. Being the softy he was, he gave in almost immediately.

What pride? What shame?

All are void before a beauty's distress!

' Hurry up and send me the information in the scroll of regeneration pill.'

In a few moments, herbs and formulas beyond her understanding appeared in Jun Lan's mind. Fluffy was relaying the information and she couldn't understand even a word. She knew only how to mix basic herbs, she was a complete stranger to alchemy. Pitying herself for the nth time, she sighed while taking out a round bag which is attached to her waist. Fu Han and Xu Zian stared dumbfounded as they saw her take out bamboo scroll, brush and ink stone.

What in the world is she...

As if answering their questions, Jun Lan started to scribble on the scroll. Her strokes were bold and unruly but somehow they appeared appealing to the eye. After a few strokes, Jun Lan's movements paused as she lifted her head to stare at Xu Zian.

Understanding her unsaid words, Xu Zian took the ink stone in his hands and started grinding it.

Fu Han: "..." Is this the legendary henpecked husband?!

' Proud of you master! Keep up the good work and impress lady master soon!' Qilin was internally squealing in happiness.

Jun Lan was about to ask him to help her with the ink. Even she was beyond startled on seeing him grind the ink without her asking. Is her gaze too obvious? And why his actions seemed so natural?

As Xu Zian immersed himself in grinding the ink, Jun Lan busied herself in writing without drowning in excessive thoughts.

Their coordination seemed too natural that even the ever nonchalant Fu Han couldn't help but shift his suspicious eyes at the both.

" Give this to him and he will treat you without any qualms." Putting away the brush on the table, Jun Lan handed the scroll to Fu Han.

Fu Han knew nothing about alchemy but the herbs listed in the scroll are invaluable, that he knew. So, the girl before him might not be bluffing!

On seeing the incredulous expression on Fu Han's face Xu Zian prompted " That's the recipe of the Regeneration pill. Many alchemists dream of obtaining it's recipe."

Regeneration pill! Now, it was Fu Han's turn to be shocked. He heard a lot about this pill. Many people offered many gold coins for those who are able to get their hands on this pill recipe. And here this girl offered him this for nothing. That must mean that she had many such valuable recipes. If this information falls into the hands of wrong people her life will be a hell. How could she be so careless about this?

It's good that he was a man of morale. What if he was the bad guy?

" You are careless!"

" No, I am not. Since I placed my bets on your character, I also know how to dispose you in case you betray me."

Her voice sent chills along his spine. Her words carried a hidden warning and he was wise to grasp it. If he was to tell any one about her giving him a recipe, she would kill him off.

" I will not tell another soul about this." Fu Han vowed.

Jun Lan lowered her head, her eyelids casting dark shadows making it difficult for one to discern her mood. Her unhurried and cool voice traveled as she parted her lips.

" No, I want you to do the exact opposite of what you said."

Fu Han was utterly confused but Xu Zian's eyes shone brightly as a sly smile bloomed on his face. He had an idea of what the girl is planning and he had to admit that he was looking forward to it.

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