67 Startled Fu Han 1
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67 Startled Fu Han 1

After changing into a male outfit and covering the lower half of her face with a mask, Jun Lan followed behind Xu Zian. She had no idea of what transpired after she fainted dead on that day. Thank the gods, Xu Zian made an appointment with Fu Han.

Though Fu Han was known for his frivolous ways, the man was honest and always stayed true to his words. There was no way she would hate such a man. Though he was born with a natural talent in martial arts, he had no cultivation making him a sorry figure. Sadly, the man himself did not know that he is poisoned, he believed himself to be a waste. 

But, there was more to this and Jun Lan sighed as she was in a dilemma on how much should she reveal.


Inside the bustling tea house, Fu Han leisurely enjoyed his green tea while reclining on a cushioned chair. His peach blossom like eyes were fixed on a petite figure who is now walking towards him.

His eyes scrutinized the young girl who managed to defeat him, she was petite and fragile. He had no idea why she covered her face and why his interest was piqued by her. It was her skills and her eyes that managed to startle him.

If it was before, he wouldn't have given a damn about anyone. He would never meet with a young girl even if she begged him. He respected strength and it was one of the reasons why he agreed to meet her. The other reason being his curiosity; he was curious for what and why she wanted to meet him.

" Why do you want to meet me?" the words left from his mouth the moment Jun Lan was seated before him. He was not a person to beat around the bush, always straight on the mark is his way.

His no nonsense attitude amused Jun Lan and irked Xu Zian. Being the troublemaker she was, she decided to be open with Fu Han. Even knowing that her words may be unbelievable and may cause the man to have a heart attack, she did not hold back as she spoke in a languid manner.

" You are poisoned, your meridians are blocked. I can tell you the whereabouts of the person who can cure you."

Fu Han looked as if he was struck with lightning. The tea cup in his hand shook violently, spilling the fragrant tea on to his white robes before the cup fell on the ground with a thud.

At this time, Xu Zian had no words to express what he was feeling at that moment. It was the first time he saw a person speak about the matter of poisoning in such a carefree manner. Internally, he applauded Fu Han for his composure. If he had been in the man's place, he was sure that he would not have been able to maintain his calm.

The little girl beside him sure knew how to rile up people in every way possible. Xu Zian crossed his fingers and stared at Fu Han in anticipation. He was really looking forward to how Fu Han is going to react.

" Don't jest with me." Fu Han spoke gloomily. His lack of cultivation was always a black spot in his heart. He was not the one to brood over things, but it would be a lie if he said that he did not care about his talent less constitution. And now this little girl stroked on his weak spot plummeting his mood instantly.

" Do you think I came here all the way to joke on you?  It's up to you whether you believe me or not. First things first, listen to me till the end." Jun Lan's nonchalant eyes and cold tone made Fu Han shut his mouth. Not knowing if she was telling the truth or not, Fu Han felt unsettled in his heart and took in her form with his hardened eyes.

" Your body is indeed poisoned and the very poison in your meridians is your only hurdle to cultivation." Acting oblivious to his glare, Jun Lan continued speaking.

" I am sorry to say this, if you are not cured within three years you are going to die." After dropping the final bomb, Jun Lan clenched her fists resulting in digging of her fingernails in soft flesh. She knew that what she spoke will be perceived as nonsense, she may be even branded as a lunatic. Now that she had jumped into the fire pit, she was starting to rethink her actions.

The atmosphere turned stifling as an uncomfortable silence descended on the trio. The surroundings turned bleak around Jun Lan and Fu Han as they stared into the other's eyes as if trying to read the other's thoughts. Xu Zian, the famous thirdwheel was completely invisible in their eyes. From the start of the conversation he was ignored, not that he complained but a trace of awkwardness crept up from his heart leading him to rub his nose.

Only an incense stick of time passed but for Jun Lan it felt as if an eternity had passed as she waited for Fu Han's response. Both of them stared at each other not wanting to back down first. No one knew what went on in his mind but finally he sighed before conceding " Fine! I will believe in you for now. The person you mentioned, can he cure me for sure!"

" Of course he can!" Jun Lan chimed in.

" Speak the name." Though Fu Han face remained expressionless, the hope in his voice did not escape Jun Lan's keen observation.

" Mad Alchemist Fan."

On hearing the name Fu Han's expression turned terrifying and even Xu Zian's expression turned weird.

Did this girl turn mad all of a sudden. Doctor Fan was called as 'Mad alchemist' for a reason. He was a medical fanatic, medicine was his religion and experiments were his soul. He had no moral compass, his only zeal being 'developing alchemy', he would not hesitate to put aside his morals if it meant that he can improve his knowledge.

He never treated a person for free and his fee can scare the wits out of anyone. If anyone wishes for his treatment then the patient had to sacrifice his body as test subject after the cure. Rather than being used as a test subject by that doctor it is better to succumb to the natural illness regardless of the pain.

And now this girl is practically telling Fu Han to become a test subject!

Fu Han had a horrified expression on his face and Xu Zian pitied the man in his heart. Naturally he silently lit candles for Jun Lan in his heart and prayed for her well-being. It would be a wonder if the man didn't flip out after this roller coaster ride of her words.

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