64 The letter 6
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64 The letter 6

Jun Kang's brows twisted into a frown on seeing his son's shiny eyes. In a wary tone, he questioned " Ling'er, what are you planning?"

" Nothing father. I am simply imaging little sister's reaction when my letter reaches her."

" Poor thing! She will be scared out of her wits on seeing your letter." Chen Ming Yue felt sorry for her daughter. Well, anyone will be terrified if  they receive a letter from a person who they have not seen for a period of eight years. And it seemed like her son was dead set on teasing his sister. Aish~ youngsters these days!

' She will not be shocked that I sent her a letter! It will be for another reason...' Jun Ling had a smug smile on his face and Jun Kang felt that his son clearly resembled a Cheshire Cat.

" Mother, Father! I assure you that sister will be eager to welcome you. So, you better prepare some gifts for her." Jun Ling sincerely advised his parents.

" You brat! Come here! " Jun Kang bellowed.

Snaking his muscular arm around his son's neck, Jun Kang cleared his throat " Psst... What should I get for Ai Lan? I will buy you a spirit beast later if you help me."

"Bribing your own son! Shameless old man! I won't be enticed, humph! May all the gods abandon you during your buying gift quest!" Jun Ling hissed while prying his father's arms off his neck making a certain old man freeze in shock.

Chen Ming Yue's lips twitched at her husband's plight but soon she burst into huge rounds of laughter after hearing her son's parting words.

" Mother, how did fall for this silly man ah?! He sure is a lucky fellow for obtaining a beauty like you. "

It took quite a long time before Jun Kang regained his wits " D-did he just call me... "

Incompetent or worthless or... What exactly is his image in that brat's eyes ah?!

Jun Kang did not get the answer for his question as there was not even a trace of his son's shadow in the vicinity.All that remained was the clear bell like laughter of his wife which truly hit his man's pride.

Jun Ling felt contended after teasing his father, humming a soft tune he made his way to the inventory to supervise the weapon count and other miscellaneous things.


Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

The day before, Jun Yuan received a report following which he made an immediate decision to return back.

" Grandpa, I have to take care of some things. I will return after a few days." Jun Lan didn't question her old man's decision but informed him of her thoughts.

Not questioning her any further, Jun Yuan only advised her " It's not safe for a young lady to stay on her own. What do you think about Ah Jian accompanying you?"

" Grandpa, with Fluffy on my side no one can touch me. Don't worry." after politely declining him, she turned towards Ah Jian who remained stiff and immobile like a statue.

" Ah Jian, do you remember our match and bet?"

Ah Jian blinked his eyes in response. He was not a fool, he heard about how this young lady made Third prince a wastrel. Even if the match is in martial arts, he was sure that he cannot defeat her. He saw her train all this time, so he knew what he should answer.

" Young lady, I admit defeat." 

Now, it was Jun Lan's turn to raise her brows at his answer. Though she was surprised that he admitted defeat without putting up a fight, she did not say anything.

" Then, you have to obey my words from now. I am your master, not the clan leader!" she spoke in a domineering voice, leaving no room for discussion. Even the old man had a pondering expression on his face as if trying to read the young girl before him.

" Yes, master!" Going down on his knees, Ah Jian saluted his new master.

" En, from now your only duty is to guard my grandfather. You have to protect him putting your life at risk. Do you understand?" Jun Lan's almond eyes showed a seriousness that made Ah Jian nod his head subconsciously.

" If anything goes wrong in that family, make sure to bring this old man to me. Knock him asleep if you have to. I don't care about how or what you do as long as he is safe."

" Master, I vow that I will protect the Clan leader with my life. Anyone must go through me before they touch the clan leader." 

" I believe you." Jun Lan was not a fool to place her old man's life in his hands. She knew Ah Jian's character the best. He was a man who lived to his words. He was a person who died for her, it's only natural that she placed her trust on him.

On the sidelines, Ye Zhuan had an indecipherable expression on his face as he took in the duo's conversation. How come his loyal shadow guard is behaving like a docile cat? He had ordered Ah Jian to protect her in shadows, but this fellow had turned the tables on him. Now she ordered the same man to look after him. No matter how unwilling he was and didn't want to leave her alone, he had no say in this matter.

Ye Zhuan could only let out a helpless sigh in defeat. " Sigh! Lan'er, make sure to place your safety first. Promise me this."

" Grandpa, I value my life heavily. Be at ease."

Ye Zhuan did not plan to believe her words, but the clear look in her eyes calmed his worried heart. Though his mind worried, his heart assured him of her safety. Choosing to believe his instincts, he nodded his head solemnly and let go of the matter.

" I will be leaving now. Take care." Leaving his words behind, Ye Zhuan summoned his tailed fox and leaped on to it's back.

Knowing that it's time to leave, Ah Jian bowed towards Jun Lan before settling on the fox behind the old man. Leaving a last glance at her, Ye Zhuan and Ah Jian disappeared from her sight.

Making sure that the two men are out of her hearing range, Jun Lan stretched her body lazily and raised her head. With a pair of eyes that can a hook even the most crooked soul, she fixed her gaze at the thick branches of trees as she called out in a cold voice "Now that you watched the drama to your heart's content, it's time to show your face."

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