62 The letter 4
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62 The letter 4

With cheeks flushed pink and shiny bright eyes, Jun Lan stared at Ah Jian expectantly. The man strode towards a certain huge window, it's size can accommodate about three persons through it at a time. Beckoning her to the place, Ah Jian pointed towards the ground before backing off to maintain a respectable distance between them.

Scarlet Devil Plant!

This poisonous thorny plant was now broken at the stem and lay scattered on the grass.

" Did he fall on that?"

On seeing him nod his head, Jun Lan did not have the heart to laugh at Xu Zian anymore. A reckless contact with this plant will lead to all it's thorns stick on the victim's skin, and the resulting pain cannot be purely described by words.

Thorns sticking all over his body...

A porcupine Xu Zian...

Alas! It is too painful even to imagine such a scenario.

All he did was to help her and instead of thanks he got a beating which he would never forget. Her old man definitely went overboard this time.

Ah Jian gulped nervously on seeing the anger on Jun Lan's face. The wheels in his mind turned as he quickly opened his mouth to placate her " Clan leader sent an ointment and words of apology to Young master Xu."

Her grandpa sent a word of apology?

Hah! It must be the stupidest joke of the century.

In this life, Xu Zian was the first person whom she considered as a friend. Though the feelings of kinship are not as deep as to die for other, she considered him important. Without having any second thoughts, Jun Lan decided to apologize to him in person.

With precise movements, the little girl draped the veil and pinned it securely. She only knew that Xu Zian is related to Chu Lian, wife of Ye family's son. She knew not if Xu Zian had any home other than that place. Logically, he must be resting there given his physical condition. Well, if he is not there she can simply ask Sis Chu Lian for information. Thinking thoroughly, Jun Lan decided to bring Ah Jian with her. Rather than going alone, it's always fun to have company.

" Ah Jian, we are going to the Ye family house."

" But lady, Young master Xu sent word that he would meet you at the trading house after two days. He also asked you not to worry about him as he will be recuperating at his secret place." Ah Jian relayed the information, he still remembered the Ye clan guard who came to him this morning.

" Ah!" Jun Lan was dazed for a bit as she sighed " Will that flower boy be alright?"


Ye clan house

Three ungrateful persons were laughing unceremoniously as they took in the 'weird' appearance of a certain person. There were no feelings of compassion, rather it seemed like they were all gloating on his misfortune.

Xu Zian who was now as red as a blushing bride stood by the side in a stiff manner, his eyes shooting glares at his so called 'family.'

It is tolerable if only his brother-in-law and the old man are the one's who are making fun of him. But, with his sister joining in the fray, it is only natural that the young man lost his backbone.

" So, you got yourself beaten by the old man Jun."  the old man Ye Zhuan commented with his sparkly eyes.

" Your mission of hero saving the beauty got backfired!" Ye Fang humored, clearly enjoying the young man's plight.

" Dear, don't be so heartless. Didn't you see my little brother's body? Aiya~ all men become fools in the presence of a beauty!" Chu Lian exclaimed making Ye Fang and Xu Zian frown at the same time.

" Sister!"

" Young man, save your words. I have never seen you talk to girls other than me, much less laugh with them. You enjoy her company and even after getting beaten, you did not complain. You even lied to her that you are recuperating in your secret state, when the truth is that you don't want her to see you in this state. " with each and every word of hers, Xu Zian's neck lowered by an inch.

" So, what exactly is going on? Hmm?" Chu Lian's teasing voice finally made Xu Zian spoke in a resigned tone.

" Sister! She is my friend; nothing more, nothing less. Don't think much into it. But, I can tell you that she is an important person."

Noticing the slight impatience and his protectiveness, Chu Lian finally smiled and said nothing more. If a man really cares for a girl, be it a friend, sister, wife or a mother, he would never allow anyone to speak of her wrongly. She had to admit, she was satisfied by her brother's words.

" Dear brother, even if you have feelings for her, I am not against it. You can start courting her when she turns at least fifteen. I am cheering for you!"

"..." Xu Zian was rendered speechless.

All this time, Ye Fang was stuck on his wife's remark 'all men become fools in the presence of a beauty'. His mind was in a chaos, and it was only now that the fog in his mind cleared. Subconsciously, he blurted " Dear wife, now I understand why I never acted like a fool."

Xu Zian and Ye Zhuan stilled their actions, their mouths agape but unable to form words.

' Bro-in-law! ( Grandson!), you are dead meat!' both of them exclaimed in their hearts.

How could you call your wife 'ugly' ah!

With hands on her hips and darkened face, Chu Lian spoke in a terrifyingly low voice " Ye Fang! Dare to repeat those words!"

" Oh~ Wife! I was p-possessed! Y-yes possessed! Definitely possessed!" Like a broken tape-recorder, the husband tried to salvage the situation, though it made the situation awkward.

" Is it a female demon who possessed you?"

" Yes! N-No!" Ye Fang cursed himself using all the beautiful curse words which he could think of. Just how did he land himself in this situation ah!

" I don't mind, hubby." Chu Lian's sickly sweet voice gave birth to an ominous premonition in his heart.

" Enjoy your dreams and nights with the female demon of yours. You are not allowed in the bed, until... I think otherwise." her words made him into an deflated balloon.

" Wife..." Ye Fang cried pitifully.

Without wasting even a single glance at him, Chu Lian brushed her sleeves and left the room with her head high and proud back leaving her words behind like a lingering ghost " Zian'er and grandfather can have the dinner. As for the other person, I fear there are no extra portions for him."

Ye Fang buried his face in his hands the remorse of his words hitting him hard. 

Xu Zian and Ye Zhuan did not dare comfort the brooding man, they hurriedly followed Chu Lian lest they get kicked out by the fuming lady.

At the sight of their fleeing backs, Ye Fang gritted his teeth as he screamed in his heart ' Traitors!'

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