61 The letter 3
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61 The letter 3

Jun Lan nodded her head absentmindedly. In spite of her sending the letter, she didn't expect her father to believe her words so easily. Also, what was with this early full stop to the war? With her father's tactics, it is impossible for the war to end so early. It was not that her father is a bad tactician, truth be told he is not the best.

For all these to happen, someone must be pushing her father from behind...

Ah! Didn't her grandpa say that the credit for the war goes to her brother.

Her brother!

Yes, it must be him!

'Is he the same as me?'

At the mere idea of her brother's situation being similar to hers gave birth to a bitter-sweet feeling in her heart. Should she feel happy that her brother will not fall to the schemes of past? Or, should she feel sad that he had to bear the burden of past regrets and pains in his heart?

Yes, her brother must be the in the same situation of hers! Only he can make father listen to all my plans. In the past life, in his late twenties, her brother was nicknamed ' Abyssal king', his plans were so intricate that one could not find a way out if one falls into it.

If this was the case...


No wonder her old man called the war 'annihilation'.

Hearing his grand-daughter's weary sigh, Jun Yuan chuckled in amusement as he flicked her forehead " Don't tire out yourself over-thinking things. Ah Jian will bring food after half sichen. Eat full and rest well."

Patting her head gently, Jun Yuan left the room.


Why over-think things? She will force the truth out of her brother when the time comes!



" First lady, I brought your meals." The series of door tapping sounds was followed by an aloof voice, which Jun Lan immediately recognized as Ah Jian's.

Hearing her approval, Ah Jian slid the door open and took elegant strides across the room before placing the tray on the meal table. The faint aroma of the soup tantalized her senses, the rumbling of her empty stomach a reminder of how hungry she was.

Grabbing the chopsticks, she finished the contents of the huge bowl in a lightning speed leaving the man beside her dumbfounded.

When he entered the room, he saw Jun Lan dressed in white robes, her face unveiled. In the Jun family, none knew her original countenance with the exception of her grandpa, Ah Jian, Li Ming and Li Shin. Though he had seen her appearance, one could not help but be transfixed by her features.

He always revered the lady as the epitome of grace and beauty, but, It was his first time seeing a lady eating so heartily not caring for etiquette. Her slurping of the soup made him rethink about the worldly views.

Jun Lan let out a contended sigh while patting her bloated tummy. It felt like ages since she had such complete meal, when it had only been two days.

Ah! Food and sleep are the best things in life! If granted a boon, she would definitely request for unlimited supply of food and a villa in mountains...

" Ahem!" Ah Jian cleared his throat as he found the need to break Jun Lan's dreams, daydreams to be precise.

" Eh!" It was only now that Jun Lan realized that she completely ignored the existence of a certain shadow guard. Feeling ashamed, she coughed slightly before addressing him " Ah Jian, how did I end up here? I only remember that I blacked out in the arena."

After hearing her words, Ah Jian nodded in understanding. She was out like a log, it is only natural that she didn't remember anything. " Young master Xu carried you here."

'I should thank him later.' Jun Lan made a mental note to herself.

" pfft..." As if suddenly remembering something, Ah Jian laughed out loud scaring the ghost out of Jun Lan.

" W-what i-is it?? Are you all right Ah Jian?" Jun Lan couldn't help but be concerned about this stoic man. He was a aloof man; his poker face undisturbed even in the face of catastrophic calamities. A man like him, suddenly laughing out loud could only make one doubt one's own sanity.

Jun Lan's tumultuous voice hit him in the right places, the effect being immediate as the man regained his composure before confessing " Forgive me lady, but I couldn't help laughing whenever I remember such unfortunate incident."

" Oh! Something that can make you laugh, then I must hear it!" the gossipy girl that had long been buried inside of her, leaped out beautifully.

Which girl doesn't like a little gossip ah?! As long as it is not demeaning the name of others, gossiping can be considered a healthy hobby. A hobby that adds a bit of spice in the tasteless boring dish called life.

" First lady, Young master Xu instructed me not to tell clan leader about your condition. He insisted that he would take care of you."

" W-what! Did he see my face?" Jun Lan interrupted in the middle, the horror in her face evident. When she woke up, she found her veil removed though her robes remained unchanged. She didn't want rumors to spread about her and attract unwanted troubles later on.

" No my lady, it was the clan leader who removed your veil." Ah Jian's reply calmed her heart.

" Hehe... Forgive me for my interruption! Please continue..." Jun Lan rubbed her nose feeling embarrassed about her exaggerated reactions.

' Why would a lady apologize to her servant?' Ah Jian wondered, but did not dwell on it. He continued his rather interesting tale " But, my loyalty lies with the clan leader. I did my duty and informed the clan leader that you fainted in the arms of Young master Xu..."

' Ah Jian! How could you spice up to such degree ah! Didn't you realize how ambiguous your words are?!' Jun Lan screamed in her heart, her calm facade betraying her inner craziness.

No need to tell, Jun Lan could almost imagine her grandfather's rage. Who would not be angry when they learn that their family's little girl is in the hands of a man, and unconscious at that?!

Unaware that a certain lady is currently plotting his demise, Ah Jian was immersed in narrating his tale " Unexpectedly, Clan leader flew into a rage. Believe me my lady, he was furious!"

Furious my ***! If not furious would he be celebrating in happiness?! For the first time, Jun Lan felt the urge to smack this fellows head!

" He came marching to the room and blame the stars for the young master Xu's bad luck; he was checking your temperature with his palm placed on your forehead and with his back facing us, the scene appeared quite ambiguous.

Not thinking twice, clan leader sent a kick using all of his strength.

Sigh! Not to exaggerate, but the kick sent the unsuspecting young master flying out."

Not finding the right words to describe the next scene, Ah Jian chuckled " I must admit that the damage is quite severe..."

Her old man kicked Xu Zian's butt!!!!

Yup, Jun Lan only caught the main point of the entire narration. The room remained silent for a while, before she burst out in laughter. Her laughter continued to the point where her stomach ached. Her laughter being contagious, Ah Jian also joined in the laughing spree, the combined intensity of their laughs scaring all the crows within their vicinity.

" Lady, the best part is about to come." The amusement in Ah Jian's voice deepened.

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