60 The letter 2
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60 The letter 2

After listening to the words which far exceeded her wisdom, Jun Yuan felt his heart stuffy. Her words struck the chords of his heart and he could not help but feel a sad tinge in his heart. Just what had she gone through to become like this at such an young age.

On the other hand, he was also proud. He didn't have any idea as of what ordeals she faced to turn out like this, the change was a good one as she turned out to be more spectacular than before.

Her thoughts and ideals were aligned with his; the girl will surely outwit her father in a few years.

Her words and aura...

She was an exact replica of her father's foolish braveness and her mother's brains.

'I don't want to harm them in anyway. I don't want to drown myself in vengeance.

But, I will not hesitate to retaliate if they scheme against me from now. I will not hesitate to draw blood, of they harm my family, including you.'

The old man chuckled in amusement as he recalled her words, they were the same words which he once spoke when he was young.

' This brat inherited my stubbornness.' his eyes softened as he sighed in his heart.

He knew very well that the girl will keep to her words, but he was not to be taken lightly. He will shape his two foolish sons, he couldn't let them dig their own graves. No matter how silly they are, they are his flesh and blood. He was not the one to throw away familial relations for the sake of worthless materialistic things.

Greed blinds the eyes of men; rifts are common between brothers. But, he will make sure to correct them by hook or crook. He couldn't bear to see his son's at each others throats. No father could bear to see their children fight each other, before a general and clan leader he is a man who cares about his family.

And this includes all of his son's and their families.

With these thoughts, a firm resolution reflected in his eyes " Lan'er, I will take care of your second and third uncle. It's been a long time since the brats met my cane."


A shiver crept up her spine as a series of memories played in her mind. They were her father's pitiful threats or in other words, complaints...

' Lan'er, I am very lenient towards you. Back then, your grandpa used to trash us with his Dragonbone cane. The scars from that day are still present on my body! The pain is unbearable! You must be grateful to have a sweet dad like me. Humph!'

" I trust you grandpa!" Jun Lan blurted out hurriedly. Even she couldn't help but shiver at the thought of the old man's merciless cane. But, in her heart she wished that her old man would give those two brainless uncles of hers a very good beating. Since she promised that she would hold back, she had no other choice than to pin all her hopes on her grandpa.

As her words fell on his ears, Jun Yuan's eyes crinkled to an extent where only two slits are visible and his chest puffed up in happiness. Which old man would not be proud when their grandchildren express their admiration ah!

If Jun Lan had the ability to hear his thoughts, she would have been rolling on the ground with laughter.

What admiration?! In her eyes, the old man is a stubborn cute fool! Jun Lan simply rolled her eyes at a certain old man in disbelief.

But, he didn't seem to notice her looks, regaining his composure Jun Yuan's demeanor turned serious " Lan'er, there's been news from the Northern border."


The whole surroundings seemed to turn quiet as the only thing resonating in her ears was the erratic beating of her heart.

News from Northern border meant news from her father! As far she remembered, the war only ends next month! So, how come there was a messenger now!

Did something happen?!

Jun Lan didn't know that her entire body is trembling, until the old man shook her " Lan'er, snap out of it! First, hear me out!"

What if it's bad news?! No! Don't jump into conclusions!

After chastising herself mentally, Jun Lan focused her attention on her grandfather who had an expression of worry etched on his face.

" I am fine grandpa. Just nervous, I guess." She was not lying as she was truly puzzled now.

" Girl! Your father won the war!"

Jun Lan froze immediately and it took a few moments for her to recover from the daze before excitement surged through her entire body. She wanted to squeal out loud and dance around; but first things first, she wanted exact details of the transpired events. So, she stared intensely at the old man who felt goosebumps under her hawk like gaze.

" The credit goes to the young brat, your brother! I don't know what exactly happened, but talks are that a few months earlier, that damned fellow launched a full-scale offensive attack completely annihilating the enemies. If you want every single detail, ask them directly when they arrive here.

They will be here in a month."

 " A month?" Jun Lan scrunched her brows in thought, it takes only fifteen days when they travel on magical beasts.

As if reading her thoughts, Jun Yuan kindly clarified " Your father is heading to the capital. He is forfeiting his command token to the emperor. It seems that the brat is having these thoughts since long."


Her father, the man who prides his position of a general, is giving up!

No matter how hard she thinks, Jun Lan found it hard to believe. Nah! Her silly father is not capable of such earth shattering decisions. 

Just when she is battling her dilemma, Jun Yuan's words rang out in the silent room.

" Since, your father is giving up the royal position, I will declare that he is exiled for a few years as punishment. People will naturally think that I am upset with my son who is giving up the position in royal court. No one will target you all for the time being.

Stay away from the capital for a few years, till all the muddy waters settle down."

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