59 The letter 1
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59 The letter 1

Darkness. In her deep slumber, Jun Lan only felt darkness shrouding her entire person. There was no speck of light, only pain coursing through her nerves and darkness spread in her mind. The pain was bone-shattering but it was nothing compared to the pain of getting one's arms ripped off. Jun Lan, who felt such intense pain before, the pain now was not unbearable.

Her body was even able to withstand this pain, so what can she be not able to face in the future?

With these thoughts, a small smile spread on her face.

Jun Lan's body was drenched in cold sweat, but there was a serene smile on her pale visage.

And it was exactly this smile of hers, that puzzled Xu Zian. The cold sweat on her clearly shouted out that she is in pain, but what was with this smile of hers? 

She was in pain, but not affected by it...

How could she not be, when the pain accompanied by soul-shifting technique is known to the worst kind of pain that one could ever experience? Xu Zian was baffled.

But, he clearly understood that this little girl was not someone who is ordinary. He stayed by her side in case she needed any help, but she proved that she never needed his help, much to his surprise.

He could not help but admire her tenacity.


After two days...

Warm rays of sunlight leaked through the windows, casting a halo around the girl who was ducked under thick covers of blankets. Jun Lan's eyelashes fluttered open and she blinked her eyes to erase the blurry surroundings. As her sight became clear, she tilted her head and propped up her body wanting to sit straight. But, she halted her movements in the middle as she stared at the entwined fingers, her hand safely enclosed in a warm and wrinkled one.

Tilting her head she felt her heart melt at the scene before her.  On a cushioned chair, her grandfather was sprawled unceremoniously, fast asleep. The chair was small, now where near in accommodating a man of her old man's stature. Dark circles adorned his tired eyes and even in his sleep, his firm hold on her tiny hands didn't loosen up.

Gazing at his tired and messy form, Jun Lan didn't have the heart to wake him up. Taking utmost care not to make any sound, she took care to move cautiously.

Being the light sleeper he was, Jun Yuan woke up after hearing the faint rustling sounds from.

" Brat! Are you alright now?! Don't go on scaring your old man like that! I was scared to..."

" Grandpa, I am alright!"

" You were knocked out for two days! Don't you dare say that you are safe and well!" Jun Yuan glared at her and spoke sternly " And, don't disturb me when I am scolding you!"

Her grandpa is scolding her. What a joke!

The old man's words sounded like songs of concern in her ears...

A smile graced her lips as she patiently stayed silent till the old man finished ranting. Since her old man wanted to roast her, then she will let him!

" I heard that you managed to cripple the prince."

The old man's voice was filled with humour as he stared at his granddaughter. He always imagined this girl's character as docile and shy one. Imagine the shock when he heard Ah Jian's report, he even rebuked the shadow guard not to crack such terrifying jokes. But the man presented the deed of the trading house successfully making all the words choke in his throat.

His granddaughter had become truly unpredictable now!

" Ahem!" Jun Lan cleared her throat " Grandpa, it's only a result of his arrogance, Nothing more. I will manage the trading house secretly. No one will be able to trace back to Jun family. I promise! "

Jun Yuan had no intention of snatching that muddy place from her hands. He had to deal with his foolish second and third sons, he neither had any interest nor energy to deal with such a dark organisation.

He also knew that the girl acquired the place risking her all. Since she had the capability to deal with the third prince, he believed with all his heart that this brat will be able to handle everything.

He was not worried about that place or any other materialistic things, all he cared was her safety.

" Even they are able to trace back to us, Jun family will put up a fight. Don't be hard on yourself. " He voiced out his concerns.

If you are not hard enough, the world will crumble you to dust. This was the truth which she had learnt in the hard way. Nevertheless, she was touched with her grandpa's words.

Jun Lan simply nodded her head with a profound smile at her grandpa's words, keeping all the thoughts to herself. 

Not wanting to dwell on this topic any further, Jun Lan scrunched her brows as she spoke, the worry in her voice clear " Grandpa, what are you going to do with second and third uncle? "

" What do you want me to do? "

Faced with her grandpa's discerning gaze, Jun Lan did not cower. Instead, she faced his gaze head on and a deep breath escaped from her lungs.

" Grandpa, second uncle dared to scheme against father. Third uncle may be innocent but third aunt is not. Second aunt, second sister...

Everyone are trying to sell me off to the third prince. Everyone is vying for their individual prestige failing to realize that they are pushing Jun family beyond redemption.

Though it pains me that my family is scheming against me, I bear no grudge. "

" I don't want to harm them in anyway. I don't want to drown myself in vengeance.

But, I will not hesitate to retaliate if they scheme against me from now. I will not hesitate to draw blood, of they harm my family, including you."

Under Jun Yuan's startled gaze, she continued " Grandpa, take control over second and third uncle. Don't allow them to take foolish decisions. I trust you with that. "

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