58 Qilin“s Doubts
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Author :neha_
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58 Qilin“s Doubts

Xu Zian knew that the sly fox used Soul Shifting technique and he also knew the terrible side effects of using it. Soul shifting is not a big matter if used by a seasoned cultivator, but it will wreak a havoc on the body if used by a normal person. He didn't expect the hatred to run so deep, so deep that she was willing to hurt herself.

And this stupid girl not only used it but also called him a flower boy again!

He had been worried sick about the brat and she had the audacity to address him as such, the title 'Flower Boy' will remain as a blemish for the rest of his life.

Flower boy! What an embarrassing name!!

' Mwuhahaa.. Master, you are called flower boy?! Surely a name befitting you...' the Qilin roared with laughter, just how in the world did the mistress come with such an excellent name?! His master's looks can outshine any beauty ah!

No wonder, no wonder!

His mistress is truly intelligent else how could she use such a good name for his master ah?!

' Heh! Don't you worry! I will introduce you to her and she will name you with a far more embarrassing title. Let's see if you will jump around then! Humph!' Xu Zian snorted at his Qilin who was adding oil to the fire and sure enough his words made Qilin shut his annoying mouth.

' I'm looking forward to my name.' Unexpectedly the Qilin squealed in excitement.

' What the...!' Xu Zian's face darkened immediately. How come his Qilin is excited beyond limits ah! Somehow Xu Zian felt a premonition in his heart, a very bad one at that!

In the future, Xu Zian will find that his intuition is very accurate when both Jun Lan and Qilin run off to several places evoking trouble wherever they step in.

At present, Xu Zian stared at the limp girl in his arms with a helpless expression on his face. He was feeling on the edge all the time when the little girl ran off by herself on to the arena.

Ah! How she riled up his heart all this time!

How long had it been since he felt worried for another person?

Worry, anger, care... This brat is evoking feelings, feelings which once did not exist in him.

When he was immersed in his thoughts, he felt the body in his arms twitch and her creased forehead acting as an indicator of her pain.

Again he felt a similar throbbing in his heart, subconsciously reaching out to wipe away her frown with his thumb.

"What in the world are you doing to me? " Xu Zian whispered softly as he scooped her into his arms carefully, leaving a gust of wind behind his trail.


"What happened to the first young lady?" Ah Jian questioned with a calm before storm face, the worry in his voice apparently clear.

Xu Zian landed in the backyard of the house not wanting to worry the brat's old man. The old man might faint on seeing his granddaughter lying cold specially in the hands of a man.

Originally, he didn't want to attract anyone's attention. But, who knew that this shadow guard's gaze is as keen as a hawk. As the moment he stepped inside the yard, the shadow guard appeared  before him with a murderous expression on his face.

" Tsk...  Ask your lady when she wakes up. I am her savior, so keep your predatory eyes off me. " Xu Zian spoke with a deadpan expression.

Ah Jian simply nodded his head in response. If not for the fact that Xu Zian is a friend of the Ye family, he would have trashed this man without caring for any consequences.

"And don't alert your master about her condition. She will be fine in a few days, just give this to the old master and tell him that she is working on the future plans, alone. He will understand. " Xu Zian instructed while handing the agreement paper to the man, his voice leaving no room for further discussion.

But a certain man did not get the indication as he counter questioned " Will she be alright? Who is going to take care of her? "

"Naturally, it's me who can and will take care of her. If you are so worried, then you can accompany us later. I'm talking her to her room. "

Leaving a dumbfounded man behind, Xu Zian strode across the cozy room and dumped a certain person onto the bed, a payback for calling him flower boy!

But a pained groan from the culprit made Xu Zian feel guilty and a concerned frown etched on his face. He placed his wide calloused palm on her forehead pumping his spiritual energy into her. The warm energy acted as a soothing balm erasing away all her additional pain due to the earlier collision.

After making sure that he erased away the pain that he caused her, Xu Zian retracted his hands and once again a frown graced on Jun Lan's forehead.

Xu Zian plopped on the chair, but made no move to help her as he left the curled up girl on her own, leaving her to struggle on her own.

Though his master looked like an emotionless ice block, the Qilin could sense the waves of distress all around his master.

'Master, if you are so worried, then why don't you help lady master? '

' She needs to overcome this on her own. It will make her strong and I don't want to rob her of this opportunity. If anything seems to go out of hand, I will interfere.' In his deep worry Xu Zian failed to notice the way Qilin addressed the little girl.

The Qilin scratched his head in exasperation, he could sense each and every emotion of his master ah!

' Ah! It's clear that master is worried, then why torture himself! These humans are weird creatures, both unfathomable and deep at the same time...' the Qilin lost himself in his very weird thoughts.

Why act nonchalant when the heart is clearly under turbulence?!

Why act stone cold when there is a raging inferno inside you?!

Thus, the Qilin's heart was filled with many uncleared doubts.

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