57 Be Warned! 5
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Author :neha_
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57 Be Warned! 5

Wang Xiu remained still on the ground with his face beaten and features distorted beyond recognition. His motionless form invoked a faint feeling of pity in some hearts. Sub-consciously they drifted their eyes towards the masked man only to meet with his stark cold eyes.

' We should never provoke this big Buddha!' Everyone silently engraved those savage eyes in their hearts and firmly decided that they would never ever instigate this man welcoming their own deaths.

Unconcerned by the sharp eyes on his master, Fluffy stared at a certain pest with displeasure. All he wanted to do was to kill the man but here he was restraining himself.

When had he, the fox king backed down? Not until now, and this was all because of a tiny human who was his master. He promised her that he would not kill him, being a man of his words he would not kill him.

' I would not kill him, but I will take away all the cultivation which he painstakingly worked on all these years.' with eyes narrowed like crescents, Fluffy lifted his hands and glanced at his long and pointy black nails before plunging his hands into Wang Xiu's chest as his fingertips grazed the heart meridians of the unlucky man.

Yes, Wang Xiu was unlucky! Provoking a fox spirit never proved to be a good thing.

As soon as the coal black fingertips came in contact with Wang Xiu's meridians, all the spiritual energy flowed freely like a river into Fluffy's spirit. Wang Xiu's body paled and wrinkled visibly making everyone in the arena pale with terror. This time even Jia Feng was not an exception as he gulped as he took in the terrorising display of power by their new master. Though the deeds have not been exchanged, Jia Feng had long decided that the masked kid is their new master.

Wang Xiu's skin shrunk to the bones and he was no longer the domineering prince from before. All that remained was just bones, saying that he looked like a sack of bones was no longer an exaggeration.

Wang Xiu's secret guard who was in the shadows snapped from his daze on seeing this brutal scene. It was only now that he realized that his entire body was drenched in sweat and that his whole body was shaking. There was no need to think further as he knew what he had to do if he wanted to save his rather arrogant master.

Fishing out the keys from his robe, he dashed towards the inner rooms from the arena to retrieve the documents. His master had acted out in a barbaric manner putting ego before thoughts, but he never expected the situation to get blown out of proportions. Giving up the trading house was the only way to salvage the current situation. He feared that his master may lose his life at any moment and this fear made him forget about the future torture from the devil. Now was not the time to think about repercussions , the same way in which things once done cannot be undone.

Grabbing the documents from the locker, Gu Su sprinted towards the arena only coming to halt a few feet away from Fluffy. Gu Su thought that he was fast enough, but by the time he reached the arena there were about ten additional slap marks on Wang Xiu's wrinkled body. The sight of loose robes hanging on a bony frame made Wang Xiu like a vengeful banshee and this sight made Gu Su flinch in fear. He was afraid, not because of his master's look but due to the nonchalant red eyed man who was the reason for all this mess.

All of a sudden, Gu Su felt regret. Yes, regret!

If only they had surrendered, his master would not have ended up in this state. Gu Su knew very well that today's events will the new topic of interest for all the gossip mongers and story tellers in the imperial entertainment houses. He also knew that nothing could stop from these rumors to spread and it is a given that The Third Prince will be a laughingstock for everyone.

If only they had surrendered, at least their prince would have left with some face. And to think that this was all instigated by a youth who had yet to reach adulthood sent terrors in his spine.

With unprecedented fear in his veins, Gu Su plopped on his knees and lowered his head and spoke with a tremor in his voice

" V-venerable master, please accept this deed. It's our fault that we acted wrongfully and it's only retribution that we are in this state. I beg of you... "

Gu Su pleaded with a pitiful voice " Spare his life! Please let my master go."

Feeling that he did a good job with the speech, Gu Su raised his head to meet with the coldest eyes he had ever seen. His entire body felt as if it was frozen under the depths of such intense gaze, he felt as if his mind was being stripped and his thoughts laid bare out in the open.

" At least you have brains." a ghastly voice spoke while taking the documents" Take this filth away from eyes."

After speaking, Fluffy turned away his sight from the kneeling man and instead gazed at his surroundings. Feeling the invisible pressure disappear, Gu Su carefully picked up his master and hurried out of the arena. His first priority is to heal his master, no ordinary healer could deal with this. Having no choice, Gu Su gritted his teeth and made his way to the only place where there might be any chance for his master's recovery.

Fluffy swept a glance over the document and nodded with satisfaction on seeing that the document is real. He then addressed the frightened crowd in his deep bass like voice.

" From this day, this Trading house will be under my name, Local tyrant." Though he found the name distasteful, he had to speak.

" Be warned! Everything under this house, be it people, animals or items both valuable and invaluable belongs to me. Those who dare to mess with this place and my people will suffer a fate worse than the third prince.

I am harmless person for all those who are kind and humble. For all those who are arrogant, I am King Yama from hell. I will not attack or retaliate unless I am provoked."

" You can all leave for the day. This trading house will be closed till all the inside matters are settled." On seeing the frightened deer looks on everyone's faces, Fluffy finally relented. The crowd immediately vacated the area as if they were waiting to hear those words all this time.

" You there!" Fluffy beckoned Jia Feng near him " You will keep this place closed till I return back. If I find that you disobeyed any of my orders..."

" Lord, I will not disappoint you. Worry not." Jia Feng bowed immediately expressing his loyalty.

" You may leave." Fluffy felt that the man was good and reliable. Not wanting to make things difficult for such a man, he dismissed him in the earliest.

Fluffy could feel his soul becoming weaker and realized that it is time to go back.

With a snap of his fingers, the red in the almond shaped eyes dimmed into a grey dull. Jun Lan felt her eyelids go heavy and her body felt numb. She felt the world around her spinning and added on to that, a thunderous voice echo in her ears.

" Just what were you and that damned fox of yours thinking?! Are you that eager to die?! "

That voice sounded so angry and laced with concern at the same time. Squinting her eyes, she saw a handsome and furious figure rushing towards her. Even though everything was blurry and her senses are distorted, Jun Lan could figure out that the man was very handsome.

Handsome enough to be called as a flower boy!

Why was this flower boy so angry?!

" Eh! Why... so angry... flower boy!" it was the last words she heard herself blurting out before the world turned black.

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