56 Be Warned 4 !
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Author :neha_
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56 Be Warned 4 !

Jun Lan stared at Wang Xiu, as a bone chilling light crept into her lively eyes making them seem as empty voids. He was the person who diffused her life, like the wind blowing away the lamp, throwing her and her family into the deep abyss of hell.

Rage! Murder!

Not even one of the existing words can be used to describe what she was feeling at the moment. All she wanted was to make this very man kneel before her.

But, she was not the one to be carried away her emotions and act like a fool she was before. Jun Lan knew exactly where her strength lies, but her feeble strength did not deter her in the least.

Everyone gloats on their strengths, but he who recognizes his weaknesses is the ultimate winner!

So, what if she had no qi as of now?! She had a divine beast, her ally and strength. Though she will personally handle the prince later, it doesn't hurt to play with him a little.

' Fluffy, take over my body!'

Though Fluffy could not hear her actual voice, the strong fluctuations in their spiritual pool made his heart tremble for the first time. From the times unknown, he served many masters. He had a good and loyal relationship with everyone. But, not even a single person trusted him blindly like her.

There was no second thoughts or even a shred of doubt. All he sensed was trust, her trust towards him. It made him feel happy, frustrated and helpless all at once.

Happy that for once someone was willing to put their faith on him, frustrated about her naivety and helpless as he did not find words to reprimand her.

It felt as if something was blocking his words, he finally realized that he did not have the heart to reprimand her.

Till this moment, he only viewed her as someone who formed a contract with him. But, now he stubbornly decided that he would follow her soul and be her only contractual beast in all the lives to come.

During the time when Fluffy was daydreaming, Jun Lan was able to sense the intense fluctuations in their spiritual space. All the fluctuations indicated only towards a single emotion, happiness. Yes, immense joy!

' Is he that excited on absorbing Wang Xiu's spiritual energy?! Poor fellow must have been starved for long!' Jun Lan felt dumbfounded on sensing Fluffy's extremely good mood. Thus, a certain poor fox's feelings are misunderstood for his voracious appetite.

' But, me taking over you will make your body extremely weak.' Fluffy recovered from his stupor and immediately warned her.

' It doesn't matter as long as long as I am able to see him suffer.'

'All this is not worth it if you are hurting yourself.' Fluffy thought to himself, but he did not refuse her. Since he is connected to her, he could feel her intense rage and disgust towards the man before him.

Sigh! If this could appease her, then so be it.

' Be ready! Once I take over your body, I will smash him into a pulp.' Fluffy sighed, feeling rather torn. He wanted to hurt the man without harming her, a rather impossible task.

' Eh?! Just beat him till his features are distorted. Don't kill him!'

Why should he not kill such an annoying fly?! Fluffy did not dare say his thoughts out loud even though he was feeling a bit down. But, he suddenly chuckled, his face twisted creepily ' Fine then! I will beat him till he begs this grandpa for mercy!'

Jun Lan did not get the chance to laugh as she felt her consciousness slowly fading away. Her vision blurred and her eyes dipped as she felt everything go dark before her. Her body swayed with the wind, her movement made Xu Zian stand on his feet. Just as he was about to rush towards her, Jun Lan's body straightened and her eyes fluttered open.

The eyes were still in red but a shade darker than before. The faint tinge of silver around those blood red orbs glowed under the sunlight making everyone suck in a deep breath.

Even Xu Zian was of no exception as he stared haltingly at her. Those eyes were beautiful, hauntingly beautiful.

But soon his reverie was replaced by extreme anger as he understood what was going on. He felt a pain in his heart as he thought of how she is hurting herself.

" Shall we start the match?!" Wang Xiu spoke bravely, ignoring the surge of panic in his heart. He didn't know why but he felt a sudden change in the aura of the masked kid. Whatever it was, it screamed of tyranny. Not letting the fear get the better of him, Wang Xiu charged forward with a sword in his hand.

The runes on his sword glowed faintly and Fluffy sensed the spiritual waves of water element activating.

Seeing that the kid was as still as a rock, Wang Xiu smirked smugly thinking that the kid was too afraid to move.

" Kid, going against me is the foolish mistake of your life!" Wang Xiu roared as he slashed his sword against Jun Lan's neck.

Many of the crowd closed their eyes, not willing to witness such a brutal scene. Instead of the cries of pain, all they heard was the loud cracking sounds.

The mighty sword which seemed to be brimming with life earlier was now lying on the ground broken into countless tiny pieces. The once domineering sword was nothing more than a few scraps of metal.

" H-how..." Before Wang Xiu was able to complete the question, he felt a strong force colliding with his jaw and his body collided with the rocky ground, his face scratched in the process. The crushing sounds of his bones mixed with the thumping sound of his fallen body echoed in his ear drums masking the rhythmic beats of his heart.

Fluffy whose battle mode was now completely awakened, rained heavy punches and strong kicks on the man who was currently writhing in pain. Every attack was now followed with the bone cracking sounds as a response.

The crowd opened their eyes to meet with the scene of a petite young mad who was bashing his opponent without any mercy. The loud cries of pain were now reduced to faint whimpers as Wang Xiu was now on the brink of losing consciousness.


This is brute savagery!

Everyone felt themselves break into cold sweats as they took in the scene before them with eyes as large as a koi fish.

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