55 Be Warned! 3
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Author :neha_
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55 Be Warned! 3

From the moment Jun Lan used her power, Xu Zian felt something inside him getting restless. Initially he was dumbfounded, but he soon realized that it was the divine beast inside him that was getting excited.

' What's wrong?' Xu Zian furrowed his brows as he felt his divine beast's restlessness.

Instead of answering, the beast inside tried to leap out of Xu Zian's body. Black lines appeared on Xu Zian's forehead and it was only with great difficulty did he suppress the raging beast inside him. 

' King!' Knowing that he cannot escape out without his master's permission, the beast gave him only a one worded answer.

' What king?' Xu Zian was left even more confused after that answer.

' Humph! Serves you right for not allowing me out.' the beast pouted.

"..." Can his dumb beast not understand that his presence will send the the entire arena into a frenzy?!

Knowing the gossipy nature of his beast, Xu Zian did not care even a bit about his pouting tantrum. He knew that his beast would soon tell him everything. Not wasting his energy on placating the beast, he instead concentrated on the girl.

'... ' A certain ignored beast.

_ _ _ _

' Monster?' Jun Lan snickered in her heart. Just like that, Wang Xiu was afraid of her?! Even if she would be pushed off the cliff, she would never believe that the man before her would be threatened by this simple display of power. What he wanted to do was to demean her and plant the seeds of hatred in the hearts of the people.

But, when had she cared about the opinion of others? Too bad, the prince was just wasting his intelligence on her, not knowing that he could no longer affect her.

' Hah!You see everyone as your pawns, but this lady here is no longer in your game.'

" Third prince..." Jun Lan spoke, her voice tinged with laughter " I never cared about decorum or negative rumors. Not everyone cares for face as much as you do.

No matter how hard you scream accusing me of being a monster, it won't affect me. In fact I would love it if the whole world calls me a monster. But, you have yet to see what the real me is. You don't know what kind of a monster I really am."

' Oh! Finally, I found someone interesting.' Wang Xiu lips curved as he felt the need to put up any pretense as a waste of time. No matter how hard he tried to manipulate the mind of the kid, the fellow was able to peel off all the layers of his mask and see the real him. This was something that made him feel weird. His interest and curiosity was totally piqued.

" Since you are able to see through me, let me propose a deal. If you are able to make me surrender on my own, then this place is yours." Wang Xiu proposed with a smile as if he is dealing with a pet which he was currently interested in.

" I don't care if you surrender or not. In one way or other, I will acquire this trading place. But, it would be rude to decline your invitation. Since you are so excited, there is no harm in giving you a good beating."

" Don't be so over-confident." Wang Xiu let out a laugh devoid of mirth.

Jun Lan scoffed and ignored him, but Xu Zian narrowed his eyes as he felt something off about the prince. He could not pinpoint what exactly was wrong , but something about that man seems dangerous and deadly. He was beginning to worry for the silly girl out there. He wanted to go out and drag the damned girl back, but he did not want to meddle in her affairs. Though she had no cultivation yet, he could sense a powerful aura from her.

' She has the nine tailed fox, the king of spirit beasts. Even I bow my head before that person.' A voice spoke in Xu Zian's mind. ' The fox king is injured at the moment, but his art of concealing the aura is the best of all. It's no wonder that he escaped my perception!' the same voice exclaimed with both admiration and respect.

Xu Zian was astonished by this news. His arrogant Qilin speaking with such reverie is enough to tell Xu Zian that the so called fox is not the one to be trifled with.

' She also has a divine beast!' Xu Zian's brows rose and a faint smile graced on his lips. His eyes shone with admiration as he gazed at the petite girl. She was just in the beginning of her teens and she already has a divine beast. Ah! His life was surely exciting from the moment this thief came into picture.

Xu Zian was not able to detect the presence of the fox king earlier because he did not release his aura. He never expected the girl to have a divine beast, all he thought was that she might possess an artefact.

Intrigued, Xu Zian released his aura and he soon detected the aura of the fox king. He could also sense that Wang Xiu had no divine beast. But, he soon detected a divine artefact on Wang Xiu's body.

' That man has a divine artifact. That man is of no match to the king, but the situation might escalate if he uses it.' Qilin's voice also sounded at the same time with rage. He would kill that puny human, if any harm befalls his king or the master of their king.

' Do not panic! If I sense any danger towards her, I will go in person.' Xu Zian's words made the Qilin widen it's eyes in disbelief. He knew that his master is strong, strong enough to stand on par with the fox king. What surprised him was that his master seemed to care less about the fox, he instead seemed to care about the girl! His master caring about a woman is rare, truly rare!

' Hmm, it seems that she is the future lady master!' the Qilin nodded to himself deeply imprinting Jun Lan's aura in his senses.

Unknown to Jun Lan, a certain Qilin decided in his heart that she is his master's future wife.

' Fluffy, you want to absorb his spiritual power?' Jun Lan made sure to remember Fluffy's state. He told her that he was injured and he was not at his peak state. Regards to the source of his injury, she was completely ignorant. But she could sense his spirit recover by a fraction, when he absorbed Wang Xiu's water blade. So, if he wanted to make the third prince an empty shell, she would be more than happy to fulfill his appetite. That man was truly beginning to get on her nerves.

Just as she dropped the question, she could feel the waves of intense surge of excitement radiating from the white fox. Getting the answer she wanted, Jun Lan lips curved up in a sinister arc under her mask.

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